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What is behind the ongoing crisis in the UK? Voices 

What is behind the ongoing crisis in the UK?

The UK has been in the spotlight in recent years with their Prime minister, Boris Johnson. Currently, the country is experiencing a food shortage. Moreover, the rising inflation only aggravates the situation of UK residents. This article will explore a possible cause for such a state: Brexit. 

The Brexit consisted of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union, notably for better jobs and improved working conditions. When this withdrawal took place in 2020, many labour dynamics shifted. It became harder and harder for the transportation industry to find labour since European workers were not as accessible. They are now faced with a significant issue: too many available jobs and not enough workers willing to work. The lack of a workforce resulted in a lack of transportation and, therefore, increased product pricing.  Additionally, issues within the supply chain were amplified due to the Covid-19 crisis. Now, the British government is left with a food shortage as well as a lack of transport for these essential goods.

By Claudia Bruscia


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