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Quarantine Mini-Theory: Leap Years Entertainment Voices 

Quarantine Mini-Theory: Leap Years

Hello, my friends. I hope you are all well, staying safe, and taking the right measures to protect yourselves against COVID-19.   Because of this predicament, I’m sure you are asking yourselves where this virus came from. Obviously, it started in China, but you might probably be asking yourselves, “How exactly did it start?” As this subject is much too controversial, let me entertain you with a more of personal theory, rather than a full-blown conspiracy in these boring times.   If you read the title, you must be scratching…

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Dying with Laughter: The Tales of Death-Row Inmates who Died with a Joke Voices 

Dying with Laughter: The Tales of Death-Row Inmates who Died with a Joke

Jokes are a great way to entertain people around you. There are many times and places to crack one. These often include birthday parties, family gatherings, ice breakers, and executions. Yes, you read correctly. Some death-row inmates have used their last minute of breath to deliver a joke as their last words. This article will cover some executed inmates who did exactly that.    James D. French   James Donald French was a double-murderer and the last person to be executed in Oklahoma before the death penalty was briefly abolished…

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There is a Dome Around the Earth Entertainment Voices 

There is a Dome Around the Earth

Hello again, my friends. I have returned to you with yet another truth. This time, we will be looking at the wonder that is nature; specifically, the sky above us. Such a beautiful thing indeed. It changes from a shade of blue in the morning, to a reddish-orange at dusk, to a dark, starry void at night, and back to orange at dawn. It can be covered in grey clouds, blotting out the sun, but most of the time it is as clear as can be, so much too hat…

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Memes: The Modern Language of Love Entertainment Voices 

Memes: The Modern Language of Love

When the terms “love language” or “language of love” are brought up, the first few thoughts that come to mind are poems written with the utmost burning passion or personal songs being serenaded to you. We probably do not incorporate any form of love language into everyday life, right? Well, what if I told you that you probably are, in fact, using a type of love language practically every day? If you guessed MEMES, then you are right! You are probably thinking to yourself: “Memes count as a language of…

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The Fangirl and Modern-day Hysteria Voices 

The Fangirl and Modern-day Hysteria

I stood close to the stage. The room was pitch black, and bright lights flashed sporadically into my eyes, as I was surrounded by sweating bodies. Cheering, squealing, sometimes crying, and other sounds of the like enveloped me; my ears were blocked, but the band hadn’t even made their way onto the stage yet. I spent my last February weekend at a Wallows concert; the band isn’t that well known, but, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching Thirteen Reasons Why, you’d recognize the lead singer as his character…

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Eco-Nihilism Voices 


Since my article on optimistic nihilism was not very well received, I shall take a new approach to tackling this complex issue of nihilism. Correct, the environmental approach to why the world needs more nihilism.    I covered in my previous article why I believed optimistic nihilism (the sub-branch of nihilism that focuses on, as the same suggests, the optimism nihilism brings) was the solution to escaping lies such as “everything happens for a reason” or “if it’s meant to be-” society tells us to appease our minds.   This…

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The Coronavirus and the Climate Voices 

The Coronavirus and the Climate

If you have been following the news lately, it is no secret that a new strain of coronavirus, Covid-19, has wreaked havoc on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. With over 100 000 cases and 4000 deaths worldwide, global panic has ensued. We are not shy of a pandemic, and media outlets are quick to cover the latest numbers and statistics, as well as stories of quarantine and containment. This is, of course, all with reason; this is an important issue that must be talked about and tackled before…

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You Should Care About Wet’suwet’en Voices 

You Should Care About Wet’suwet’en

Breaking news: the Indigenous peoples across the country proclaiming that reconciliation is dead are right. Reconciliation is dead, and even as a settler myself (most of us are, regardless of background) I can recognize that. However, is this news as “breaking” as we are led to believe? In truth, reconciliation seems to have never been alive. How do you establish one of the bloodiest colonialist settler regimes, spend the entirety of your recorded history as a country committing unspeakable crimes against the original people of the land to then claim,…

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An Open Letter to Vanier Voices 

An Open Letter to Vanier

Dear Annie-Claude Banville & John McMahon, We, the students of Vanier College, are voicing our concerns over the screening of the documentary The Red Pill, which was organized by a faculty member of the English department, Kevin Bushell.   The Red Pill is a documentary film that promotes rape culture and hate speech against women. It presents itself as an exploration of the men’s rights movement; however, it is truly a propaganda film. Throughout the documentary, there are many instances that incite hate against women, while propagating a culture of…

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Project: Mickey Mouse Entertainment Voices 

Project: Mickey Mouse

Hello my friends, V here, and I have returned from a long hiatus. I have decided to take a step back from the animal kingdom in order to draw attention to more pressing matters, specifically the political situation of the world.   Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about Donald Trump very much. I’m sure you are all incredibly tired of hearing about that fool. In fact, what I am about to tell you goes deeper than just the president of the United States. Everyone in the White House is…

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