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The Interviews of VSuccess Campus 

The Interviews of VSuccess

VSuccesses’ interview with Vanier’s Director General John McMahon allows viewers a glimpse into the life of an educator with amassed diverse experiences and interests. He speaks candidly of his experience teaching in Nunavik and the Caribbean, as well as his passion for hockey. Mr. McMahon discusses how his positive influence as a teacher has helped him be happily satisfied in his career as an educator. Making a point to highlight the Vanier graduation ceremonies, he calls attention to their inspirational and impactful nature. Director General McMahon emphasizes the importance of…

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Virtual Sustainability Activity Campus 

Virtual Sustainability Activity

Hey Vanier Students! Are you looking to green up your house, or spaces around your house, or the living area, or maybe your room, but aren’t sure how to? Vanier Sustainability has a virtual workshop set up just for you! Vanier Sustainability is holding a virtual DIY plant propagation & macrame plant holder workshop. The virtual workshop will be held on March 24 at 1 pm. In this workshop you will be able to make your very own macrame plant holder and be able to propagate plants. Supplies for this…

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Vsuccess Arrives on Campus Campus 

Vsuccess Arrives on Campus

There is a new initiative called Vsuccess at Vanier College. The initiative was founded by Mario Michas and Maia Fukuyama of the Vanier Student Leaders. As part of the initiative, successful, motivational and inspirational Vanier students, staff members, professors and alumni are interviewed.  In the interviews, important pieces of advice are given; tactics on how to succeed in CEGEP and beyond are shared, as well as the offering of messages of encouragement.  In the first interview, Ms. Cari-Lynn Clough who works tirelessly and selflessly as a Student Success Advisor, shared…

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New Mental Health Initiative on Campus Campus 

New Mental Health Initiative on Campus

With the pandemic, many of us have been confined to our households and take most of our classes online. Being in quarantine has led to the detriment of the mental health of a good proportion of the population, including us students. Reaching out to the right services seems unattainable and confusing at times, which is where the VCSA has stepped in. Our student union has purchased for all current full-time day-time division students a subscription to the Empower Me virtual application, which means that access to the application comes to…

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Vanier student Karim Mane is going to the NBA.  Campus 

Vanier student Karim Mane is going to the NBA. 

  Vanier Cheetahs guard Karim Mane has made history by signing with the NBA’s Orlando Magic.    Mane becomes the first player ever to join the league directly from CEGEP, having attended Vanier College from 2017 to 2020, turning down interest from a number of NCAA Division I universities. The 20-year-old made the announcement two days after he went undrafted in Wednesday’s 2020 NBA Draft.  Blake Murphy posted on Twitter that Mane’s deal in Orlando is a two-way contract. Mane said on Twitter that he’s “excited and humbled” to join…

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De-Stressing and Holiday Activites With Vanier Student Life Campus 

De-Stressing and Holiday Activites With Vanier Student Life

    Once again, Vanier Student Life has some fun and de-stressing activities for you. If you like animals and need to find ways to de-stress, then the virtual animal therapy event will be just for you. Vanier Student Life has also organized multiple Netflix Watch Parties with the theme of holiday movies.       Vanier Student Life has organized a virtual animal therapy event. This virtual event will help you de-stress, and, also, you will get to meet really cute animals.  It will be held on December 9th during UB, which is from…

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Updates on Vanier’s Women’s and Gender Studies Major Campus 

Updates on Vanier’s Women’s and Gender Studies Major

As most of you may or may not know, Vanier offers a variety of majors that you can complete along with your DEC by taking calluses that count towards both your DEC and a major of your choice.  Sustainability, Indigenous Studies, as well as Women’s and Gender Studies are a few examples. Completing a certificate in one of these majors not only benefits students in terms of having something extra to add to their CVs and university applications, but they also become exposed to a new perspective from which they…

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Virtual Activities By Vanier Student Life Campus 

Virtual Activities By Vanier Student Life

Are you a current Vanier student who is looking to have some social interactions? Vanier Student Life has set up some fun activities that you can join in order to virtually interact with other people at Vanier. There’s Covid Club, Werewolf, Saturday Shenanigans, and a virtual cooking workshop.     Vanier Student Life has organized a Covid Club, where you can chat and hang out with others. You can share your interests and talk about whatever topics that interest you. It’s not formal at all, so just be yourself and enjoy…

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VCSA partial financial statement 2019 – 2020  Campus 

VCSA partial financial statement 2019 – 2020 

Below is an excerpt of the VCSA’s financial statement from 2019 to 2020. Click here to have access to the full budget.  The Insider: 2020:$8,397   2019: $9,068   Clubs:  2020:$4,040 2019: $5,181   VCSA Parties: 2020:$18,074  2019: $27,333   Breakfast / VCSA Meetings: 2020:$16,999  2019: $13,128   Welcome Week: 2020: $27,802 2019: $31,128   Office Expenses: 2020:$17,524  2019: $13,148   Fashion Show: 2020: N/A  2019: $6,798   First Aid Team: 2020:$195 2019: $2,749   Emergency Covid Aid: 2020: $30,000 2019: N/A   Vanier Vibrant: 2020:$0 2019: $2,849   Robotics: 2020:$4,700  2019: $8,137   Scholarships and Honorariums: 2020: $21,896 2019: $12,620   Sports…

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Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students Campus 

Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students

Many changes are in store for members of the Vanier College Student’s Association, as students have cast their votes this October to decide on not only a new VCSA Executive Council (whose results have been announced via Omnivox) but also on whether or not a student insurance plan should be implemented. After the four-day-long referendum (from October 9th to October 13th) the motion has passed with 90% of voters in favour of the implementation of The Student Insurance Plan. Expressing his thoughts on this outcome, Kareem Brochu, the VCSA executive…

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