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My Shivering Petals Arts 

My Shivering Petals

My Shivering Petals I am a Black rose, grown in a garden Where the color of my petals is often harden By the frost of police brutality, it withers My roots torn by the storm that it gathers. My parents, they are like birds trapped in a cage When pulled over, their freedom taken like a wage My friends, like rivers, overflow with tears As they speak of the harassment, their pain, it smears The system, a ship, lost in the sea It’s meant to protect but often it’s hard…

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Deep End Arts 

Deep End

Again! Again! Childlike, the voice softly echoes in my ears As I walk by the ghostly lane. Autumn breezily peeking in.    Seasonal depression lurks As the leaves placidly fall. The faceless child runs up to me. Wrinkling my leather jacket As she clings and hovers around me.    Again! Again! Filled with conflicting emotions. I crouch down by her,  In her eyes glass-like. filled with ambition.  I see my reflection   Oh to be a kid again, Not caring about tomorrow, running around Aimlessly,  Pure joy- Joy.  When was…

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Pondering Arts 


I wonder what I look like Through your eyes Am I caught in your stare As often as I’d like Do I remind you  Of someone familiar Does my voice Remind you of a song Would you like to listen To my stories Or would you rather I write about you There’s a feeling  Hanging over me Like I should Get to know us But I’m afraid if I ask ‘‘What do you think of me?’’ The answer will be ‘‘I don’t.’’ By Alexia Côté

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