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“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening Arts Campus 

“Innocent Until Proven Gay” Gallery Exhibition Opening

The first exhibition of the Henry Lehmann Gallery this semester is a solo show featuring the work of Vanier Communications student Mélusine Deirdre Abram. “Innocent Until Proven Gay” features five 30 by 40 inch illustration boards with an enlarged fingerprint on each board. Each fingerprint is from the fingers on the artist’s right hand, and they are in the colors of the lesbian flag. This exhibition opened on Wednesday, March 4th at UB, coinciding with Women’s Week at Vanier College. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate the diversity of…

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Pondering The Point Gallery Exhibition Arts 

Pondering The Point Gallery Exhibition

“Pondering The Point” is the title of the exhibition that was displayed in the Henry Lehmann Gallery throughout the month of November 2019. Artists Mélusine Abram, Claudia Bletea-Filat, Romy Denoncourt, Stéphanie Millette and Clara Riga came together to display their self-portraits in varied styles, but all using the technique of pointillism. Pointillism is a drawing technique where small distinct dots are applied in a pattern to form an image. It is a very time consuming process, and one must have lots of patience and high attention to detail if they…

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The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition Arts Campus 

The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition

On Wednesday October 9th, The Henry Lehmann Gallery hosted its first opening of the Fall 2019 semester, showcasing the works of the recipients of the Vanier Art Acquisition and Peter Gonda scholarships. The academic dean Annie-Claude Banville was present to give a few words about the gallery. I, the head curator of the gallery and the assistant director of the gallery Clara Riga presented a speech at the opening as well. Also, the artists were present to speak to attendees about the creation of and message behind their artworks. The…

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Ouroboros Gallery Exhibition Campus 

Ouroboros Gallery Exhibition

The Henry Lehmann Gallery unveiled its newest exhibition titled Ouroboros on Wednesday, November 14th. Ouroboros is Communications student Janier Lontoc’s first solo show in the gallery. The curatorial statement is as follows: “Ouroboros is a collection of illustrations based upon the concepts of duality, process and individualism, each tackling these themes from different stylistic and ideological viewpoints. Each drawing represents a subject undergoing a transformation, both metaphorical and literal, whether it be growth or death and decay as an Ouroboros traditionally symbolizes. The artist views this exhibit as a self-portrait,…

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Perceptions: An All-Round Painting Gallery Exhibition Campus 

Perceptions: An All-Round Painting Gallery Exhibition

The Henry Lehmann Gallery, located in B-305, has been running for almost a decade. Throughout the years, there has been a wide array of different shows in mediums such as drawings, photography, sculpture, installation art or a mixture of all of these.  The show currently on display is an all-round painting show. This newest show set up by the gallery’s Curator Cristina Athina Mignacca and Assistant Director India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner titled Perceptions had its opening this month. Perceptions is a group show involving artists Jeffrey Asuming Tawiah, Wessel Brussen, Kiana Pangillinan…

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The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s First Exhibition of The Semester Campus 

The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s First Exhibition of The Semester

Almost a decade ago, the Henry Lehmann Gallery was conceptualized and soon after came to fruition as Vanier’s very own art gallery, that prominently displays student works of all mediums. The first exhibition of this semester showcases the winners of the Peter Gonda Memorial scholarship for photography and the Vanier Art Acquisition scholarship. The Peter Gonda Memorial scholarship was created in memory of Peter Gonda who was a Montreal-based artist, novelist and screenwriter, who’s main passion was photography. He was notably interested in street photography and portraiture. He passed away…

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Purgatorio Gallery Exhibition Campus 

Purgatorio Gallery Exhibition

On February 14th, 2018, The Henry Lehmann Gallery in Vanier College unveiled its first exhibition of the semester. Communications students Matty Gavarrette, Adam Karagiannis, Gabriela Alvarado Lopez, Janier Lontoc, Valérie Nault, Joe Carlo Romero and Hannah Shammas collaborated to create this amazing exhibition. The curators of this exhibition were Vanier students Cristina Athina Mignacca and Annalisa Cogo of the Henry Lehmann Gallery Committee. Purgatorio is the title of this exhibition, which makes a not so subtle nod to the Mount of Purgatory; i.e. the seven deadly sins, from Dante’s Divine…

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