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Women’s Self Defense Workshop at Vanier Campus 

Women’s Self Defense Workshop at Vanier

Vanier College is proud to be presenting yet another Women’s Self Defense workshop. Vanier will be offering a free Women’s Self Defense Workshop on self-defense to equip students who identify as women and provide them with the skills and courage to protect themselves. The workshop will be given by Sasha Reece, who taught the last Women’s Self Defense workshop at Vanier. She is a Martial artist with over 20 years of experience in Karate and Kung Fu. She is a First-degree Black Belt of Kyokushin school of Karate and a…

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Forces AVENIR Campus 


Forces AVENIR aims to recognize, honor, and promote the commitment of students and employees in projects that contribute to the development of socially conscious, responsible, active, and persevering citizens who are both dedicated to their community and open to the world. Every year across Quebec, the program will award up to $60,000 in grants in various categories: Student Project Categories: Art, Literature and Culture – Project pertaining to the performing arts, visual arts, cinema, arts and crafts, literature, architecture, design or heritage. Mutual Aid, Peace and Justice – Project aimed…

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Make It Happen! – Those were the words of Avery Rueb that chimed through the ears of two students who aspired to bring other students together in a social-distanced society. From chanting their motto to sketching designs and prototypes; meeting with academic and non-academic staff for feedback, the vacillating nature of their project made ‘giving up’ palatable. Some may call it a coincidence and while others call it fate. But whatever it was, it brought two students together. They were the only attendees of the online make-up session for LaunchBox…

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Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback Campus 

Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback

After two years of postponing the student video festival because of sanitary issues, the Vanier Film Festival is back for its 47th anniversary.  Student films from the past four semesters will be presented in the 90-minute program curated by the hosts – communications students Rose Kahhali and Nikol Tsvetkova. As Kahhali points out, “the film festival has been dormant for the past two years, and it is time to honour everyone’s accomplishments.” Under the theme of the 2000’s decade, the festival will celebrate this era with funky decorations and ambient…

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A discussion space between Vanier students and teachers takes its digital form Campus 

A discussion space between Vanier students and teachers takes its digital form

This semester, The Coffee Break Project hosted their roundtable discussion on the Geopolitics and Economics of Conflict in the Ukraine Crisis. This event took place on March 30th, 2022. Students were able to share their thoughts and opinions on the motivations behind this conflict and its impacts on a global scale alongside Economics and Political Science teachers. Furthermore, The Coffee Break Project has launched its digital immersion through its Instagram page (@thecoffeebreakproject_vanier). This platform will be used to share articles and podcasts relating to various events within the world of…

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QASAP’s Intercollegiate Amazing Race: College Edition Campus 

QASAP’s Intercollegiate Amazing Race: College Edition

QASAP is organizing its first-ever annual Amazing Race: Montreal College Edition. All the colleges participating in this event are Vanier College, Champlain College, John Abbot College, Marianopolis College, Heritage College, and Dawson College.  The event will take place during the day on Thursday, June 2, 2022. There will be three teams of 2-3 students from each college. They will be representing their colleges during the race.  The Amazing Race event will begin at Marianopolis College at 10 am and will continue to other locations throughout Montreal during the day.  All…

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Vanier Model UN Annual Conference Campus 

Vanier Model UN Annual Conference

Greetings, fellow delegates, Do you have an intense passion for global affairs, past and present? Do you go absolutely bonkers during political discussions with your friends and family? Then the Vanier Model United Nations Club is for you! We will be holding our annual conference on April 23rd and 24th online. Because you’re all special, it is exclusively free for all Vanier students to attend. There is no need to break the bank to have the absolute time of your life debating solutions to geopolitical crises in the South China…

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There’s an Election Coming, Right? Campus 

There’s an Election Coming, Right?

We are all completely burnt out at this point. It turns out that running on five hours of sleep every night is like putting diesel in a Formula 1 car. It just won’t perform as well as it should. Because of our responsibilities as students, we must carry on with the tedium that is Cegep. There’s no way around it. Or is there? It’s proven that the students most satisfied with their Cegep experience are the ones most involved in the school community. You are a student. You are presented…

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The Female Force Campus 

The Female Force

Recently, a friend of mine gave me the amazing opportunity to interview the Female Force Club at Marianopolis college. Female Force is a club that promotes female empowerment through necessary discussions on feminism, intersectionality, inclusivity, and their multiple fundraisers at school that support women across Montreal.  I had the chance to speak with the wonderful women that make up the team of the Female Force! There is Kennedy, the administrative director of the club, Emily, the president, Danae, the director of communications, Andrea, the director of finances, and Camille, the…

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CODA Vanier Campus 

CODA Vanier

Great news! CODA Vanier, a new VSCA-backed club, is shaping up to become a leader in the world of Cegep cancer fundraisers. This student-run initiative piqued my interest, so I interviewed its charismatic founder, Jack Garxenaj. I will refer to myself (Charles Mckaig) as CM and Jack Garxenaj as JG for this interview.     CM: Hello, Mr. Jack Garxenaj; you recently founded the CODA club here at Vanier College. What does CODA stand for?  JG: CODA stands for Clinical Oncology Disease Association. We believe that life is bigger than cancer. When…

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