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Woman And Domestic Violence Vanier Alumni 

Woman And Domestic Violence

“You came first in my class when you were my student,” types Keller to Coco on her Huawei smartphone via WhatsApp. “You have many strengths. Have confidence in yourself and be determined to improve your situation,” continues Keller. To end the conversation, Keller adds, “But you are smart – you sought the help of social workers. They can help you.” It has been years since Coco last met Mrs. Keller. She used to be the class prefect in Class 7D. To be a prefect, one surely needs to be strong…

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Rewrite My Life Vanier Alumni 

Rewrite My Life

If I could rewrite my life Here’s what I’d change I’d be from in a small town down in Alabama Daddy would own a big ole farm Momma would always stay a saint I’d hug them tight with both of my arms No, they wouldn’t be fighting every night Little Banjo would’ve never grown old And I’d be staying young in that small peaceful world   I’ve done a thousand things that I ain’t proud of And there’re a thousand more that I can’t change Bad decisions, broken hearts and…

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Mean to Me Vanier Alumni 

Mean to Me

There you are, just sittin’ there Girl, I haven’t seen you in forever You’re still lookin’ prettier than ever Just the thought of you is melting my heart   We’ve known each other for a while now You were always there to support me Dunno why it took me till now To see that you are the girl of my dreams   Every little thing that you do Is driving my heart crazy Now, all I really want to do Is to say how much you mean to me  …

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Taylor Swift Vanier Alumni 

Taylor Swift

“He said the way my blue eyes shined” Was the opening line to her favourite song Boy, it takes me back. “Love Story” used to be our song We danced every time it came on Can’t believe what it could have been I can still see her every time I close my eyes Back to those beautiful summer times But now everything has changed   We used to be so happy and so in love You were the queen that turn me in your king I never thought we were…

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Christmas in Germany Vanier Alumni 

Christmas in Germany

Holidays. Consumerism. Your Fall 2021 Semester exams and end-of-the-term projects. These must be on your mind as Christmas is drawing near, mustn’t they? Coming from a background as a Health Science graduate at Vanier, having lived in Hong Kong where shops are all over the town and with the habit of spending ample time with family, friends and loved ones over the Holidays, “Holidays” and “consumerism” obviously pop up on my mind as Christmas is happening in less than a month. Now settled in Germany, how has my Fall 2021…

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Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II) Vanier Alumni 

Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II)

Hong Kong is a fascinating city for many Westerners. It is not merely the international cuisine that attracts them, it is also the breath-taking vibrancy of the Special Administrative Region, comprised of the tallest-towers-in-the-world, traditional Chinese architecture, and a rich cultural history, which makes it “one of a kind”. Following the article entitled “Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I),” which had appeared in the Insider in April 2020, five other amazingly exuberating must-sees of Hong Kong shall be added to the list. Feng Shui/ Palm reading stalls in Jordan…

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Three Tips on How to Protect Mother Nature Vanier Alumni 

Three Tips on How to Protect Mother Nature

The current corona pandemic has not only caused all of us throughout this world inconvenience, troubled lives and misery, but it has also created pollution problems.  Have a look at the cover photo of this article. Many of us will realise that, before the coronavirus came about, we had never, or at least very seldom, seen unwanted facial masks on the ground.  Now, we see them everywhere, be it on hiking trails or on the pavement.  It has even been reported on news channels that there has been a rise…

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Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19 Vanier Alumni Voices 

Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19

It was not too long ago when COVID-19 (the short form for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”) hit Germany. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many restrictions worldwide. Let us have a look at Germany. In end-March, restaurants were banned from hosting dine-in clients and were only allowed to serve take-away. Citizens had to wear a mask on public transport. Supermarkets and other grocery stores were still open for business, but shoppers had to wear a mask and keep at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other when inside….

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Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I) Features Vanier Alumni 

Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I)

Amidst the current coronavirus crisis, nations worldwide are taking preventive measures to help minimize the scale of the pandemic’s growth. We are encouraged to work from home; if we had made plans to travel, we need to cancel them; whenever we come home, we wash our hands thoroughly. Below are five must-sees in Hong Kong. Hang in there! Hong Kong is waiting for you (after the coronavirus outbreak ends). Lan Kwai Fong/ SoHo If you are a young adult who likes to grab a drink and to party with music,…

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