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Maintaining Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic News 

Maintaining Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Confined to your residence, stuck in close quarters with family members that quickly get on your nerves, starting to re-watch shows on Netflix because you’ve watched them all twice already…  Or maybe you or a family member are working for an essential business and must face the public each day. Maybe you’re studying for exams and writing essays, thankful for the unexpected extra time you got. No matter what your situation during the quarantine may be, all of us struggle with our mental health. And issues with mental health have…

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Coronavirus Leads to Shortages Other than Toilet Paper News 

Coronavirus Leads to Shortages Other than Toilet Paper

A government-issued self-isolation and social distancing protocol has been put into place in many cities worldwide amidst an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Many have been obeying social distancing protocols diligently; however, the lack of people going about their typical daily routines has led to shortages of important services, notably food banks.   Although toilet paper might not be readily accessible, its shortage would not be catastrophic. A food shortage would be though, especially for people who rely on food banks for their meals.   Chris Hatch of Food Banks…

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“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening Arts Campus 

“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening

The first exhibition of the Henry Lehmann Gallery this semester is a solo show featuring the work of Vanier Communications student Mélusine Deirdre Abram. “Innocent Until Proven Gay” features five 30 by 40 inch illustration boards with an enlarged fingerprint on each board. Each fingerprint is from the fingers on the artist’s right hand, and they are in the colors of the lesbian flag. This exhibition opened on Wednesday, March 4th at UB, coinciding with Women’s Week at Vanier College. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate the diversity of…

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Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café Campus 

Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café

Members of the anime club, who were dressed in full cat maid or butler attire, welcomed students to their Neko – or cat-themed cafe.    The event took place on the afternoon of Friday, February 28th. There was even one member in full love live cosplay.   Warmly welcomed by members of the anime club, students attending the cafe were seated at a neatly set table by a cat waiter upon entering. A menu of different sweets, as well as coffee and tea, were available to choose from.    All…

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Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon Campus 

Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon

Vanier’s Student Life team is always coming up with new and creative event ideas for the Vanier population to enjoy. The first annual Vanier Geekcon is no exception.   Geekcon took place on Wednesday, February 26th in Jake’s from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Cafeteria tables were moved to make way for the many activities taking place for the occasion.   There were around twenty vendors selling their handcrafted goods like pins, stickers, and other knickknacks. There were also some vendors selling apparel, POP figurines, or commissions for artwork. There was also…

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An Update On The VCSA Campus 

An Update On The VCSA

  Last semester left students confused, and with an unpleasant taste in their mouths after its conclusion. This article will be a recap of the events that transpired last semester, and of where the Vanier College Student’s Association (VCSA) is headed in 2020; it will, hopefully, clear the air surrounding the end of last semester.   The Meeting of November 27th, 2019 This meeting took place at UB, and was deemed to not be an official meeting because it did not follow proper procedures for the creation of a Special…

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Pondering The Point Gallery Exhibition Arts 

Pondering The Point Gallery Exhibition

“Pondering The Point” is the title of the exhibition that was displayed in the Henry Lehmann Gallery throughout the month of November 2019. Artists Mélusine Abram, Claudia Bletea-Filat, Romy Denoncourt, Stéphanie Millette and Clara Riga came together to display their self-portraits in varied styles, but all using the technique of pointillism. Pointillism is a drawing technique where small distinct dots are applied in a pattern to form an image. It is a very time consuming process, and one must have lots of patience and high attention to detail if they…

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Vanier’s Holiday Gift Baskets Campus 

Vanier’s Holiday Gift Baskets

Want to give a gift to those in need this year?  Student Services has organized a gift basket campaign, and the funds will go towards Vanier students in need. Over 1000 students get loans and bursaries at Vanier each year, and many need additional funding to cover food, housing, textbooks, transportation, childcare etc. During the holiday season, more financial strain is often put onto these students, and the Holiday Gift Basket Project was organised to provide nourishment and connection to students during this difficult season, as many students go hungry…

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Postcards for Peace to Canada’s Veterans Features 

Postcards for Peace to Canada’s Veterans

Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11th every year in Canada, and begun as a way to commemorate the service and remember the fallen of those who fought in the First World War. It is often difficult, especially for younger generations, to be able to relate to these wars, as many do not have family alive who were a part of WWI and WWII, and or do not have people close to them serving in the military. It is also easy to become desensitized to war, as conflicts worldwide are…

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Fair Trade Campus Week Campus 

Fair Trade Campus Week

During the final week of October, Vanier Sustainability celebrated the fact that Vanier is a fair trade campus. Volunteers participated in booths and activities throughout the week, and shared free fair trade coffee (hot and cold) and chocolate fondue. In the D-cafeteria, all coffees and most teas are fair trade, and Jake’s has fair trade coffee and tea options also. Select snacks and chocolate brands sold on campus are fair trade as well. When a product is certified as fair trade, it means the workers and farmers producing the product…

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