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Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist Arts 

Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist

Though I am an optimist I can still fall prey to the sad truths of this world. I feel sadness and grief for those around me, marveling in the great cruelty, ignorance and unfairness of this world. How does one remain hopeful? I feel helpless. I feel powerless against things so strong as nature. Yet do not misunderstand me, it is not Mother Nature with whom I wish to quarrel, but the possible nature of man. Greed, ignorance, arrogance and lust for power are my true enemies. How do you…

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A Drop in The Plastic Ocean Environment Features 

A Drop in The Plastic Ocean

From your plastic water bottle you take a sip of clear crisp water, But what you fail to realize, Is that plastic will end up in the belly of an otter. And that immortal plastic straw From your gourmet almond milk chocolate mocha Will end up stuck in a sea turtle’s maw In the infamous six-pack ring I find no appeal, what is its purpose anyways, Other than shutting the mouth of a seal. Not even you are safe from this plastic terror, Because itty bitty pieces end up within…

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A State of Dysphoria Voices 

A State of Dysphoria

According to the date on this issue of the Insider the year is 2023, a time in history full of scientific innovations and supposed progressive societal change; so how is it possible that our society still manages to be so unbelievably stuck in the past?  How is it that so many people derive some twisted sense of duty in forcing others to live according to their rules? People claim to advocate for the protection of important rights such as the freedom of self-expression and the freedom of speech for all,…

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That Infamous Four-Letter Word Features 

That Infamous Four-Letter Word

Love. It is such a driving force in our world; in our lives. It has the power to start wars and demolish empires. In stories and myths, some people have been so desperate to have it that they have sold their souls for even a fraction of the feeling. In the Greek myths of old, poor Orpheus couldn’t save Eurydice but he did journey to the depths of Hades to find her.  There is a reason that most songs are love songs or merely love songs in disguise. So as…

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