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The Climate Calls for YOU Campus News 

The Climate Calls for YOU

We are in the midst of a climate crisis on Earth. Large systematic changes need to be made as soon as possible if we want to have a livable planet for future generations. Our governments have not been listening to the decades of cries for the health of our planet from the people. Grassroots movements started by young activists like Greta Thunberg have been gaining steam, and inspiring the masses to get out on the streets and demand for change. The long anticipated Global Climate Strikes are one such movement….

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The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism Campus 

The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism

Hey folks, Assistant Editor here! We were running a little scarce on pieces on the subject of education, so we thought we’d go back in the archives, to the old and forgotten pieces of alumni. After leafing through ten or so papers, we thought we’d share the cream of the crop. While these excerpts do not relate directly to education, they highlight the opinions of the educated (smooth, I know). Aside from a plot to kill Jacques Parizeau after the 95′ referendum failed, turns out the best material was commentary…

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The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines Campus 

The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines

Justice is always uncomfortable for criminals. However, to keep a society of order, it is necessary that this justice is carried out with courage. When justice seems fragile, uncertain, and self-questioning, the criminal wins. They no longer have to fear. If you are looking for an example, our library is an excellent illustration of an institution that has become incapable of executing justice.   Recently, I have been doing research on Dostoevsky and have run into trouble finding an essential book. The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Literature contains many important…

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The Castrating Call of Library Fines Campus 

The Castrating Call of Library Fines

There are times when the exercise of authority becomes excessive, terrifying, and incomprehensible. I have come face to face with this authority. I have been charged $13.50 for a computer returned an hour and thirty minutes past due. There is, of course, nothing wrong with library fines. In a school with our scope, it is difficult to expect every item could be returned promptly without a disincentive against delays. In the absence of a disincentive, there is the frustration of constant scarcity, of empty shelves. However, having justified a fine,…

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The Gardening Begins Anew Campus 

The Gardening Begins Anew

Craving a relaxing outdoor activity to de-stress during the final weeks of the semester? The Vanier Collective Gardens are the perfect place to go! Located between the N building and D building and in front of the sports complex, you’ve probably passed by and wondered what these spaces are for. It is in fact the Vanier gardens, and all are invited to help out, pick a carrot or some lettuce, or to go and just to smell the flowers! Gardening sessions are starting now, and all are welcome to get…

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Can Good Come Out of The VCSA Elections? Campus 

Can Good Come Out of The VCSA Elections?

Trouble in Paradise, and an old Commie Gag Workers used to say in communist Russia, “they pretend to pay us, we pretend to work!” It is said by some that we share these illusions of productivity with the Russian peasantry. The upcoming VCSA elections are small-scale and increase the discouraging feeling of voting’s bourgeois absurdity. Acts as simple as casting a vote, can feel like complicity in a show of make-believe: You believe in the power of the vote and in its significance; executive members believe in their importance. However,…

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Vigil For New Zealand Campus 

Vigil For New Zealand

There will be a vigil held in the carrefour area, during the UB of April 3rd. This ceremony will honour the fifty-one dead and the fifty injured at New Zealand’s Christchurch mosque. Vanier’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) has taken the time to organize the event. Hifza Randhawa, the MSA’s vice-president, is dismayed by the media’s response to the attack. There is a gaping disparity, she remarks, between the coverage of violence perpetrated by Muslims and similar acts executed by the radical right. “[F]alse notions concerning Islam and Muslims” have been…

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Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels” Campus 

Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels”

The Vanier College athletic teams have achieved extraordinary results since their creation, and they continue to be the best teams on many fields and courts. The Cheetahs basketball and football teams have been exceptional recently in their participation in regional playoffs. However, many Vanier students find the name “Cheetahs” to be too disconnected as most of the students have never seen a real Cheetah. In fact, Cheetahs are mammals who are wildly present in parts of the Africa and Iran, but their footpaths are non-existent in North America. The only…

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The Origins of Women’s Studies at Vanier Campus 

The Origins of Women’s Studies at Vanier

2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Studies program (now Women’s and Gender Studies). Vanier College was the first post-secondary educational institution to doctor such a program in Quebec. Its creation is owed to the hard work of Vanier’s faculty members. Maggie Kathwaroon who is the current coordinator of the program, explained the benefits of the major. “[the classes and events give] the opportunity to talk about how society views masculine and feminine, male and female, and its impact on how safe we feel” said Maggie….

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People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger Campus 

People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger

The following is an interview with the Vanier library clerk Michael Unger.   S: First question. What made you want to work in the library?   M: […] I did a stage, I worked some casual hours here and there. Eventually I was working part-time, then I applied to be permanent full-time.   S: Interesting. The next question is, what kind of literature interests you?   M: Oh, I like the old stuff. Literature from the 19th century, like Charles Dickens, Dostoyevsky, stuff like that. Some of the Russian literature,…

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