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VCSA Update on COVID-19 Campus News 

VCSA Update on COVID-19

As we are all struggling to keep our mental health in check, while also adjusting to online learning and upholding whatever other personal obligations we might have, as teachers tell us to “enjoy our unexpected break”, all the while giving extra assignments to make up for missed classes, we might feel like there is no way we can realistically meet every deadline. Several students have voiced their concerns to the VCSA, mainly about the lack of support they are receiving from their teachers (especially students who have little access to…

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Obituary Campus Entertainment News 


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Vanier College’s beloved mascot, Cheeto the Cheetah.  For decades he has been a staple to Vanier’s Athletic Teams, as well as to Vanier Student Life. Bringing school spirit and hugs, Cheeto was a joy to all who met him. Prior to the incident, students had the opportunity to see Cheeto for the last time at Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon, where he engaged in lightsaber duels and took selfies with students. He is survived by the Vanier…

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CHEETO FOUND DEAD! Campus Entertainment News 


Police have launched an investigation after Cheeto, Vanier College’s beloved Cheetah mascot was found dead in the Vanier Sports Complex pool this morning. Officers were called to the scene this morning after Francois Rene, Aquatics Recreational Technician, arrived on campus to perform regularly scheduled pool maintenance and called 911.  The Police declared Cheeto dead at the scene.  Police have yet to release any details other than to state they aren’t ruling out foul play for the moment. The Coroner’s Office will be performing an autopsy later today to determine if…

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Student Life Still Thriving Despite Social Distancing Campus 

Student Life Still Thriving Despite Social Distancing

Following Vanier College’s closure until May 1st, as mandated by the provincial government amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students adopting social distancing measures are coming to terms with a new reality; that is to say, one of online classes, Netflix marathons, and disrupted sleep schedules.   Despite the necessary social distancing and self-isolation, there has been a movement to rebrand these terms so as to remind people that, thanks to the internet, it is possible to remain connected (pun intended) with their loved ones.   In this regard, Dr. Maria Van…

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“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening Arts Campus 

“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening

The first exhibition of the Henry Lehmann Gallery this semester is a solo show featuring the work of Vanier Communications student Mélusine Deirdre Abram. “Innocent Until Proven Gay” features five 30 by 40 inch illustration boards with an enlarged fingerprint on each board. Each fingerprint is from the fingers on the artist’s right hand, and they are in the colors of the lesbian flag. This exhibition opened on Wednesday, March 4th at UB, coinciding with Women’s Week at Vanier College. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate the diversity of…

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Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café Campus 

Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café

Members of the anime club, who were dressed in full cat maid or butler attire, welcomed students to their Neko – or cat-themed cafe.    The event took place on the afternoon of Friday, February 28th. There was even one member in full love live cosplay.   Warmly welcomed by members of the anime club, students attending the cafe were seated at a neatly set table by a cat waiter upon entering. A menu of different sweets, as well as coffee and tea, were available to choose from.    All…

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The Closing of Vanier’s Umbrella Club Campus 

The Closing of Vanier’s Umbrella Club

Rainclouds are forming on the horizon as of one of Vanier’s oldest club, The Umbrella Club, has closed. In recent years, LGBTQ+ issues have been gaining more visibility, and acceptance has become increasingly more widespread. However, this has not always been the case, as queer youth were historically targeted and marginalized due to their identities. Unfortunately, this is sometimes still the case; lots of individuals struggle with their identity, and, depending on their circumstances, may fear for their safety if their identity is made public to their peers, family, coworkers,…

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Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon Campus 

Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon

Vanier’s Student Life team is always coming up with new and creative event ideas for the Vanier population to enjoy. The first annual Vanier Geekcon is no exception.   Geekcon took place on Wednesday, February 26th in Jake’s from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Cafeteria tables were moved to make way for the many activities taking place for the occasion.   There were around twenty vendors selling their handcrafted goods like pins, stickers, and other knickknacks. There were also some vendors selling apparel, POP figurines, or commissions for artwork. There was also…

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An Update On The VCSA Campus 

An Update On The VCSA

  Last semester left students confused, and with an unpleasant taste in their mouths after its conclusion. This article will be a recap of the events that transpired last semester, and of where the Vanier College Student’s Association (VCSA) is headed in 2020; it will, hopefully, clear the air surrounding the end of last semester.   The Meeting of November 27th, 2019 This meeting took place at UB, and was deemed to not be an official meeting because it did not follow proper procedures for the creation of a Special…

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Speak Your Piece Campus 

Speak Your Piece

In this section of The Insider, students can share and write about fun things that happen at Vanier. Whether it be a song coming from the DJ booth, something that made you laugh, or even a love confession to someone you saw walking to N, this is the place to speak your piece about it. Send your submissions to   To all of the guys in Jakes (and you know who you are): pull your pants up! –Anonymous Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you! … I like your…

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