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Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback Campus 

Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback

After two years of postponing the student video festival because of sanitary issues, the Vanier Film Festival is back for its 47th anniversary. 

Student films from the past four semesters will be presented in the 90-minute program curated by the hosts – communications students Rose Kahhali and Nikol Tsvetkova.

As Kahhali points out, “the film festival has been dormant for the past two years, and it is time to honour everyone’s accomplishments.”

Under the theme of the 2000’s decade, the festival will celebrate this era with funky decorations and ambient music. It is a time capsule for Vanier’s aspiring artists born around that time. 

During the show’s intermission, guests are encouraged to check out student art pieces at the entrance of the auditorium. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures will be exhibited.

The Vanier Film Festival was initiated by the Communications department as Justine Litynski – former video and photography professor – explains that “there was no proper showcase in the college for video work. The film festival also permits celebrating the end of the year and graduating students’ hard work.”

This is an important rite of passage for communications students. In fact, alumnus Aziz Zoromba took part in previous editions of the festival and is now attracting a lot of international success as the co-producer of the award-winning documentary No Crying at the Dinner Table (2019).

Doors open at 6:30 PM.

By Camila Lewandowski

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