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Blame Climate Change For Montreal Flooding News 

Blame Climate Change For Montreal Flooding

Major floods have been occurring across the province over the past couple of weeks. Thousands of homes have been damaged, forcing over ten thousand people to leave their homes as of May 29th. Bridges and roads have become inundated, and 3000 people have been cut off from their communities. In Montreal, a total of 55 residences were completely evacuated, and 94 homes were flooded. Until last Thursday afternoon, Montreal was put under a state of emergency. In response to the record-breaking floods, emergency responders and volunteers have been working hard…

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What Makes the Best Saint Patrick’s Day Float? Vanier Alumni 

What Makes the Best Saint Patrick’s Day Float?

Spring is coming. Snow is melting. Rain hasn’t rained yet. March 18 was the perfect weather for the 195th Saint Patrick’s Day parade, a tradition of the multicultural city of Montreal. Remembering my elementary school friend from Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, who has an Irish background, I was so prepped up to make my way to the parade that sunny Sunday, in mid-March. Having a strong attachment to music, especially music that makes one dance, I stood by the Party Expert banner, which I thought was supposedly the starter float. Well, to my…

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The 2018 Provincial Election is Getting Off To An Early Start News 

The 2018 Provincial Election is Getting Off To An Early Start

The next scheduled provincial election is on October 1st, 2018, a little less than a year from now. Before 2013, election dates were not fixed, the Premier of Québec had the power to set the date of an election as long as it came under the 5-year term limit set by the constitution. This process gave an advantage to the party in power, as they would have the upper hand in knowing the date of the election and also have the power to call an election when opinion polls were…

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Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory Entertainment 

Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory

Gaga’s concert at the Bell Center was up in the air. Last week the Bell Center opened its doors to Lady Gaga and her entire crew for her come back on November 3rd.After Cancelling her last date on September 4, 2017, due to major health problems, she came back with a dazzling show. After spending the whole week in Montreal to get back on track and polish her show the viewers could really tell that their hard work paid off. The stage design was out of anyone’s reach…Literally, since she…

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Montréal elects its first female Mayor News 

Montréal elects its first female Mayor

375 years after Jeanne Mance became one of the co-founders of Montréal, the city elected its first female Mayor. It was a historic night as Valérie Plante, the leader of “Projet Montréal”, pulled off an upset and was elected 45th Mayor of Montréal. She defeated one-term incumbent Denis Coderre, making it the first time since the 1960s a sitting mayor was denied a second term. For months leading up to the campaign and for most of the campaign, nobody taught she had a chance. However, Plante is one for pulling…

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Did You See All of The Butterflies? Voices 

Did You See All of The Butterflies?

For the past few years, butterflies like the monarch have been sparse up north here in Canada due to their decline in population over the years. Although the butterflies look very similar to monarchs, they are not the same species. The butterflies you’ve been seeing all over the Montreal area lately are actually called painted ladies. Painted ladies are different from the monarchs in their appearance, with the monarch having orange under its wings, and the Painted ladies having a brown camouflage pattern to blend in with the ground. Also,…

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Au Pied De Cochon Review Entertainment 

Au Pied De Cochon Review

Montreal, a city of smog warnings on a weekly basis and the occasional student protest, is also home to a magical and wondrous place. It has become a staple in the Montreal culinary experience ever since it was established back in 2001; Martin Picard’s Au Pied De Cochon. Picard’s restaurant has resuscitated old school, traditional Quebec dishes, ones our great-grandparents’ parents prepared such as Pouding Chomeur and Ragout. On the menu, you have choices of tarts, poutines, burgers, lobster rolls, etc. all of which have been topped or covered in…

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Be Brave; Eat Blind Entertainment 

Be Brave; Eat Blind

 As a child, did you ever walk around your house with your eyes closed, wondering how it might feel to be blind? Montreal’s O.Noir restaurant is like an adult version of that. O.Noir invites you into its pitch-black dining room to enjoy a meal in which the darkness enables the exquisite flavors to be brought out. Though the cashiers and the kitchen staff can see, waiters and waitresses are legally blind. This creates a trust reversal with the general public. While workers are familiar with their environment at the restaurant,…

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