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So Your Country Is on The Brink of War Voices 

So Your Country Is on The Brink of War

I’m an American, specifically from Florida. My citizenship seems to shock people, as I am not, as you say, a “bootlicker”. It has been years since I have returned to the states, though it will always be home. As I write this on election night, I must admit that I am filled with anxiety and fear. I fear that Fascism will overtake the country. I fear that a demagogue will be re-elected. I fear that my country will go back fifty years. I fear that more shall unnecessarily perish from…

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The Great Day of His Wrath:  Appreciating the beauty of chaos Voices 

The Great Day of His Wrath: Appreciating the beauty of chaos

  The painting on display at the Tate Museum in London is a personal favourite. I fell in love instantly when I discovered it. I immediately needed to know more about the artist behind the masterpiece.                        John Martin, a Romantic painter, is known for his depictions of Hell and Heaven, as well as for his paintings of Biblical scenes of apocalypse and chaos. I was always a fan of religious art because the various perceptions of the concept of…

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November 7th, 2020 will be a day to remember in History, or whatever the liberals said. In the United States of America, white supremacist, fundamentalist neofascism was soundly defeated. Sure, it was replaced by multiracial, authoritarian neoliberalism. Who cares? The Nazi’s gone.    Actually, as a prison abolitionist, feminist, leftist, human being, you name it, I care. I care quite a lot, frankly. After the Democratic party’s successful herculean efforts to stomp a grassroots, working-class led, progressive movement powered by Bernie Sanders and burned it to the ground in order…

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Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Poppy Voices 

Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Poppy

Last year, I wrote an article on why you should wear a poppy. Here is why you shouldn’t. (Disclaimer: you still should, but just not for these reasons.)     1) You shouldn’t wear a poppy for nationalistic reasons or to honour YOUR country.   The poppy symbolizes Peace. Peace among all countries. Not simply a truce of war.    It is red because of the red poppies in Flanders Fields, where the fallen soldiers from World War I (as well as other wars) lie – not in peace. They…

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think piece Voices 

think piece

Trust no one, not even yourself.    Social distancing measures enforce that we avoid socializing (in person) with other human beings. At first, it came as a shock to everyone, and, consequentially, led to people questioning their sense of risk and reward. Some chose to isolate with only their family, others chose to extend the isolation to close friends, and others decided to go out to bars with strangers. Regardless of which type of person you were, odds are, you’ve been rethinking your social life and the relationships you hold…

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The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired Voices 

The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired

With the advent of the a14 chip and the new iPhone 12, you would expect leaps in performance, innovations, and an all-around better product than last years. But what we have seen in the last few days is none of the above. For starters, the improvements with the a14 chip is a negligible increase in graphics processing speed. Also, even though it is based on a 5nm topography, the efficiency has not gone up! This is truly disappointing because the primary reason for shrinking the dye size is for increased…

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Why Francophone Non-Binary Individuals Hate French Voices 

Why Francophone Non-Binary Individuals Hate French

“Faced with the aberration of ‘inclusive writing’, the French language finds itself in mortal danger,” condemned a statement written by L’Académie de la langue française.    The “inclusive language” they were referring to was writing “directeur(trice)s” rather than “directeurs” in the case of a gender-mixed board of directors, since the masculine form always takes precedence over the feminine form, even when there is only 1 man among 50 women.     If you ever wondered why this grammar rule exists in French, it is because, in 1647, the grammarian Claude Favre…

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Emo, Scene, Goth or Punk? Voices 

Emo, Scene, Goth or Punk?

If I had a penny every time people confused these genres…   First of all, scene is not a music genre, it’s just a fashion.  It’s characterized by bright colours, whereas emo, which is also a music genre, is often associated with the colour black.     In other words, scene kids will often have brightly dyed hair and neon clothing, which is why they are nicknamed “neon-emos”, whereas emo kids will often be dressed in black and have black hair.     This, of course, are the extremes of the two…

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The Rise of Dark Academia Voices 

The Rise of Dark Academia

HELLO LGBTQ COMMUNITY. If you have decided to read this article, you are probably either not straight or not cisgender. For those of you are who are straight and cisgender, lmao loser (jk…or am I?).  If you happen to be active on TikTok, Tumblr, or Instagram within the last few months, you may have seen the term “Dark Academia” floating around. Dark Academia is centred around higher education, writing, the arts, and classic Greek and Gothic architecture. If this sounds interesting to you, this may be the aesthetic for you….

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This Is Not a Manifesto (VCSA Elections) Voices 

This Is Not a Manifesto (VCSA Elections)

Democracy has been very good at selling itself as the ideal form of government, in which the control over the rules in society is brought back to the people. It has been able to present itself as a system that is based on the romantic conceptions of free speech, transparency, equality, representation, etc. In a way, at least epistemologically, it accomplishes the goal of giving the power to the people. Unlike Autocracy, where the autos (self or individual) is in charge of the Kratos (rule), hinting that a single individual…

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