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Laughter. With a Cause : Gala Accroche-Coeur fundraiser Entertainment 

Laughter. With a Cause : Gala Accroche-Coeur fundraiser

Not everyone knows where they will sleep tonight. Some aren’t sure whether or not they’ll eat tomorrow. It’s no laughing matter… except in this case, in sort of is.

Of course, this in no way indicates that a person’s dire situations are comedic. Rather, it suggests that laughter can help remedy some unfortunate predicaments. In this spirit, the 14th Gala Accroche-coeur turned to local comedians to raise awareness, and funds, to support Fondation Québec Jeunes.

The Show

MC of the evening, Stéphane Bellavance, opened the show by introducing a special guest: a young woman who will be receiving her high school diploma this year, thanks to the guidance of the foundation. She read a spoken word poem about perseverance, while young people from many organizations that are linked with Fondation Quebec Jeunes, made their presence and solidarity clear just by the large number of teenagers standing on stage behind the amateur poet.

Emotions were successfully solicited from the audience throughout the nearly four-hour-long event, as the mood switched back and forth between jokes and heartfelt tales of adolescents in need.

First up, Martin Vachon warmed up the audience with anecdotes of his struggles as a new father. Sylvain Laroque followed, discussing the humour that is to be found within Quebec’s small towns, as well as some interesting comments about the French language. Jean-Thomas Jobin then filled the room with his multiple puns. Then came the surprise guest. The well-known comedian, Louis-José Houde, shared his thoughts on relationships, especially during adolescence. Let’s just say that the audience was very pleasantly surprised.

After intermission, François Bellefeuille highlighted the humour that comes with growing older, and with having a baby in your forties. François Massicotte continued by commenting on the absurdity of camping with a large family using sarcasm. Michel Barrette, who should’ve been second-to-last, couldn’t make it to the Monument-Nationale theatre in time, as he showed up at another venue by mistake, then found himself amidst Montreal’s evening traffic and ongoing construction.
Simon Leblanc, the closing act took the audience by storm, as he began by explaining an incident from his summer road trip and smoothly transitioned that into a hilarious, yet also touching story about how he’s living with serious physical illness. It added a perfect touch to the evening, while also veering off of the usual topics at these types of shows; risking a little more. It was worth the risk, judging by the standing ovation that followed.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

About The Author
Katherine Willcocks Kat has been dabbling in the art of the written word since childhood, dipping her toes in the world of photography every now and then. As a Vanier alumnus who studied in Communications, she explores Spoken Word Poetry, and, of course, journalism.

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