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Tales of Tall Birds Arts 

Tales of Tall Birds

Fly with the cranes You lovely rootless stork Do not be frightened by the rains, The snowstorms and the city smoke   Where do your long legs dwell While the antigones are gone, Do your hearts similarly swell When Spring guides you back home?   Did you see the people marching, Did you hear your fellow earthlings’ cries With your long neck, arching Does one ever get used to good-byes?   As you reach your destination, Will you miss the journey’s dangers? Did it lead to liberation, To be guided…

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Ami de bois Arts 

Ami de bois

Enfer Fonte de mon cœur Je brûle, j’ai mal Je brûle mon ami de bois Il me croit méchante Il se croit pantin, il me croit marionnettiste Je me vois marionnettiste Je me brûle Je veux qu’il m’aide Mais qui aiderait son bourreau? Celui qui l’a mis sur le bûcher Alors je me noie Dans les eaux bouillantes desquelles je voudrais qu’il me sorte Excuse ma personne Je ne suis plus que cendres Je suis un amas informe rafistolé à la hâte Qui peine à paraître sain Je me suis…

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The Death of a Star Arts 

The Death of a Star

As the sun melts into the lake, The sky erupts in a mess of bright colours.   Splashes of orange, red and yellow paint a breathtaking landscape.   This moment, when the sun meets the lake, seems to last forever.   The colours spread and darken more and more, Like the work of an indecisive artist, Who vies to stay true to his art.   And even when the sun disappears altogether, The colours linger. These phantoms, slowly dying out, Hold onto the memory of a blazing sun Who once…

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What I Need (The Days Pass) Arts 

What I Need (The Days Pass)

1.What I need Never knew It would be so complicated My feelings For me Myself And I The time I spent On my bed In my head Never knew It was the reason why It got out I went out Of control Mind connected to body Suddenly it’s a hobby To stay in bed In my head Spin out of control And drown in the covers The stomach rolls Empty I crawl out Go back To the place Where the people are Where they can see And I show them…

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Alive Arts Vanier Alumni 


They warned us We listened They told us to run or die We were frightened   They gave us just a few hours to rescue our lives So we had no time to pack We left the album that was full of our childhood memories We left the house not knowing if we will ever come back   It was that night that I knew what death was I saw it in our eyes In the eyes of those who lost their mother, their father, their child I saw it…

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A Fiery Feud Arts 

A Fiery Feud

There once was a young flame; fickle and new, And with every wish, it heated and grew, Nearly melting all the wax through and through. “Hey, slow down, you!” Warned the paraffin shrew. Ignored, the wax thought “If only it knew”. Yet with rage, the hot flame yearned to pursue, Its wild orange dream of burning for two. And so the fervent flame would not subdue, Yet, indeed, the young fire did misconstrue, And sadly, drowned in a warm waxy stew. “Why do I bother trying to dissuade you!? What…

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Beautiful Futility Arts 

Beautiful Futility

He toyed with the lace, That hung from the curtains. In them he hid from monsters, Wrapping his boyish virtue in their silky embrace. His mind portrayed him, As a master of disguise. Safe behind his fabric walls, He laughed in the face of danger. That was, Until, The game of hide and seek came to an end. For his ankles were showing, Through the crystal clear lace. Poem by: Valentina Tsilimidos

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