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They Blew It Again Sports 

They Blew It Again

New year, same old Impact. The Montreal Impact’s home opener was against none other than last year’s MLS Cup champions: the Seattle Sounders. The Impact had lost the season opener in the previous week in San Jose, by a score of 1-0. They needed these three precious points, especially with an approximate 35 000 fans coming to support their beloved Montreal side. This is exactly the mentality the Impact began the game with; they came out like lions, attacking the western side from the get-go. The Quebec side was all…

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Ingrain Arts 


This is just a flight plan That I don’t understand I’m but a wayward leaf Not knowing where I’ll land     In the mirror today I asked for a favour To find a way To not see failure     In the face of sheer doubt Why continue trying Why keep insisting My dreams are undying     In this life It’s causing such strife When these emotions won’t cease I want only peace     Traversing across This desolate land sighing I thought plants would grow To myself…

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Au Pied De Cochon Review Entertainment 

Au Pied De Cochon Review

Montreal, a city of smog warnings on a weekly basis and the occasional student protest, is also home to a magical and wondrous place. It has become a staple in the Montreal culinary experience ever since it was established back in 2001; Martin Picard’s Au Pied De Cochon. Picard’s restaurant has resuscitated old school, traditional Quebec dishes, ones our great-grandparents’ parents prepared such as Pouding Chomeur and Ragout. On the menu, you have choices of tarts, poutines, burgers, lobster rolls, etc. all of which have been topped or covered in…

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CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier Campus 

CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier

The CRC is an annual event that where students from their respective schools ranging from high school to college can compete to show off their ingenuity, creativity and technical skills. Every team must have a robot made specifically for the challenge designed for that year, an informative website and a promotional video featuring their team and their school. This year’s event was held at Vanier College, where teams faced each other off in a 2 vs 2 setting in the G-complex’s mirror room where an arena was set up along…

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A Review of Disney’s Moana Entertainment 

A Review of Disney’s Moana

Disney’s Moana is the final product of a group of extremely talented individuals working within the constraints of a restrictive and heavily outdated film structure. The film follows the story of young Moana, the daughter of her native island’s ruler, and destined to take over the role in her adult life. Her strong desire for adventure and exploration clashes heavily with her father’s insistence that she must remain within the confines of the island for her own safety. She obviously rebels and the basic storyline unfolds much as one would…

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A Déjà-Vu? Sports 

A Déjà-Vu?

On February 7th 2017, the Boston Bruins fired the longest serving head coach in the NHL, Claude Julien. This decision from the Bruins organization was seen as a lack of good timing and judgment, as they fired the 2011 Stanley Cup winning head coach on the same day the New England Patriots were celebrating their amazing comeback and Super Bowl championship. Way to go Cam Neely! Exactly one week later, the Montreal Canadians, going through their worst slump of the season, decide to take advantage of the situation and fire…

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Let’s Play Ender’s Game! Entertainment 

Let’s Play Ender’s Game!

Ender’s Game is a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card that takes place in a near future. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, the main character, is a genius at the age of 6 years old and is approached by the International Fleet (I.F), essentially an army in space fully equipped with laser guns and spaceships, to become a solider. In fact, the I.F has been watching Ender since he was born: they believe he has what it takes to become the next Starfleet commander for the next war against buggers,…

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Event Horizon Arts 

Event Horizon

I write this to you knowing not whether it will go through, as my last message and regret. I’m sorry for hurting you – although this is what I choose, even though you tried to keep me in check. My feelings changed as the seasons went by, from my birth in spring; like fall in my depression. I may have been strong in the summer, but now I feel all the more dumber. Winter is coming. My faith once under your guidance, absolute; but the questions that came in time…

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Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts Voices 

Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts

“On your mark, get set…” the loudspeaker announces. I’m on the starting block, waiting for the signal to tell me to begin the race. It’s a small race – only fifty meters, but I’m nervous anyway. I am stronger than my competitors, but I’m anxious none the less. Family and friends are watching in the crowd. I smile at them, but I’m still jittery. I think about receiving the gold medal, but I become even more uneasy. I imagine being in the pool, gliding farther and farther with each stroke….

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The Result of the Rap Battle Campus 

The Result of the Rap Battle

Jake’s mall. Universal Break. February 22nd. Black History Month. Vanier College Free Style Rap Battle 2017… like a moment from a movie. It’s not every day that the student mall is jam-packed with college-goers surrounding a mini stage and lightly dancing/moving to reggae and rap beats, full of inhibitions – at first. The ‘show’ began roughly 20 minutes late, but once the volume was turned up, shyness broke down – a little. By the time the student participants rocked the mic, the atmosphere was almost club-like, in a strange, school-kind…

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