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Women’s Place in Society throughout Western History: A Timeline Features 

Women’s Place in Society throughout Western History: A Timeline

Today, men and women have (almost) equal rights in most developed countries. However, progress is urgently needed for female minorities, as well as for women living in developing countries. Nonetheless, one thing is certain: thousands of women’s rights activists are to thank for the progress made up until this point.   Although I disagree with Hegel on most things, he was right about one thing: progress is always imperfect. There have been moments in history where women have had a lot of power and respect, followed by eras of severe…

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A Great Woman: Mother Teresa Features 

A Great Woman: Mother Teresa

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8 is International Women’s Day, when the great women of our times, as well as their contribution to society are remembered. March 8 has been celebrated by the United Nations since 1975. In some parts of the world, protests are organised on that day, and in other parts of the world, womanhood is acclaimed. Among many great and important women, Mother Teresa (1910-1997) was one of the most charitable and inspirational women to be remembered. As a Roman Catholic nun, Mother Teresa, also…

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The Life and Legacy of Maya Angelou Features 

The Life and Legacy of Maya Angelou

Warning: There is a mention of sexual assault in this article.    “My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy”.  This is one of the many great quotes of the writer, actress, dancer, and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou.  You might know her from your English classes through the poem “Still I Rise”(1978), which tells the tale of a person who shall not be beaten down or silenced in the face of injustice and discrimination.  As you are about to find out, this poem…

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The Role of Marxist-Feminism in International Women’s Day  Features 

The Role of Marxist-Feminism in International Women’s Day 

In honour of International Women’s Day, I had the misfortune of coming across a Wall Street Journal article whose heading was: “The March 8 commemoration has Communist roots, but capitalism by far has done more for gender equality”. This sentence alone has so many errors, I must break it down.   International Women’s Day only became an official holiday in 1975 but was fought for all over the world since the early 1900s.    Between 1909 and 1913, National Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States every February 18th….

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Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis Features 

Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future becoming mainstream, there has been a surge in environmental activism on an international scale, hence the global climate strikes. As such, there has been a sense of urgency in regards to the issue, as people implore governments to take steps towards resolving it, especially considering the visibly exacerbated effects of climate change in recent years: summer’s heat waves are prolonged, winter comes later and is more frigid, and almost-yearly spring flooding has become the norm. Of course, these things affect everyone,…

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Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney Features 

Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney

To celebrate Black history month, this feature will highlight the achievements of one particularly talented Black woman; she truly put Montreal on the map as a jazz powerhouse. Daisy Peterson Sweeney was not only a great musician, but also a great teacher to some of the best artists from Montreal. Sweeney was born on May 7th of 1920, to Canadian parents – her mother a housekeeper and her father a railroad worker – and was raised in Little Burgundy, an area mainly inhabited by Black residents. She grew up during…

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Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP Features 

Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP

This February, Canadians, especially those in the black community, will celebrate Black History Month. Even though I am not black, I do wish to contribute, as a member of another visible minority, to the remembrance of influential black figures who became not only experts in their fields, but as pathfinders for their communities to thrive and prosper in Canada. Since I love Canadian political history, I will be dedicating the rest of this article to detailing the life of the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, PC, CC, O.Ont, CD, QC.   Early…

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The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It Features 

The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It

With Thanksgiving around the corner just south of the Canadian border, industries have started promoting their Black Friday deals. A tradition that is rooted in the United States has found its way into Canada, in an effort to keep Canadian shoppers from contributing to foreign markets as opposed to their own. This being said, the excess consumption of goods and fast fashion on this day is no friend to our deteriorating climate. With the rise of consumerism surrounding the Holiday season, shoppers seek to get their shopping done on Black…

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Heroes Features 


Who can be considered a hero? Every individual will have a different understanding on who deserves to be called a hero, but the Merriam-Webster provides two definitions that, to me, are worth discussing.   Firstly, a hero is defined as someone that is “admired for achievements and noble qualities”. It is also someone “who shows great courage”. These are very broad and simple ways to define heroism, and one person in particular comes to mind when reading said definitions:   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.   I am not here to sing the…

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Mr. Stark… I Don’t Feel So Good: Superhero Culture in the 21st Century Features 

Mr. Stark… I Don’t Feel So Good: Superhero Culture in the 21st Century

As David Bowie sings, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” Although this song is to be interpreted as a love song, it reminisces the thought of longing to be a hero, something many can relate to.   The emergence of a world where we celebrate the best in their field and glorify them to the point where they are idolized by others shows a certain ‘hero culture’ that we have been exposed to.   Whether it be in terms of entertainment, such as superheroes, or in real life,…

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