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So Your Country Is on The Brink of War Voices 

So Your Country Is on The Brink of War

I’m an American, specifically from Florida. My citizenship seems to shock people, as I am not, as you say, a “bootlicker”. It has been years since I have returned to the states, though it will always be home. As I write this on election night, I must admit that I am filled with anxiety and fear. I fear that Fascism will overtake the country. I fear that a demagogue will be re-elected. I fear that my country will go back fifty years. I fear that more shall unnecessarily perish from…

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The Great Day of His Wrath:  Appreciating the beauty of chaos Voices 

The Great Day of His Wrath: Appreciating the beauty of chaos

  The painting on display at the Tate Museum in London is a personal favourite. I fell in love instantly when I discovered it. I immediately needed to know more about the artist behind the masterpiece.                        John Martin, a Romantic painter, is known for his depictions of Hell and Heaven, as well as for his paintings of Biblical scenes of apocalypse and chaos. I was always a fan of religious art because the various perceptions of the concept of…

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November 7th, 2020 will be a day to remember in History, or whatever the liberals said. In the United States of America, white supremacist, fundamentalist neofascism was soundly defeated. Sure, it was replaced by multiracial, authoritarian neoliberalism. Who cares? The Nazi’s gone.    Actually, as a prison abolitionist, feminist, leftist, human being, you name it, I care. I care quite a lot, frankly. After the Democratic party’s successful herculean efforts to stomp a grassroots, working-class led, progressive movement powered by Bernie Sanders and burned it to the ground in order…

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What is Happening in Nigeria with SARS News 

What is Happening in Nigeria with SARS

If you are somewhat active on social media, you may have heard of the term SARS, and no, I am not referring to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. In Nigeria, it stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) and it is a special branch of their police force. Throughout Nigeria, citizens are calling upon the government to finally disband the squad and to acknowledge its human rights abuses.  SARS was founded in late 1992 to deal with armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and other violent crimes. However, critics say…

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So Why Are We Still Siding with Slippery Oil? Features 

So Why Are We Still Siding with Slippery Oil?

In the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has reportedly made for record growth in terms of renewable energy capacity, and solar energy, as well as wind energy, are expected to be at the forefront of this movement by 2025. In fact, in Nova Scotia, advancements are being made in renewable energy, specifically by exploring the use of the ocean’s tidal waves. Despite such ecological and lucrative prospects, the oil industry continues to hold power on the global political and economic scale. Between a recent scandal on Twitter involving Shell asking…

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The Harsh Reality of Trans Women Features 

The Harsh Reality of Trans Women

Harmful misconceptions are rampant in society concerning the reality of trans women in prisons.  For example, if one searches the term “trans inmates” in Vanier’s database, the first five results will be about “male prisoners self-identifying as females,” who have supposedly raped female guards in female prisons.  These articles accuse trans women of pretending to be transgender in order to gain access to female prisons, only to then sexually harass guards and fellow prisoners alike. This is, unfortunately, the image a lot of people in society have of trans women…

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Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II) Vanier Alumni 

Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II)

Hong Kong is a fascinating city for many Westerners. It is not merely the international cuisine that attracts them, it is also the breath-taking vibrancy of the Special Administrative Region, comprised of the tallest-towers-in-the-world, traditional Chinese architecture, and a rich cultural history, which makes it “one of a kind”. Following the article entitled “Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I),” which had appeared in the Insider in April 2020, five other amazingly exuberating must-sees of Hong Kong shall be added to the list. Feng Shui/ Palm reading stalls in Jordan…

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The Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health Features 

The Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health

Movember is a foundation that was started in 2003 in Australia with the goal of raising awareness for prostate cancer, all while promoting mental health and suicide prevention amongst men. As the years passed and the foundation has spread all across the globe, Movember has become associated with a challenge for men to not shave their facial hair in November so as to spread awareness for men’s health.    Despite the fact that this movement has pushed boundaries, there is still a stigma around men’s health, more specifically, around their…

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The Mental Health Taboo: A fear forged by history Features 

The Mental Health Taboo: A fear forged by history

The taboo of mental health is one of the biggest obstacles that need to be overcome in our society. People often find themselves ashamed to suffer from a mental illness and to reach out for help, which only carries out the stigma. This association of shame with mental health originates from the first interpretations of mental disorders.   Historically, mental illness was often a synonym of possession in a religious context, and the “cure” to that was an exorcism. It was also viewed as a divine punishment, where confessions could…

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Poland and Its Abortion Rights News 

Poland and Its Abortion Rights

Throughout the past few weeks or so, you may have heard of nationwide protests in Poland. On October 22nd, the Constitutional Tribunal instituted a law declaring that abortions for malformed fetuses to be unconstitutional, thus banning what few abortions were allowed in the country. Thousands of Polish women and their allies have taken to the streets to protest the government’s decision; protests beginning the same day the law was announced. On the next day, people took to the streets in 60 Polish cities. On October 24th, people protested in more…

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