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A perfect night Arts 

A perfect night

A soft breeze whispers over the wide lake, Smiling at the cloudless night sky.   It was a perfect night: Countless stars filled the air, Surrounding the trees and overflowing into the night.   A shooting star: symbol of false hope A satellite: the impostor among the cosmic objects A plane: pollution in the night sky A planet: seemingly brighter than the stars, they reflect what they have not.   The Universe is grander than the collectivity of every man’s dreams and realizations, Yet mankind tends to see itself as…

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Another Ink Arts 

Another Ink

We cried over spilled ink That pooled into the ridges of parchment, Which held words we wished were made Of the same gold as the sun’s rays. We desired to melt it down, To pour it into an inkwell, That we’d nearly fill to-the-brim, To store it, So, like idiots, we could use it To write of the silver lining That remained.   Written by: Fin

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Petals Arts 


With the colours, That my flowered words provide, I paint a picture, Upon your blank slate. Let it be so, That when your slate has been vandalized, With words of wilt, You lay your eyes to rest. Under your petalled eyelids, Will you then see, The botany of my speech.   Poem by: Valentina Tsilimidos

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Her Gift to You Arts 

Her Gift to You

She used strands of her golden hair As thread, To sew the pieces of her heart Back together, Her flesh as a blanket, To keep him warm, And her bones As reinforcements, To keep the house From crumbling down. Yet, as he holds the remains Of her body, Dearly, Like an heirloom Her father passed down to him, He wonders, “Has she always been this small?”   Poem by: Fin

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Innocens Arts 


Un cœur sombrant vers l’enfer a accès au paradis Un cerveau se perdant dans les plaines ensoleillées croira suivre un sentier droit Ils se meurent Seuls mes yeux survivent Ils te voient déambuler dans la neige Rouge sur blanc Toucher est interdit Vous êtes prié de seulement regarder Tes couleurs prennent mes sens décédés Elles raniment le paysage froid Cachée derrière les flocons qui se déposent silencieusement Je t’admire Je reste immobile Silencieuse Je deviens comme ces flocons qui finissent toujours par se dissiper sur le sol Comme si ne rien…

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