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The Women’s and Gender Studies is facing budget cuts Campus 

The Women’s and Gender Studies is facing budget cuts

Earlier in the school year, it was announced that the Women’s and Gender Studies Major, which has been at Vanier for almost 50 years, would face budget cuts. What that entails is that teachers who are coordinating the major will receive only one class release (they get to teach one less class than is the usual requirement) instead of two, as was usually the case. The administration argues for equity as the justification for this decision by emphasizing that other majors, such as the Indigenous Studies and Sustainability Majors, which…

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New Dean in the House; Meet Vanier’s New Staff Member Campus 

New Dean in the House; Meet Vanier’s New Staff Member

As of August 1st 2023, Vanier will be welcoming Sandrina Joseph, the new Academic Dean. For context, this position in the college is a very important one as it entails overseeing every academic and administrative operation within the College. The Academic Dean acts as the liaison between students, faculty, other staff members, and administrators. The position further entails serving as a public representation to outsiders. John McMahon has announced that this decision was approved by the Vanier College Board of Directors who followed recommendations from the Board Selection Committee and…

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Waste Segregation: A Priority Among Others Campus Features 

Waste Segregation: A Priority Among Others

Waste is an inevitable part of society. In almost every activity, may it be eating a snack bought at the school cafeteria or buying a drink from a vending machine, we produce waste. “Since it is considered inevitable, why bother with it,” you might say. Our day-to-day needs and wants typically incur not only costs of our pockets but also costs of nature. The protein bar that costs you three dollars and twenty-five cents each morning because you are unable to eat breakfast at home also incurs a cost of…

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Art Initiative On Campus Campus 

Art Initiative On Campus

Second-year Liberal Arts students got the chance to decorate the halls of the school this week. The mural is located in the D building staircase and is supposed to mimic prehistoric cave paintings. This project was initiated by Jailson Lima, a science teacher, in collaboration with Owen Wood, a communications department teacher. Although these Liberal Arts students had no extensive art skills, they were able to paint this incredible fresco that adds warmth and creates a wonderful ambiance. If you have a chance, pass by the D staircase to feel…

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Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier Campus 

Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier

If you’re a Vanier Student and you are interested in learning self-defense, then Angels Self-Defense Club at Vanier is just the club for you. They teach from beginners, so no experience is needed. Every Wednesday from 12:20pm-1:30pm they will be hosting their workshop at their new location outside between D and N building pathway. Follow them on their Instagram @vc_angels.selfdefence for more recent updates. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to them through their Instagram via DM or send them an email at By: Diba

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The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage Campus 

The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage

Ever since Bill 96 was adopted, back in May 2022, the topic has been a source of concern for many Quebeckers. The matter has brought a lot of uncertainty to the halls of anglophone CEGEPS across the province. For the past months, Vanier College has been working hard as an advocate for justice in Bill 96’s application. For this month’s VCSA Insider issue we had the pleasure of interviewing the Director General of our school, John McMahon, in hopes of spreading awareness and conveying the facts to our fellow students…

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Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier Campus Student Success 

Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier

Computer science students at Vanier have competed in events such as The Morgan Stanley Hackathon and the 2023 Warhacks Concordia Hackathon and have won 1st place in both events! Morgan Stanley Hackathon 2022 In November 2022, second-year Vanier computer science students won first place at the 2022 Morgan Stanley Hackathon event held at the Palais des Congrès. The second-year computer science students are: Kaolin Stacey, Jeffrey Juan Grospe, Md Saqliyan Islam, Phuc Nguyen, Amanda De Rosa and Tommy Rivard. The team representing Vanier, had won first place for the non-profit:…

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VCFSA pops at P.O.P. Campus Student Success 

VCFSA pops at P.O.P.

The Vanier College Filipino Student Association attended the Pinoys on Parliament event in Ottawa, from February 24, 2023 to February 26, 2023. It is a three-day national youth leadership conference for Filipino/a/x-Canadians that happens every year. In this event, the VCFSA was able to network with Filipino/a/x-Canadians all around Canada and learn new skills from workshops led by leaders of various fields such as politics, government, business, arts and STEM.  The first day marked the opening of the event where we were able to meet and have amazing conversations with…

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VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 Campus 

VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023

The VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 are currently underway. This is a chance for you, The Vanier Students, to nominate yourselves to be part of the VCSA Executive Council, which is the only representative for the student body at the college.  The positions that are available for the VCSA Council Election are: The officer positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer. The Executive Council coordinator positions: Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic Affairs Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator. The Nomination period will begin on Friday, March 31 and will end on Monday,…

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Women’s Self Defense Workshop at Vanier Campus 

Women’s Self Defense Workshop at Vanier

Vanier College is proud to be presenting yet another Women’s Self Defense workshop. Vanier will be offering a free Women’s Self Defense Workshop on self-defense to equip students who identify as women and provide them with the skills and courage to protect themselves. The workshop will be given by Sasha Reece, who taught the last Women’s Self Defense workshop at Vanier. She is a Martial artist with over 20 years of experience in Karate and Kung Fu. She is a First-degree Black Belt of Kyokushin school of Karate and a…

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