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So Why Are We Still Siding with Slippery Oil? Features 

So Why Are We Still Siding with Slippery Oil?

In the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has reportedly made for record growth in terms of renewable energy capacity, and solar energy, as well as wind energy, are expected to be at the forefront of this movement by 2025. In fact, in Nova Scotia, advancements are being made in renewable energy, specifically by exploring the use of the ocean’s tidal waves. Despite such ecological and lucrative prospects, the oil industry continues to hold power on the global political and economic scale. Between a recent scandal on Twitter involving Shell asking…

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Intersections on Climate Justice Road News 

Intersections on Climate Justice Road

Despite rising COVID-19 cases, there’s no hiding the fact that greenhouse gas emission, sea levels, and global temperatures continue to rise as well. Therefore, there was no stopping Montreal youth from participating in the Global Youth Climate Strike on September 26.  As per the request of the organizers, participants gathered at Place du Canada by 1pm, having donned their masks and made their picket signs; a particularly poignant one read “Ça va bien brûler,” a take on the phrase made popular during stay-at-home mandates amid the pandemic: “Ça va bien…

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Three Tips on How to Protect Mother Nature Vanier Alumni 

Three Tips on How to Protect Mother Nature

The current corona pandemic has not only caused all of us throughout this world inconvenience, troubled lives and misery, but it has also created pollution problems.  Have a look at the cover photo of this article. Many of us will realise that, before the coronavirus came about, we had never, or at least very seldom, seen unwanted facial masks on the ground.  Now, we see them everywhere, be it on hiking trails or on the pavement.  It has even been reported on news channels that there has been a rise…

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We’ve all seen it. The canals in Venice clear, pollution lifts from cities around the world and instantly, we hear or read something along the lines of: “Humans are the virus, the virus is the cure”.   At first glance, this might sound reasonable to some. However, these statements become dangerous when one realizes the growing influence of a little something called ecofascism. Ecofascism, the ideology behind the 2019 attacks in El Paso and Christchurch and that seems to be on the rise with the current pandemic,  is a theoretical…

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The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice Voices 

The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice

April 3rd, 2020 was scheduled to be what would have been yet another major worldwide climate strike. Many were prepared to break out their recycled picket signs and to take to the streets, chanting battle cries for climate justice. As you may have guessed, this was not the case. The coronavirus pandemic has caused government-mandated lockdowns and restrictions around the world. Gatherings of no more than two people are allowed (at least here, in Canada), which made the climate strike on April 3rd virtually impossible. This being said, given the…

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The Coronavirus and the Climate Voices 

The Coronavirus and the Climate

If you have been following the news lately, it is no secret that a new strain of coronavirus, Covid-19, has wreaked havoc on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. With over 100 000 cases and 4000 deaths worldwide, global panic has ensued. We are not shy of a pandemic, and media outlets are quick to cover the latest numbers and statistics, as well as stories of quarantine and containment. This is, of course, all with reason; this is an important issue that must be talked about and tackled before…

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Trashing Valentine’s Day Can Save the World Voices 

Trashing Valentine’s Day Can Save the World

Trash is in the air. Is that not how the saying goes? Considering the current state of our planet, I petition this to be the official statement surrounding the oh so consumerist holiday that is Valentine’s Day. You may wonder why I am trashing Valentine’s Day, especially considering my namesake. Well, I will tell you, dear readers. I am not only writing in solidarity with all of the singles and the communists out there, but in solidarity with the planet. 7% of breakups happen on or close to Valentine’s Day….

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Australian Bushfires: A Reflection of Climate Change Voices 

Australian Bushfires: A Reflection of Climate Change

Over the past couple of months, bushfires have ravaged most of Australia. These fires, which started in in November 2019, have claimed the lives of at least 33 people and of most Australian wildlife. Many of you, I assume, have seen videos circulating online that show people rescuing koala bears from the bushfires. Sure, these videos are heartwarming, as they end happily more often than not, but the reality is that over a billion animals are threatened and killed by the flames. Australia has one of the most diverse and…

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Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis Features 

Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future becoming mainstream, there has been a surge in environmental activism on an international scale, hence the global climate strikes. As such, there has been a sense of urgency in regards to the issue, as people implore governments to take steps towards resolving it, especially considering the visibly exacerbated effects of climate change in recent years: summer’s heat waves are prolonged, winter comes later and is more frigid, and almost-yearly spring flooding has become the norm. Of course, these things affect everyone,…

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Holiday Season and Consumerism: Gifts For You, and You, and You, and … Voices 

Holiday Season and Consumerism: Gifts For You, and You, and You, and …

The holiday season is back! Yes, the season where sales, and in-store and online purchases are at their highest. We do not think about the amount we spend, but rather how many people we have to buy gifts for, what they would like, where to get them, and also thinking “Hmm… maybe I would like that for myself, as well.”   Shopping nowadays is so easy. One can be shopping online for one thing, see something else, buy both, and the order would be able to come the next day….

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