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Woman And Domestic Violence Vanier Alumni 

Woman And Domestic Violence

“You came first in my class when you were my student,” types Keller to Coco on her Huawei smartphone via WhatsApp. “You have many strengths. Have confidence in yourself and be determined to improve your situation,” continues Keller. To end the conversation, Keller adds, “But you are smart – you sought the help of social workers. They can help you.”

It has been years since Coco last met Mrs. Keller. She used to be the class prefect in Class 7D. To be a prefect, one surely needs to be strong and outstanding in one way or another.

That year was 1999, the time when every global citizen was getting ready for the new millennium and did not know what to expect for the Y2K. That year, during the Christmas holiday, as the entire world was pondering upon the phenomenal 2000 to come, Coco actually traveled to snowy countries with her papa. Just the two of them. What a reminiscent bliss.

By now, two decades later, it was time for Coco’s papa to reach the celestial skies, leaving her on her own, in the nomad’s land. 

We are not to say whether it happened for better or for worse, but, it so happened that she indeed made it in time for the funeral. Coco was not expecting this; she actually flew back as an escape. Her escape plan from an abusive lover should have been carried out years ago… She simply and foolishly reasoned herself out: “I want to see a change in him… He is the man that I chose to love… There is unconditional love in this world… The soul and spirit are more important than the body… et cetera…”

Then, there was one final incident twelve days before the scheduled funeral; she lost hope in him, was determined to stand up for herself and to keep herself safe. It was time to put an end to this unhealthy relationship. Her plane back home took off at 12 noon on 8th March 2023 – International Women’s Day.

During the flight, Coco was planning her future: what she was to do once she gets back home. Because she was a victim of domestic violence and she has developed a heart to help other females who are stuck in such a vicious cycle, Coco will take up a Master’s in Counseling, and, upon graduation, she wants to work as a social worker to help other women in need.

One may ask what the meaning of Women’s Day is. Is it an occasion for those with the female chromosome to celebrate their gender and promote a stronger appreciation of women in the society? Is it a time to despise men and create more jobs for their opposite sex? Alternatively, is it rather a time to really  honestly and deeply reflect on the issues and difficulties that females are facing and provide more better support for single mothers, victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, etc.?

The world is changing, especially now amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflicts, an unbelievable rise in energy costs and the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now a  month in which women all around the world are commemorating outstanding achievements of those who are not men but you-know-who. Do take this opportunity to remember and thank the teachers that taught you to be righteous and to do good, to care about the minority women who need help, and to give your mama or sister a pat on the back. A brief phone call or just a “Hi, Mum!” will bring a large, big smile on her face; she will know and remember that she is loved by her loved ones and this warmth from you will stay in her heart forever and can save lives that may be gearing towards depressive moods or suicidal tendencies.

Happy Women’s History Month!

By:  Yvonne Y. F. Kelle

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