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Marie-Victorin By-Election: Most Decisive By-Election Ahead of 2022 News 

Marie-Victorin By-Election: Most Decisive By-Election Ahead of 2022

Following the Quebec municipal election, Independent MNA Catherine Fournier resigned to become mayor of Longueuil, triggering a by-election in her electoral district of Marie-Victorin. The race to replace Fournier may shape the outcome for the 2022 provincial elections and the political landscape of Quebec for the next decade. Ever since its creation, the electoral district of Marie-Victorin served as a Parti Québécois stronghold. Since 1985, each MNA from this South Shore riding has been elected under the PQ banner. In 2016, then-24-year-old Catherine Fournier continued the trend when elected to…

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2021 Quebec municipal elections – Historic Night for Women and the New Generation News 

2021 Quebec municipal elections – Historic Night for Women and the New Generation

On November 7, 2021, Quebecers across the province went to the polls to choose who shall run their cities and municipalities for the next four years. With many heavyweights retiring from municipal politics, this election paved the way for new political breakthroughs across the province. Montreal – Plante re-elected Incumbent Montreal mayor Valérie Plante was re-elected with 52.1% of the vote. Plante was first elected in 2017 and became the first woman to serve as mayor of the metropolis. Her party, Projet Montréal, is projected to win a majority of…

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Is there a shadow tax haven within the world’s most powerful financial centers? News 

Is there a shadow tax haven within the world’s most powerful financial centers?

Tax havens can be utilized by businesses to benefit from the low taxation rates for foreign investors. However, they can also be used to hide an individual’s personal wealth as well as tax avoidance. Through the work of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), close to 12 million documents, including emails, bank statements, and passport copies, have been leaked regarding the flow of money and property in this shadow economy.  These documents, known as the Pandora Papers, expose the hidden financial affairs of the world’s ultra-rich, who have been…

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Montreal Municipal Elections – What You Need to Know News 

Montreal Municipal Elections – What You Need to Know

On November 7, Montrealers will go to the polls and cast their ballot on who will run their city and boroughs. Here at the VCSA Insider, we have summarized on who are the candidates running across the city. Valérie Plante – The Incumbent Valérie Plante made history in 2017 when she was as the first female elected mayor of Montréal. Plante, then a relatively unknown politician, defeated one-term mayor Denis Coderre and her party Projet Montréal took control of City Council. Plante’s term as mayor has been marked by her…

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Good news for restaurant and bar owners in Quebec News 

Good news for restaurant and bar owners in Quebec

As of November 1st, 2021, Quebec restaurant and bar owners will be able to operate at full capacity. Regular operating hours will be permitted, meaning bars can stay open until 3 am. Additionally, the distance between tables will be diminished from the standard 2 meters to 1 meter with partitions put in place if proper distancing is not possible. Health Minister, Christian Dubé, attributes this step towards “normality” to the ongoing vaccine passports. With the restrictions easing up on this industry, optimism can be felt by many. Renaud Poulin, president…

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No Change in the Horizon – Yet Another Liberal Minority News 

No Change in the Horizon – Yet Another Liberal Minority

Disclaimer: The following article was written on the evening of Monday, September 20 and edited on the morning of Tuesday, September 21. Preliminary results are subject to change as votes are still being counted. After 36 days of campaigning, three fierce debates, and generous promises, the Canadian federal election has officially ended. On Monday, September 20, at 11:13 PM, CBC News/Radio-Canada, CTV News and Global News projected that the governing Liberal Party of Canada under incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially won the 44th Canadian federal election with another…

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India’s COVID-19 Dilemma News 

India’s COVID-19 Dilemma

Since a year ago, COVID-19 has held an iron grip on the entire world and continues to tighten its grasp. Certain governments have dealt with the pandemic with ease, such as Australia and New Zealand, whereas others have floundered and continue to struggle one year into this ordeal. One country that has been hit quite hard by the disease is India. With a population of almost 1.4 billion, officials are struggling with the increasing amounts of infected citizens. This dilemma has become more obvious within the past few weeks.  Earlier…

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Pay Attention to Colombia News 

Pay Attention to Colombia

As Canadians, we seem to live in an echo chamber that is the Western news cycle and most seem to live in ignorant bliss of the trials and tribulations of the global South. The plight of one country and its citizens that has somehow been ignored by mainstream news outlets; Colombia needs our attention and help more than ever.  Despite COVID-19 restrictions, thousands of Colombians have demonstrated across the country against a government that they feel has long ignored their needs, that has allowed corruption to run amok, and that…

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Derek Chauvin’s verdict – Accountability, not Justice News 

Derek Chauvin’s verdict – Accountability, not Justice

On April 20th, Derek Chauvin, the man who murdered George Floyd almost one year ago was finally convicted as guilty on three counts, second-degree murder, third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. While many people are calling this verdict justice, with Nancy Pelosi going as far as to say that George Floyd “sacrificed himself for justice”, which is problematic to say the least, we need to remember that this verdict is accountability. This verdict has held accountable the institution of policing and made visible its constant use of excessive force and…

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Dangerous Rise in Femicides News 

Dangerous Rise in Femicides

According to the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability, femicide is defined as the killing of women and girls, however there are also various types. The eight murders that we have seen throughout the past eight weeks in the province can be categorized as intimate femicide, which is women being killed by former or current partners. This has also raised questions in the province about domestic abuse and violence in general against women.  Elisapee Angma, age 44 Marly Edouard, age 32 Nancy Roy, age 44 Slyvie Bisson, age 60 …

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