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Pride of Newfoundland Arts 

Pride of Newfoundland

I was just a boy from the small village of St. Anthony. Back then, we only had a population of just one hundred, but we were slowly becoming a booming town, thanks to our hero, Dr. Wilfred Grenfell. Every time he’d come back from his missionary work, all of St. Anthony would flock to him to greet him back. We all admired Dr. Grenfell as children. After all, he was the one who brought the schools, churches and hospitals across Newfoundland. When we learned that Grenfell was going to France…

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Layers Arts 


Every day wake up my face in the mirror  Cover your skin like the beauty they gave you is your sin It’s your honour they keep saying Your pride, your treasure your everything But this treasure is too heavy to bear The layers are choking, I am gasping for air I can’t breathe with the controlling stares Stares that search for a bare square and judge you for what you wear Am I a human or a treasure? Choosing between approval and freedom And choosing to be loved over the…

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A Lost Hero Arts 

A Lost Hero

Twenty-four hours in this dark room Skin paler than my imagination fume Eyes darker than a black charm when it blooms Smelling ghostly it’s just my new perfume Same clothes, they can be my new costume The costume of a hero that could never exist Since it was hold prisoner in my head The two can’t coexist The thoughts in my head are making the threat Freedom he’s asking Let me live the dream, why are you holding me back? if I don’t get out we shall both crack the…

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Confused Heart Arts 

Confused Heart

Approximately after 2yrs of healing, not allowing myself to fall in love or to get hurt at any point. I felt that I was ready to be out there, but not quite; I gave myself 6 months before the year ended with discovering if I was really ready. Months passed by so quickly in the snap of a finger until 3 months before 2021 ended. I met you while being out with a friend. At first, I didn’t think of anything out of it; it was just a regular day….

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Tristan’s Fall Arts 

Tristan’s Fall

TW: depictions of depression and suicide    They say that autumn is the most beautiful season on Earth. Tristan didn’t think that way. Ever since he started high school, something terrible always struck him in the fall. As a freshman, Tristan lost both of his parents. As a sophomore, he failed in nearly all of his classes. As a junior, he failed to qualify for the trivia team. Tristan is convinced that he is always cursed in autumn. No matter how hard he tried to overcome his superstition, life would…

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Find the right piece Arts 

Find the right piece

Lilia closed her eyes. The bus was loaded with people returning from work. Even if it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was shining bright, and it was so hot that it was difficult to breathe. People were sweating and standing very close to each other like sardines in a can. The passengers were very quiet, probably tired of the hot weather that hit Montreal. The only sound that Lilia could hear was the ringing of the buzzer. The grass was yellow, burned by the sun, the trees…

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Heaven in the Country Arts 

Heaven in the Country

We rowed peacefully on that Laurentian lake for hours in search of Camp 406. As soon as we had that beachside in our sight, we paddled to the rush of our contenting hearts. We disembarked from our canoes in ankle-high water. We were part of the first wave of canoe-campers who landed first. After helping our less-skilled companions come on to shore, we set out to establish camp. While everybody trekked in the middle of the birch and pine trees forests to settle their tents, I decided to fix mine…

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