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Unfortunate fate Spook the Insider 

Unfortunate fate

Since the dawn of time, every year, thousands of my people disappear without further notice on the same day of the same month. It is always the strongest, the tallest, and the wealthiest who are taken away, abandoning the children and the elders alone and helpless. If you ask me what happens to those who have gone missing, I can only tell you their miserable death. It is my people’s fate to be murdered cruelly in the worst possible ways on that specific date. They suffer endlessly until death saves them from their torture. How shameless are their torturer who rip off their skin! These heartless creatures show no humanity. They cut my people’s flesh in pieces and take their organs out one after another, savouring their silent screams of pain. Then, they discuss the ending of my people altogether, whether they are burnt alive or left to rot in the dark. Those burnt are freed from their sufferance, while those left alive still have to suffer several days until they completely abandon their will to live. Once their sentence is decided, they are permanently marked by cuts and tattoos on the face. They receive almost no food or water during the next seven days and must stand outside all day, bearing the wind and the rain. They are thrown away and left to rot in the dark when they stop fulfilling their duties. Every year, on the same day of the same month, thousands of my people are killed legally. October 31 is, for us, a remembrance day.

Remember to love every pumpkin in the world for their braveness.



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