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Find the right piece Arts 

Find the right piece

Lilia closed her eyes. The bus was loaded with people returning from work. Even if it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was shining bright, and it was so hot that it was difficult to breathe. People were sweating and standing very close to each other like sardines in a can. The passengers were very quiet, probably tired of the hot weather that hit Montreal. The only sound that Lilia could hear was the ringing of the buzzer. The grass was yellow, burned by the sun, the trees…

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Heaven in the Country Arts 

Heaven in the Country

We rowed peacefully on that Laurentian lake for hours in search of Camp 406. As soon as we had that beachside in our sight, we paddled to the rush of our contenting hearts. We disembarked from our canoes in ankle-high water. We were part of the first wave of canoe-campers who landed first. After helping our less-skilled companions come on to shore, we set out to establish camp. While everybody trekked in the middle of the birch and pine trees forests to settle their tents, I decided to fix mine…

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A Silent Cry for Help Arts 

A Silent Cry for Help

Mother Earth takes care of us; So, why do we cover her up in dust? Keeping the Sun away, She ensures we survive another day.   Forest fires being normalized; Oceans plasticized. Our ecosystems are failing, Yet, we continue to do nothing.   People scurrying around to make cash Not caring about what goes in their trash. Everyone blathering about dying in 50 years, But Mother Earth is the one shedding tears.   Are we truly forward-thinking, Or is that simply the sound of us sinking?  Actions speak louder than…

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Kelly Arts 


It was the news that I received from my editor-in-chief Paul that got me on the 2pm train from Windsor to Toronto. It came right out of the blue. It has been so long since I’ve seen her, but it felt just like yesterday since our last conservation. Now, I’m rapidly approaching my fifties. For a while, I thought walking out of her house was the best decision I ever made in my life. The “Greatest Breakup of All Time,” I would dub it. But life out West has never…

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Tiny Winter Flower Arts 

Tiny Winter Flower

Amidst the chill of the winter ache A little flower is able to break Through the thickest sheets of frost To show the world the life it had lost. A snowdrop, appearing there so frail Yet courageous enough to brave the hail.   A few white petals, alone in the cold, Such a small flower, yet very bold; Enough to inspire the others to grow, Shining hope for a life after snow. Soon will triumph the sun over the night Awakening again after the harsh winter bite.   Oh! How…

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The Greatest Heist: Let’s Decolonize Museums! Arts 

The Greatest Heist: Let’s Decolonize Museums!

The colonial giant has pillaged and destroyed everything in its passage in its quest for power, never sparing anyone. Even our art was not safe from its greediness. Today, as the former colonizers hide behind the mask of a repentant angel, they continue to profit off of the stolen art that was taken from us centuries ago.  In 2020, Mwazulu Diyabanza, a Congolese political activist, marched into the Louvre and took an African artifact from the museum, in an attempt to bring it back to its rightful owners. He was…

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Blind Arts 


It’s an uneventfully cold day in February. Even though the sun shines brighter than usual, the frost bites through my skin and freezes the moisture on my eyelashes. I walk by the Gouin boulevard. Last night had been cruel; the wind was howling in the dark sky and the snow accumulated quickly. Transports have been restricted throughout the entire city. Without any people around to play in the snow or vehicles to crush and soil it, the boulevard becomes a vast expanse of fresh powdery snow, shining the sunlight straight…

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