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Discover Montreal One Coffee Shop at the Time Entertainment 

Discover Montreal One Coffee Shop at the Time

Summer is coming and the best way to enjoy Montreal is by discovering its many coffee shops and walking around the city! Also, with the semester’s end drawing near, studying somewhere other than our room might give us the push we need for last-minute studying. Here is a list of some of my favorite coffee shops around the city, in the hopes that you can enjoy them as well.

  1. La Graine Brûlée, The Village

This colorful and funky place provides a great and friendly atmosphere to get some work done in a very different setting. There are also cubicles where you can work with more privacy, and even get captivated reading the tags left by others; you can even leave your own. Furthemore, the coffee shop maintains great concern for sustainability, hence, promoting the use of reusable mugs, local products, a vegetarian and vegan menu, and many other initiatives. It is definitely my favorite place to go to finish my essays!

  1. Les Bourrelet, Saint-Laurent

The greatest iced latte in the city can be found at Bourrelet, which is only a 6 minutes walk from Vanier. It is an emerging company that only started operating in 2021, and since then, it has never let customers down. Their breakfast sandwich is truly amazing, and they also provide a fantastic lunch and brunch menu. The owner is incredibly kind, and they are always very welcoming! They also provide discounts for students.

  1. Café Saint-Henri, 7 locations across the city 

Café Saint-Henri is a micro-torréfacteur, and it has become a staple in the City, hence, it can get filled very quickly, so be aware! They also offer various thematic beverages depending on the season, and their maple latte is ridiculously good.

  1. Calientitos, Plaza Saint-Hubert

This South-American bakery provides the best espressos, sweet treats, as well as empanadas to enjoy while working on that last minute assignment. It is also located near Beaubien and Jean-Talon metro station, and right on Plaza Saint-Hubert with its many diverse and fun stores.

  1. Osmo X Marusan, Milton Park

This Japanese-inspired coffee shop features a futuristic and minimalist design. They provide a wide assortment of hot and cold drinks on their menu, as well as a tasty matcha tonic and a choice of teas. Their dining menu offers a fantastic taste of Japanese cuisine, including Katsu curry and their delectable Tamago Sango sandwiches.

By Sofia Marsico

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