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Good news for restaurant and bar owners in Quebec News 

Good news for restaurant and bar owners in Quebec

As of November 1st, 2021, Quebec restaurant and bar owners will be able to operate at full capacity. Regular operating hours will be permitted, meaning bars can stay open until 3 am. Additionally, the distance between tables will be diminished from the standard 2 meters to 1 meter with partitions put in place if proper distancing is not possible. Health Minister, Christian Dubé, attributes this step towards “normality” to the ongoing vaccine passports. With the restrictions easing up on this industry, optimism can be felt by many. Renaud Poulin, president of the Corporation des propriétaires de bars, brasseries et tavernes du Québec (CPBBTQ), said: “Today, we’re happy. It’s a good step in the right direction”. On the other hand, François Michaud, co-owner of a restaurant in Quebec City, says this news comes as a breath of fresh air desperately needed by restaurant owners. Although health measures are easing up step-by-step, many are waiting for the government to uphold the ban on singing and dancing in bars and nightclubs.

By Claudia Bruscia

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