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Rewrite My Life Vanier Alumni 

Rewrite My Life

If I could rewrite my life Here’s what I’d change I’d be from in a small town down in Alabama Daddy would own a big ole farm Momma would always stay a saint I’d hug them tight with both of my arms No, they wouldn’t be fighting every night Little Banjo would’ve never grown old And I’d be staying young in that small peaceful world   I’ve done a thousand things that I ain’t proud of And there’re a thousand more that I can’t change Bad decisions, broken hearts and…

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Mean to Me Vanier Alumni 

Mean to Me

There you are, just sittin’ there Girl, I haven’t seen you in forever You’re still lookin’ prettier than ever Just the thought of you is melting my heart   We’ve known each other for a while now You were always there to support me Dunno why it took me till now To see that you are the girl of my dreams   Every little thing that you do Is driving my heart crazy Now, all I really want to do Is to say how much you mean to me  …

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My Shivering Petals Arts 

My Shivering Petals

My Shivering Petals I am a Black rose, grown in a garden Where the color of my petals is often harden By the frost of police brutality, it withers My roots torn by the storm that it gathers. My parents, they are like birds trapped in a cage When pulled over, their freedom taken like a wage My friends, like rivers, overflow with tears As they speak of the harassment, their pain, it smears The system, a ship, lost in the sea It’s meant to protect but often it’s hard…

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