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Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized Voices 

Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized

“We are forgetting how to give presents,” lamented Theodore Adorno. “Instead we have charity, administered beneficence, the planned plastering over of society’s sores.” And more, our capacity to give presents outside of harshly regimented periods: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—has dissipated. This is a more general loosening of a feeling of autonomy. The sense that we might act on our own, outside of regimented periods, that we might give, provide, care, on our own, has been systematically substituted by top-down control through our traditions and through our institutions. At the moment there…

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Bias and Truth: One in the Same and a Tool for Political Activism Voices 

Bias and Truth: One in the Same and a Tool for Political Activism

Silence is bound to follow any accusation. That of bias is the prime example, as the single word shuts down any argument presented to an audience. And so, the presenter is left staring agape, wordlessly witnessing what he built come crumbling down with the invalidation of his premises at the foundation. After all, if it’s biased, it can’t be true right? This thought process even seems to poison our education, leaving us uneasy about saying the word “I” in essays and adamant on sticking to proven facts as examples. Can’t…

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Save Yourself Voices 

Save Yourself

I’m a human being and, I assume, however risky that might be these days, that you are too. This article is one amongst many about climate change. I know it’s a very hot topic (pun intended) right now and you already know all there is to know about it. I won’t try and moralize you about polar bears, or bees or even compost. This article isn’t about that, it’s about us; it’s about you. We, as a species, emerged many millions of years ago in the dank and wild caves…

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Navigating Newspeak: Problems With Talk About Jobs and Entrepreneurs Voices 

Navigating Newspeak: Problems With Talk About Jobs and Entrepreneurs

In the new political language it is common to hear about the sacrifices we should make to bring “jobs” and to invest in “entrepreneurs.” These invocations – often accompanied by the mention of “economic growth” – are becoming suspicious. However, the suspicious person is very vulnerable in an argument. They are not usually in the position to deny the value of “jobs” and “entrepreneurs.” How could they ever even imagine? In a discussion with anyone who considers themselves “practical,” this value is absolute. It is the only thing that matters….

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It’s Not a Myth Voices 

It’s Not a Myth

Who’s exhausted from hearing the constant talk about climate change? Apparently we’re all completely ignorant and the environmentalists are standing alone in their quest to slow the rate of pollution. But come on, right? Many of us say that we care about the issue and most of us claim that we are conscious about our ecological footprint and make attempts to reduce it. Maybe tree huggers just have a passion for concocting controversial posters, researching the main causes of the greenhouse gas emissions and blocking traffic flow on streets with…

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Radical Reviews: Rosa Luxemburg’s “Reform or Revolution” Voices 

Radical Reviews: Rosa Luxemburg’s “Reform or Revolution”

A Letter to the Democratic Socialist   Dear democratic socialist, There is no doubt your popularity has helped to spread the Left’s project. Skepticism towards capitalism and an openness to socialism has increased since your patron saint, Bernard Sanders, came to our attention. It is tempting, under the sway of your philosophy, to believe we only need some tweaks to capitalism until we can fully declare the end of history. I cannot dispute that higher tax rates, free university and healthcare signify true progress. Yet, you believe the problems that…

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And I Ask Myself, What is Going On? : Decolonizing Education Voices 

And I Ask Myself, What is Going On? : Decolonizing Education

I was born in Mexico City. When I was several months old, I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I developed a passion for reading. My mom would take me to the library every week and take out many books for me. She would pull our load in a cart from the library to home.  I lived there for 12 years. That was until I moved to Mexico because of economic circumstances. I received part of my education in Mexico. During my first days of school, after a school tour, the…

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Climate Change Is Real And Not Slowing Down Editorial 

Climate Change Is Real And Not Slowing Down

It should go without saying that climate change is real, and quickly moving towards irreversibility. It is truly awful that many world leaders would say otherwise, and this type of language, especially from leaders, is dangerous. California has recently been experiencing one of the deadliest wildfires in its history due to extremely dry conditions caused by climate change that has resulted in 63 deaths and more than 600 people missing. President Trump has stated on his Twitter pertaining to the devastating  wildfires that there’s “no reason for these massive deadly…

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Why Should We All Volunteer? Voices 

Why Should We All Volunteer?

Volunteering is about committing time to help others without expecting anything in return. When volunteers help in improving someone’s quality of life, they enhance their own level of happiness and boost their confidence. Every individual is capable of giving their time to help others and benefit their community. Volunteering can help a person stay physically healthy by being social and active. Studies have found that those who volunteer have an overall lower mortality rate than those that do not volunteer. Moreover, it can reduce depression and boost one’s self-esteem by…

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The Poor and The Criminal Voices 

The Poor and The Criminal

If it is possible to briefly suspend the question, “should grass be legalized or decriminalized?”, I would like to know something about the human factor of it all. Namely, “what are the devices that allow us to continue this ‘war on drugs’?”. It is only fair, in light of the legalisation of marijuana, to say a few words. I think that is what many people would like to talk about, and the topic is interesting. The goal of the Liberal party’s policy on Marijuana was clearly laid out in 2015:…

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