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End the Violence Features Women's Month 

End the Violence

For as long as most of us remember the indigenous population of Canada have constantly been suppressed by the police, medical centers, educators, the general population, and all together our own government. I think we can all agree it is about time we put a stop to this outrageousness. The week of March 6th, more precisely International Women’s Week, was celebrated at Vanier College with over 15 events speaking about how we can help promote a change in our society as well as be good allies to the minorities experiencing…

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Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo Features 

Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo

Throughout history, women banded together and fought for their societies’ rights in countless human rights crises, like the Algerian resistance, Iranian women (Woman, Life, Freedom), Black women and the civil rights struggle in the United States, and so did women across Latin America. Early in the 1970s, crimes against humanity were committed in South America under the pretext of a “National Reorganization Process,” attributable to state terrorism. A grassroots human rights organization called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo has fought and is still fighting against the oppression and…

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That Infamous Four-Letter Word Features 

That Infamous Four-Letter Word

Love. It is such a driving force in our world; in our lives. It has the power to start wars and demolish empires. In stories and myths, some people have been so desperate to have it that they have sold their souls for even a fraction of the feeling. In the Greek myths of old, poor Orpheus couldn’t save Eurydice but he did journey to the depths of Hades to find her.  There is a reason that most songs are love songs or merely love songs in disguise. So as…

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The Story Behind Valentine’s Day Features 

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Over a millenia ago one of the most famously loved and dreaded holidays came to life, the day of Saint Valentine. You may see Valentine’s Day as a great day where you can celebrate love, eat chocolate, and give gifts, or as a day that may seem lonely at times and makes being single into an inherently bad thing. You might not know where exactly this holiday originated; the true origin is still fairly unknown. But there are multiple theories, most being about a man named Valentine. There are multiple…

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R. v. Sparrow (1990): A Landmark Supreme Court Case Features 

R. v. Sparrow (1990): A Landmark Supreme Court Case

To highlight the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, it is only appropriate to discuss a landmark case of the Supreme Court relating to Aboriginal law. The importance of R. v. Sparrow (1990) cannot be overstated; it is said to be the first case of the Supreme Court to truly explore the boundaries of the purview of section 35(1) of the repatriated constitution of 1982. In particular, section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 officially enshrined Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canadian law, and section 35(1) is concerned with “The…

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Farewell, Vanier! – Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward? Features 

Farewell, Vanier! – Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward?

So, this is it. This is the end for me—the end of my days here at Vanier. When you start cégep, you’d always picture how the next two years of your life will plan out. Truth is, nothing ever goes according to plan. Things will happen during your time that you ain’t have no power over it. That is definitely what happened to me throughout my time here at Vanier. Anyone who knows me knows I had the most challenging time of my life in high school. Coming to Vanier…

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Espace Transition – Un programme pour améliorer votre santé mentale à votre service Features 

Espace Transition – Un programme pour améliorer votre santé mentale à votre service

La santé mentale des adolescents et des jeunes adultes est un enjeu qui préoccupent de plus en plus notre société. Que ce soient des problèmes anxiété, des troubles déficitaires d’attention ou des pensées dépressives, plusieurs jeunes nécessitent de l’aide à faire face à leurs difficultés. Heureusement, pour plus de 13 ans, le programme d’Espace Transition offre de nombreux ateliers artistiques dans le but d’aider à améliorer la santé mentale des jeunes de 15 à 25 ans. J’ai eu la chance de m’asseoir avec les organisatrices d’Espace Transition pour faire vous…

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Maya Angelou: a force to be reckoned with Features 

Maya Angelou: a force to be reckoned with

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou was born on April 4th, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri. She had a rough childhood as she lived in a segregated town where racism was omnipresent. Moreover, Angelou was the victim of sexual abuse, which led her to not speak for five years. Her childhood lacked the stability and safety that she desperately needed. However, this did not stop her from achieving great things in her…

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The Call of the Sea Features 

The Call of the Sea

2021 has been called by some “the year of sea shanties”. Somehow, during our pandemic isolation, shanties became a popular trend on Tik Tok, bringing back old stories of pirates, travellers, and the open sea. While sailor songs are at least as old as the 14th century, sea shanties as we know them did not originate on ships; they draw their roots from African American and Caribbean work songs. These were sung when boat-rowing, working on plantations or unloading docks. These songs often followed a call-and-answer format, with one person…

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Montreal Is In The Holiday Spirit Features 

Montreal Is In The Holiday Spirit

Montreal is filled with spectacular shows and festive events during the holidays. There are several events and sceneries for you to enjoy throughout the holidays in Montreal.  Jardins d’Hiver The Quartier des Spectacles Jardins d’Hiver has returned to Montreal, which you can visit any day during this month. It will be open from 11 am to 8 pm. It is free to visit. Not only has a giant Christmas tree all lit up, but Jardins d’Hiver sells local products such as maple syrup, toys, Christmas decor, clothes, food and drinks. …

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