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The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition Arts Campus 

The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s Scholarship Exhibition

On Wednesday October 9th, The Henry Lehmann Gallery hosted its first opening of the Fall 2019 semester, showcasing the works of the recipients of the Vanier Art Acquisition and Peter Gonda scholarships.

The academic dean Annie-Claude Banville was present to give a few words about the gallery. I, the head curator of the gallery and the assistant director of the gallery Clara Riga presented a speech at the opening as well.

Also, the artists were present to speak to attendees about the creation of and message behind their artworks.

The annual Vanier Art Acquisition Scholarship all about supporting student artists through the purchase of their artworks, and through displaying their work in the college. At the same time as supporting student artists financially, this scholarship creates an art bank in the college to showcase the talents of students. And all mediums are accepted.

The Peter Gonda Scholarship for photography is awarded annually as well, and is awarded to students of the college who demonstrate originality in their photographic works. Peter Gonda was a Montréal-based artist who passed in 2016 at the age of 47, and has travelled around the world and has exhibited his photos in London, Paris and Montreal, and this Scholarship was created in his memory.

It is great to see the college supporting the Communications program and its students through scholarships like these, and providing them with the opportunity to begin their professional art careers.

It is a validating experience as an artist to be able to have your work displayed in a professional setting like the gallery, and to have it purchased by the college is not only a very humbling experience, but the start of a career in the art world.

As the curator of the Henry Lehmann Gallery, I am proud to be able to work in the space, and have the opportunity to facilitate these experiences for artists.

It is a great opportunity to manage a legitimate and professional artistic space here in the college, unlike any other college gallery.

Those in the communications department are a tight knit bunch of artists who support one another, much like a family, and vernissages like this one help bring us together to celebrate the great work of our fellow artists.

Congratulations to all of the Art Acquisition and Peter Gonda Scholarship winners this year!

Artwork will be up in the gallery B-305 until November 1st. Be sure to pass by and take a look at the amazing works of this year’s scholarship recipients.


Written by: India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner

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