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Acquaintance Arts 


It seems like it’s been a while Since they last saw each other. They engage in small talk And, as sugar drips from their lips, They revel in its sweetness, Having forgotten the taste Of exchanging pleasant, Velvety words, Delivered softly, Smoothly Yet, crushed. By Fin  

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Eggshells Arts 


For years, I’ve been walking on eggshells. Year after year, They became thinner and thinner, Until the day they cracked. But instead of being covered With egg yolk and egg white, Instead of becoming A greasy yellow and A bright transparent, I was covered with the blood Of the person I once was.   By Sophie Dufresne

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Escapade Arts 


With eyes squinting shut, As they stare into the sun, Dazed, We run up the spiral staircase In a dizzying haze. With hands brushing past, As they reached towards each other, Smiling, We held on tightly To the rusting metal railing. With nowhere left to go, As we reach the final step, Laughing, We reach up to pound our fists, And shatter the glass ceiling. By Fin  

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Co-star Arts Entertainment 


Abandon dead weight, Nobody can tell you what you should be feeling. From now on, you only enter a relationship with someone if you consider them your equal, And accept consequences gracefully.   It’s ok to admit that you are an ox in need of a yoke, You can be with someone and still be lonely.   Be silent, You are not required to like everyone; You don’t have to be anyone’s therapist, Stop casting yourself in the role of peacemaker, How does your baggage affect your ability to love…

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Child Mind Arts 

Child Mind

Wondrous, carefree, What troubles do you possess? At the prime age of five,  The world is but an acquaintance.  Your favourite colour is blue, Inspired by the distant sky, Inspiration is second nature, For another world lives within.  Ordinary, cautious, What troubles possess you? Blowing out your final candle, The world, an old friend.  Favourite colour still blue, Inspired by the nearing sky,  You scramble for inspiration, For it is scarce nowadays.     By Valentina Tsilimidos

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