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The Coronavirus Isn’t An Excuse for You to Be a Douche Canoe Voices 

The Coronavirus Isn’t An Excuse for You to Be a Douche Canoe

The emergence of COVID-19 in recent months has led to people canceling their vacations, hand sanitizer shortages, toilet paper stockpiling, as well as a rise of xenophobia and racism towards anyone that looks remotely Asian. It is normal to be fearful of this new virus; however, the coronavirus isn’t an excuse for you to be a racist and xenophobic douche canoe. For years, it has been debated whether Asian people can be the victims of racism. With the numerous recent attacks on Asian people living their lives, it has definitely…

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In defence of abstract art Arts Voices 

In defence of abstract art

Yes, some modern artworks look like they could’ve been created by an unskilled four-year-old in under ten minutes, yet some of these pieces are often sold for twice (or even thrice) your annual income. So what’s going on here?   Abstract art is a very contentious subject in the art world. While some consider abstract artists to be talentless hacks, others revere them as artistic geniuses. Trust me, I’m no abstract art fan myself, but I do find that many critics seem to be missing the point. So, here’s my…

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The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice Voices 

The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice

April 3rd, 2020 was scheduled to be what would have been yet another major worldwide climate strike. Many were prepared to break out their recycled picket signs and to take to the streets, chanting battle cries for climate justice. As you may have guessed, this was not the case. The coronavirus pandemic has caused government-mandated lockdowns and restrictions around the world. Gatherings of no more than two people are allowed (at least here, in Canada), which made the climate strike on April 3rd virtually impossible. This being said, given the…

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Student Life Still Thriving Despite Social Distancing Campus 

Student Life Still Thriving Despite Social Distancing

Following Vanier College’s closure until May 1st, as mandated by the provincial government amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students adopting social distancing measures are coming to terms with a new reality; that is to say, one of online classes, Netflix marathons, and disrupted sleep schedules.   Despite the necessary social distancing and self-isolation, there has been a movement to rebrand these terms so as to remind people that, thanks to the internet, it is possible to remain connected (pun intended) with their loved ones.   In this regard, Dr. Maria Van…

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Tales of Tall Birds Arts 

Tales of Tall Birds

Fly with the cranes You lovely rootless stork Do not be frightened by the rains, The snowstorms and the city smoke   Where do your long legs dwell While the antigones are gone, Do your hearts similarly swell When Spring guides you back home?   Did you see the people marching, Did you hear your fellow earthlings’ cries With your long neck, arching Does one ever get used to good-byes?   As you reach your destination, Will you miss the journey’s dangers? Did it lead to liberation, To be guided…

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Quarantine Mini-Theory: Leap Years Entertainment Voices 

Quarantine Mini-Theory: Leap Years

Hello, my friends. I hope you are all well, staying safe, and taking the right measures to protect yourselves against COVID-19.   Because of this predicament, I’m sure you are asking yourselves where this virus came from. Obviously, it started in China, but you might probably be asking yourselves, “How exactly did it start?” As this subject is much too controversial, let me entertain you with a more of personal theory, rather than a full-blown conspiracy in these boring times.   If you read the title, you must be scratching…

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Dying with Laughter: The Tales of Death-Row Inmates who Died with a Joke Voices 

Dying with Laughter: The Tales of Death-Row Inmates who Died with a Joke

Jokes are a great way to entertain people around you. There are many times and places to crack one. These often include birthday parties, family gatherings, ice breakers, and executions. Yes, you read correctly. Some death-row inmates have used their last minute of breath to deliver a joke as their last words. This article will cover some executed inmates who did exactly that.    James D. French   James Donald French was a double-murderer and the last person to be executed in Oklahoma before the death penalty was briefly abolished…

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