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OXI Voices 


“Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.” — Winston Churchill, 1941 On October 28th, a significant historical event took place. As many of us were busy planning last-minute, Halloween costumes, this date was largely disregarded. However, what you do not know is that OXI day is one of the most important dates in modern history, a true game-changer.    In Greek, OXI (pronounced ohee) means “no”. Although this simple word may seem to have no significance in our everyday lives, OXI…

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Holiday Season and Consumerism: Gifts For You, and You, and You, and … Voices 

Holiday Season and Consumerism: Gifts For You, and You, and You, and …

The holiday season is back! Yes, the season where sales, and in-store and online purchases are at their highest. We do not think about the amount we spend, but rather how many people we have to buy gifts for, what they would like, where to get them, and also thinking “Hmm… maybe I would like that for myself, as well.”   Shopping nowadays is so easy. One can be shopping online for one thing, see something else, buy both, and the order would be able to come the next day….

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The VCSA is failing you. I would know, I’m in it. Voices 

The VCSA is failing you. I would know, I’m in it.

Student associations have a long history of changemaking. From America’s civil rights movement in the sixties to Quebec’s red square protest of 2012, students have often been at the forefront of activist movements. This is because whether they be in Asia, Europe or America, every student association has the same goal: Representing students. The VCSA seems to be the exception.   What is the VCSA? VCSA is the short name for Vanier College Student’s Association, and it is Vanier’s official student union. They are accredited, meaning they are fully independent…

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Perfect Timing Voices 

Perfect Timing

As you wait for class to end, you decide to take a look at the time on your phone, and it happens to be 11:11.   At once, you are amazed by your absolutely incredible timing. However, was it ever really your timing that made you check the time at this precise moment? This happened because you were at the right place at the right time.   Everything led to your being there at that moment. Everything, from your birth to how unusually early the bus was this morning, is a…

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So You Want to Try Psychedelics? Voices 

So You Want to Try Psychedelics?

We all go through phases of experimentation; while some stop at weed, for others, it’s just the beginning. Although this article is by no means encouraging people to use illegal substances, those who are determined should heed my advice. I sincerely believe that not all drugs are bad. In fact, some of them, like psychedelics, can be quite therapeutic. Psychedelic drugs come in many shapes and colours, but the ones you are most likely to try are Psilocybin mushrooms, as well as classic LSD. Let’s begin with magic mushrooms; they…

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Spring Voices 


Isn’t Spring essential to survival? I have fallen in love with the idea of rebirth, and I believe the world has too. I was ten years old when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire, the ultimate sacrifice,  in the name of change, and the flames that engulfed him helped ignite the sparks of revolution that we came to know as the Arab Spring. Consequently, I cannot pretend that I knew anything about justice at the time. I can only say that as I aged, I understood (at the most of…

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Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween Voices 

Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween

As children, October’s arrival meant but one thing: Halloween. We counted down the nights, and had been working on our costumes for months on end. Oh, and the candy wasn’t bad either. However, nowadays, the only scary thing about Halloween is the carbon footprint it leaves. Costumes play a significant role in the increase of damage to the environment. That shiny new costume you’ve had your eye on is not the best option to go with, as it was probably mass produced, thus damaging the environment. This Halloween, consider making…

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I Am Voices 

I Am

I am. Focus on these two little words comprising a grand total of three letters. When we think of ourselves we rarely even think of these two words, we almost always focus on what comes next. But these two first words are there and they mean something. The same is true when we think about others and the world around us. “They’re this”, “it’s this”, “he’s that”… We don’t realize it but these seemingly banal statements make up the foundation of the human experience. It is indicative of a reality…

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Nihilism Politics and a Call to Action Voices 

Nihilism Politics and a Call to Action

A lot of young people do their best to appear as though they truly believe that everything is meaningless and you shouldn’t have any loyalties to anything, but it’s often nothing more than a defense mechanism. If the people responsible for systematic oppression, war, economic disparities, climate change, etc. do not care about the damage they are causing, and if our politicians still have not done anything to stop them, what on Earth can we do? In the end, not caring turns out to be easier than actually having to…

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Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized Voices 

Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized

“We are forgetting how to give presents,” lamented Theodore Adorno. “Instead we have charity, administered beneficence, the planned plastering over of society’s sores.” And more, our capacity to give presents outside of harshly regimented periods: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—has dissipated. This is a more general loosening of a feeling of autonomy. The sense that we might act on our own, outside of regimented periods, that we might give, provide, care, on our own, has been systematically substituted by top-down control through our traditions and through our institutions. At the moment there…

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