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Feminism & The Colonial Fantasy Women's Month 

Feminism & The Colonial Fantasy

This might not come as a shock to you, but throughout history, men have always had a twisted and tainted view of women, as a tool that has for sole purpose to fulfill their fantasies. Viewing this phenomenon through the lens of colonialism, the objectification of women is increased tenfold. In North Africa, French colonizers saw the Algerian woman as this perfect woman, trapped in a cage by the big bad Algerian that forced her to cover up and to act accordingly. And then comes the white knight who swoops…

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The Price of Being a Woman Women's Month 

The Price of Being a Woman

Sexism can take on various different forms and can be quite discreet in the sense that no one notices them, but it is true that sexism is present in our taxation system. Women in Canada pay a pink tax on personal care products.  The pink tax essentially is added taxes on female personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc. which leaves women paying in total, forty percent more in personal products than what men pay. It is stated that women can pay up to six percent more on…

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The Persons Case: The Day the Supreme Court found women to be unqualified for public duties Women's Month 

The Persons Case: The Day the Supreme Court found women to be unqualified for public duties

Nearly 93 years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada deemed that women were “unqualified persons” to be admitted to the Senate of Canada because the “female sex was found to be too honorable and privileged to have to concern itself with public affairs”.  An ironic and unfortunate statement in many ways especially given the fact that women had the right to vote and run for elections since 1918.  In Edwards v. The Attorney-General of Canada (1928). The five justices on the court were asked by the Governor General, through a…

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The History Of Women’s History Month Women's Month 

The History Of Women’s History Month

For years, “anonymous” has been the pen name of hundreds, dare I say, thousands of women. Women have been pushed aside and reduced to nothing. Credit for their discoveries have been snatched away by men. With Women’s History Month, we are recognizing them and all other women. However, we must not forget racialized women, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women, and any marginalized women.  Also, trans women are real women. If you don’t think so, stop reading this newspaper you terf, you aren’t welcome here.  How did Women’s History Month come to…

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