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A Poem on Addiction: Paint Thinner Arts 

A Poem on Addiction: Paint Thinner

My heart murmurs with the hum of cicadas

I’m on fire the way they made us


I spin in circles around and around again

Huff down the air as the screams begin

I’m unstoppable as I ride this night bus

My fingertips graze along stars as my eyes set upon mars


I’m flying above, walking along the cusp

The cracks upon the pavement fall from beneath 

The descent of chemicals calls from Hell’s gates

I am nothing, I am forced to wait


“I’ve come close so many times,” I said

Please let there be someone watching from overhead

Fingertips ripping off my skin to bare a soul empty with cracks in its foundation

Morals gone; values withdrawn 


My words act as weapons, betraying my truth

They come at a speed unknown and with the spite of youth 

None to hold me in this time 

All to kick me, my body warping without a spine 


Grasping at memories, clutching on your words

The best damn things I’ve ever heard

They dance around my eyes to show a world 

A world my body used to know


A world of truth, where morals ruled actions

A world of love where values formed passions

A world of reason where justice was served

And all fell victim to the lonely word



Breathe in, breathe out

Hear my rasp hear my doubt

This is the holy comedown 

It’s the spire they built us

We slide down it

“You have to stay in focus”

I heard it over and over in my head

Yet somehow in my vision the words blurred and bled 


Close your eyes and feel your truth 

The feeling of a burning youth 

I never bore, I never tire

It’s the way they made us

 I’m on fire.



By Maia Fukuyama


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