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There’s an Election Coming, Right? Campus 

There’s an Election Coming, Right?

We are all completely burnt out at this point. It turns out that running on five hours of sleep every night is like putting diesel in a Formula 1 car. It just won’t perform as well as it should. Because of our responsibilities as students, we must carry on with the tedium that is Cegep. There’s no way around it. Or is there? It’s proven that the students most satisfied with their Cegep experience are the ones most involved in the school community. You are a student. You are presented…

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The Female Force Campus 

The Female Force

Recently, a friend of mine gave me the amazing opportunity to interview the Female Force Club at Marianopolis college. Female Force is a club that promotes female empowerment through necessary discussions on feminism, intersectionality, inclusivity, and their multiple fundraisers at school that support women across Montreal.  I had the chance to speak with the wonderful women that make up the team of the Female Force! There is Kennedy, the administrative director of the club, Emily, the president, Danae, the director of communications, Andrea, the director of finances, and Camille, the…

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CODA Vanier Campus 

CODA Vanier

Great news! CODA Vanier, a new VSCA-backed club, is shaping up to become a leader in the world of Cegep cancer fundraisers. This student-run initiative piqued my interest, so I interviewed its charismatic founder, Jack Garxenaj. I will refer to myself (Charles Mckaig) as CM and Jack Garxenaj as JG for this interview.     CM: Hello, Mr. Jack Garxenaj; you recently founded the CODA club here at Vanier College. What does CODA stand for?  JG: CODA stands for Clinical Oncology Disease Association. We believe that life is bigger than cancer. When…

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Vanier singers wanted for upcoming Unplugged – Intercollegiate Singing Competition Campus 

Vanier singers wanted for upcoming Unplugged – Intercollegiate Singing Competition

Are you a singer? Are you the self-proclaimed king or queen of karaoke? Do you want to show your singing talents to the world? With the QASAP Intercollegiate Unplugged Singing Competition coming up, you no longer have to use your vocals all alone when you’re in your car listening to the radio! What’s the Unplugged Singing Competition, you may ask? As the name suggests, it’s an intercollegiate singing competition between all the six major English colleges in Quebec. The competition will premiere on YouTube on Thursday, April 7, at 7…

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Back and better than ever! Campus 

Back and better than ever!

Vanier’s MEDLIFE is a chapter of MEDLIFE International, which is an organization that aids in improving access to medicine, education and community development initiatives in Latin America and Africa. It is done through Student Service Learning trips which take place annually. Vanier executives, committee seat members, volunteers, and Vanier students are able to attend this trip. Multiple fundraising events take place during the semester to finance this humanitarian trip. Furthermore, volunteering events are opportunities for students to get involved amongst MEDLIFE while benefitting our local community. They’re also an excellent…

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The Insider is now on Discord! + New Potential Podcast! Campus 

The Insider is now on Discord! + New Potential Podcast!

Hey there Vanier students! We are proud to announce that the VCSA Insider now has its own Discord server. Our Discord server was made to connect with our readers. Our server offers many different chat channels tailored to the various subjects that our contributors will enjoy. Do you like debating on the current political hot topics? Do you want to know more about campus life? Want to share awesome artwork that you’ve made? Seen the best movie ever, and want others to know? Come on over! Our new Discord server…

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A new start-up on campus Campus 

A new start-up on campus

Social Science students were able to attend a “coffee break” activity on September 29th and November 17th. This initiative serves as an “informal” discussion space amongst students and economics teachers where Applied Economics can be discussed outside of a classroom setting. Their first meeting was about Personal Finance and Wealth Management in the Age of Millennials, while their second meeting explored the Bridges and frontiers between Economics and Psychology.  During the first meeting, students were able to share their thoughts on portfolio diversification, real estate, and cryptocurrency while engaging in…

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The Shoe Box Project – It’s a Wrap! Campus 

The Shoe Box Project – It’s a Wrap!

Through donations from Vanier students, staff, friends and family, the Vanier Shoe Box Project created 42 gift-filled shoe boxes. These holiday gifts will be donated to local women’s shelters for those impacted by homelessness. This project served a purpose to share kindness and love with the less fortunate during the Holiday Season.  I’d like to thank my team of volunteers who assisted me throughout this month-long project: Alexia Wojcik Da Silva, Gabriella Gratton, Vanessa Papamanolioudakis, Dhimahi Jigneshkumar Patel, Victoria Lattas-Patrinos and Alexandra Tsigaras. I’d also like to thank the Vanier…

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Pasko Na Naman! It’s Christmas Again! Campus 

Pasko Na Naman! It’s Christmas Again!

Hey there, Vanier students! Are you looking for a group activity to do over the Holidays? The Vanier College Filipino Association (VCFA) will be organizing their first Christmas event on Wednesday, December 15, and all Vanier students are welcome to join! Titled Pasko Na Naman! It’s Christmas Again!, the VCFA will be offering classic Filipino games as well as food from Aunt Dai restaurant. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the end of your semester, meet some new friends and learn more about Filipino culture. Admission is free, and…

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Don’t Forget Your S.T.A.R. Hours! Campus 

Don’t Forget Your S.T.A.R. Hours!

On Omnivox, you can officially download the S.T.A.R. hours request application! For those who don’t know, the S.T.A.R. program recognizes a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer work and participation on and off-campus and will be recognized on your transcript.  Any volunteer work or club participation on campus can be used for S.T.A.R. hours, whether volunteering for the open house, aiding in V.C.S.A. events, or even writing for the Insider! It’s important to note that you can receive S.T.A.R. hours only if: You are a full-time student  Not on academic…

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