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Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist Arts 

Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist

Though I am an optimist I can still fall prey to the sad truths of this world. I feel sadness and grief for those around me, marveling in the great cruelty, ignorance and unfairness of this world. How does one remain hopeful?

I feel helpless. I feel powerless against things so strong as nature.

Yet do not misunderstand me, it is not Mother Nature with whom I wish to quarrel, but the possible nature of man.

Greed, ignorance, arrogance and lust for power are my true enemies.

How do you fight an enemy who dwells not only within your adversaries, but within yourself as well?

How do you fight something that lays dormant within all of us, like a rattlesnake waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike when his prey is at its most vulnerable?

How do you fight an ancient evil that has always lived within the weakness of man?

How does one save others from themselves and convince them that their beliefs are misguided?

How do you obtain a voice powerful enough to be heard among a constant cacophony of words and voices all screaming to be heard themselves?

How do you save a world from destruction when the only true enemy that they should be concerned with vanquishing, is that within themselves?

How do we save our politicians from becoming tyrants; having had but a sip from the River of Power, many are now cursed all the same to forever thirst for more of that cursed thing.

We are a species obsessed with excess. We taste luxury and never know when to decide we have had enough. We never know when to stop.

It is saddening to see what we can do to one another, to the planet.

There are costs that come from indulging our enemies.

We care not for the price, but what it will buy us in the end and even so it will never be enough.

But do not lose yourself to despair just yet my friends, for remember I am an optimist. Just as a fragile fern frond can be seen growing amidst the ashes in the wake of an all devouring blaze, we must be the beauty in the broken world. Though we may feel helpless at times believe me when I assure you, we are not. There are many others like you who believe that as well but if you were to join forces you would come to realize the power you possess. One tree can not be considered a forest on its own but with the cooperation of others, can become a beautiful home to a complex ecosystem.

By: Brianna Fasoli

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Brianna Fasoli

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