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The Technological Era Voices 

The Technological Era

In the last couple of months, our world turned upside down. Not only pandemic speaking, but also as a society; social equality revendications are at their high all around the globe. Another major event is also occurring right now, yet it looks like nobody is giving it enough attention. Before this drastic year, cyberspace was gaining territory in our lives. Today, in September 2020, it has taken a whole new turn. Quarantine has brought a totally new dimension of cyberspace. Technology is everywhere: online classes; remote working; doing video conferences…

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Immigration Nation Voices 

Immigration Nation

Netflix’s newest docuseries, Immigration Nation, gives a behind the scenes look into the secretive world of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency, most commonly known as the ICE. As Canadians, we are used to American-centric news and media.    You may be thinking, “What does this have to with me, a Canadian?” To which I respond, it may not affect you personally, but being silent and uninformed about this subject is complicity.    Despite being difficult to sit through, this docuseries is a necessary watch to anyone who even fathoms…

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Dead to Me, a Feminist Masterpiece Voices 

Dead to Me, a Feminist Masterpiece

“What kind of feminist am I?  I can’t picture a woman driving a car!” Normalize women casually calling themselves feminists in TV shows!   One of the issues with this line, spoken by Jen, one of the main characters, might be how this could encourage viewers to think “Oh she’s a feminist, no wonder she’s crazy”. (I wrote that in the voice of a certain anti-feminist Sagittarius I know, or knew rather).     This article will actually disprove that claim.   For starters, no one in the show attributes the…

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A Child’s Canvas Voices 

A Child’s Canvas

All too often, a picture is painted within educational institutions. This picture is at first draped in white; every student enters with a blank slate. With every passing month, thick, colourful paint is slathered onto each student’s canvas, as each one develops into a more intricate work of art. This work of art—an identity that is created during the most formative years—holds much importance to the meaning and image that it conveys to those around it. One’s sense of self should be fortified by those who are teaching them. Children…

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Properly wearing your mask means wearing it over your nose  Voices 

Properly wearing your mask means wearing it over your nose 

Montreal has now entered the orange zone* due to the growing number of daily Covid-19 cases. Things may quickly escalate from here with Montreal possibly entering the red zone very soon, which would mean another lockdown. These next few weeks are crucial, which is why it’s important, now more than ever, to not only wear a mask, but to wear one properly.    Lately, it is very common to see people wearing face coverings under their mouths, hanging from the ear, and, the most popular, wearing it under the nose….

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Loves and Laments from Self-Isolation Voices 

Loves and Laments from Self-Isolation

Cover: “Candid” Self-Portrait by Mel Spiridigliozzi It goes without saying that the past six months collectively make up the catalyst of a transformative experience, and I don’t mean this in that optimistic cliché-ed sense of “personal growth.” We’ve been, quite literally, changed by circumstance, as our very livelihoods, worldviews, and even some values, were inevitably altered to accommodate tHeSe UnPrEceDeNtEd tImEs. That being said, the purpose of this piece isn’t to harp on this all-too-common generalization of people’s trauma that has been floating around the media as of late, nor…

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Those Who Do Nothing Voices 

Those Who Do Nothing

Poster promoting a conversational forum by Gonzalo Arango in the early 1950s. The poster says “Colombian poetry is dead: The Nadaism”   Waking up to another day of a pandemic means more time disappearing to everyday actions and new endeavours, all to avoid losing one’s mind in the midst of the chaos that the world seems to have fallen into.    In some countries, the pandemic has started to show its damage. In others, the pandemic has become an outbreak of hate and disdain. We are burning, and, in some…

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Dueles, Colombia Voices 

Dueles, Colombia

I ask my dad what he thinks about the growing unrest back in our country, Colombia. “It is a chronicle of a death foretold,” he answers. He’s right.    Following massacres of social leaders, on September 9th, Colombian police slaughtered Javier Ordoñez, a 43-year-old lawyer, and the evidence of the killing went viral on social media, sparking student-led protests against the systemic violence the police and the state consistently impose on Colombian citizens.   These protests were held in the country’s capital, Bogota.    I would say that the country…

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“No matter what you do, you will offend someone” Voices 

“No matter what you do, you will offend someone”

That’s pseudo-activism in a nutshell*.   If you don’t post a black square for #blackouttuesday, you will be told that you are a fake ally and you aren’t showing your support because you don’t support BLM.  If you do, you will be asked to delete it because it clogs people’s feed and it’s not a good way to show your support.   “Activism” on Instagram really boils down to what you POST, and not what you DO, which literally is the opposite of what activism should be.   Activism should…

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Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19 Vanier Alumni Voices 

Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19

It was not too long ago when COVID-19 (the short form for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”) hit Germany. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many restrictions worldwide. Let us have a look at Germany. In end-March, restaurants were banned from hosting dine-in clients and were only allowed to serve take-away. Citizens had to wear a mask on public transport. Supermarkets and other grocery stores were still open for business, but shoppers had to wear a mask and keep at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other when inside….

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