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Vanier College Conspiracies: The Problem with Squirrels Campus 

Vanier College Conspiracies: The Problem with Squirrels

Today I will be discussing with you the enigma that is squirrels.   Now, before I make my point, I would like to make something abundantly clear. My codename is V. Not as in “V for Vendetta”. I am not part of some clandestine anarchist organization. If I were, I would be lying to you in order to control you in some way. But I am trying to prevent exactly that. There is nothing but the truth here, hence my name, V, as in “vérité”.   Squirrels are a creature…

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Fair Trade Campus Week Campus 

Fair Trade Campus Week

During the final week of October, Vanier Sustainability celebrated the fact that Vanier is a fair trade campus. Volunteers participated in booths and activities throughout the week, and shared free fair trade coffee (hot and cold) and chocolate fondue. In the D-cafeteria, all coffees and most teas are fair trade, and Jake’s has fair trade coffee and tea options also. Select snacks and chocolate brands sold on campus are fair trade as well. When a product is certified as fair trade, it means the workers and farmers producing the product…

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Calling All Cats for “Cats Against Catcalling” Campus 

Calling All Cats for “Cats Against Catcalling”

According to Bill 151, whose purpose is to combat sexual violence in higher education, each school needs a policy, which outlines how instances of sexual violence are to be handled at a given institution. For example, Vanier’s Commitment to Survivors/Victims of Sexual Violence emphasizes the survivor’s importance, while prioritizing their needs for support, resources, accommodation, and/or justice. As a member of the Standing College Committee on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response, Lindsay Cuncins played a part in creating a way to enable a widespread network within the Vanier Community that…

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The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition Arts Campus 

The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition

On Wednesday October 9th, The Henry Lehmann Gallery hosted its first opening of the Fall 2019 semester, showcasing the works of the recipients of the Vanier Art Acquisition and Peter Gonda scholarships. The academic dean Annie-Claude Banville was present to give a few words about the gallery. I, the head curator of the gallery and the assistant director of the gallery Clara Riga presented a speech at the opening as well. Also, the artists were present to speak to attendees about the creation of and message behind their artworks. The…

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Vanier Gym Fee and a General Assembly October 23rd at UB Campus 

Vanier Gym Fee and a General Assembly October 23rd at UB

For the Fall semester of 2019, the Vanier College Students’ Association (VCSA) has decided to not allocate money to gym facilities fees within their budget, as they have been doing for the past couple of semesters. When asking the President of the VCSA, Lucas Diacoumacos, the reason for the removal of the gym fees from the budget, he stated that the VCSA wanted to allocate more money towards matters that directly impact Vanier students. He mentioned that they want to be able to represent a bigger proportion of the student…

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Election Debate at Vanier College: Their Plans on The Environment Campus News 

Election Debate at Vanier College: Their Plans on The Environment

On October 1st, an all candidate Federal election debate was held at Vanier College. The candidates resent were running to represent the riding of St. Laurent-Cartierville. Both the public and the Vanier College community were welcome to attend the debate, which was moderated by VCSA president Lucas Diacoumacos. The candidates present were Mr. Richard Serour of the Conservative Party of Canada, Ms. Georgia Kokotsis of the Green Party of Canada, Ms. Emmanuella Lambropoulos of the Liberal Party of Canada and Member of Parliament, Ms. Miranda Gallo of the New Democratic…

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Vanier College Conspiracies: What’s the Deal with Pigeons? Campus 

Vanier College Conspiracies: What’s the Deal with Pigeons?

Ah, birds. Nature’s aerial animals. From the seagull to the hummingbird, our flying companions have roamed the Earth for a long time. In fact, some say that the chicken is a descendant of the T-Rex. Some birds, like the falcon, are incredibly rare in urban cities. But there is one bird that we see all the time. And that, my friends, is the pigeon. What the heck is up with pigeons? They are probably the most common type of bird in urban countries. Now I know what you’re thinking, no…

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The Climate Calls for YOU Campus News 

The Climate Calls for YOU

We are in the midst of a climate crisis on Earth. Large systematic changes need to be made as soon as possible if we want to have a livable planet for future generations. Our governments have not been listening to the decades of cries for the health of our planet from the people. Grassroots movements started by young activists like Greta Thunberg have been gaining steam, and inspiring the masses to get out on the streets and demand for change. The long anticipated Global Climate Strikes are one such movement….

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The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism Campus 

The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism

Hey folks, Assistant Editor here! We were running a little scarce on pieces on the subject of education, so we thought we’d go back in the archives, to the old and forgotten pieces of alumni. After leafing through ten or so papers, we thought we’d share the cream of the crop. While these excerpts do not relate directly to education, they highlight the opinions of the educated (smooth, I know). Aside from a plot to kill Jacques Parizeau after the 95′ referendum failed, turns out the best material was commentary…

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The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines Campus 

The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines

Justice is always uncomfortable for criminals. However, to keep a society of order, it is necessary that this justice is carried out with courage. When justice seems fragile, uncertain, and self-questioning, the criminal wins. They no longer have to fear. If you are looking for an example, our library is an excellent illustration of an institution that has become incapable of executing justice.   Recently, I have been doing research on Dostoevsky and have run into trouble finding an essential book. The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Literature contains many important…

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