Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist Arts 

Ruminations of a Jaded Optimist

Though I am an optimist I can still fall prey to the sad truths of this world. I feel sadness and grief for those around me, marveling in the great cruelty, ignorance and unfairness of this world. How does one remain hopeful? I feel helpless. I feel powerless against things so strong as nature. Yet do not misunderstand me, it is not Mother Nature with whom I wish to quarrel, but the possible nature of man. Greed, ignorance, arrogance and lust for power are my true enemies. How do you…

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Unthinkable Thoughts Arts 

Unthinkable Thoughts

These thoughts, these scribbles, these notes and screams, the replies, the agonizing questions, the cursing, the bleeding words, and the cutting sentences, all of which lie in me. Like a bomb ready to explode, but left burning at the top of its fuse, feeling like it’s gonna implode but never getting to. The bomb that needs to be ripped open, the one that needs to break, shatter, burn just to have fulfilled the need of what it is: a bomb. These thoughts, all they are are thoughts so why can…

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A Drop in The Plastic Ocean Environment Features 

A Drop in The Plastic Ocean

From your plastic water bottle you take a sip of clear crisp water, But what you fail to realize, Is that plastic will end up in the belly of an otter. And that immortal plastic straw From your gourmet almond milk chocolate mocha Will end up stuck in a sea turtle’s maw In the infamous six-pack ring I find no appeal, what is its purpose anyways, Other than shutting the mouth of a seal. Not even you are safe from this plastic terror, Because itty bitty pieces end up within…

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Waste Segregation: A Priority Among Others Campus Features 

Waste Segregation: A Priority Among Others

Waste is an inevitable part of society. In almost every activity, may it be eating a snack bought at the school cafeteria or buying a drink from a vending machine, we produce waste. “Since it is considered inevitable, why bother with it,” you might say. Our day-to-day needs and wants typically incur not only costs of our pockets but also costs of nature. The protein bar that costs you three dollars and twenty-five cents each morning because you are unable to eat breakfast at home also incurs a cost of…

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TV Series Recommendations Entertainment 

TV Series Recommendations

During the Easter break, I got to watch some new TV series, which inspired me to write this article. I also included one of my all-time favorites. Hope this gives you some ideas on what to watch in the next few weeks! Heartbreak High (2022) Genre – Comedy/Drama This Australian TV show is the reboot of Heartbreak High (1994-1999) with new characters and is set in the same Australian high school, Hartley High.  A map graffitied on the wall of the school about students’ sexual exploits is discovered and all…

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Discover Montreal One Coffee Shop at the Time Entertainment 

Discover Montreal One Coffee Shop at the Time

Summer is coming and the best way to enjoy Montreal is by discovering its many coffee shops and walking around the city! Also, with the semester’s end drawing near, studying somewhere other than our room might give us the push we need for last-minute studying. Here is a list of some of my favorite coffee shops around the city, in the hopes that you can enjoy them as well. This colorful and funky place provides a great and friendly atmosphere to get some work done in a very different setting….

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Art Initiative On Campus Campus 

Art Initiative On Campus

Second-year Liberal Arts students got the chance to decorate the halls of the school this week. The mural is located in the D building staircase and is supposed to mimic prehistoric cave paintings. This project was initiated by Jailson Lima, a science teacher, in collaboration with Owen Wood, a communications department teacher. Although these Liberal Arts students had no extensive art skills, they were able to paint this incredible fresco that adds warmth and creates a wonderful ambiance. If you have a chance, pass by the D staircase to feel…

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Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier Campus 

Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier

If you’re a Vanier Student and you are interested in learning self-defense, then Angels Self-Defense Club at Vanier is just the club for you. They teach from beginners, so no experience is needed. Every Wednesday from 12:20pm-1:30pm they will be hosting their workshop at their new location outside between D and N building pathway. Follow them on their Instagram @vc_angels.selfdefence for more recent updates. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to them through their Instagram via DM or send them an email at By: Diba

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The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage Campus 

The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage

Ever since Bill 96 was adopted, back in May 2022, the topic has been a source of concern for many Quebeckers. The matter has brought a lot of uncertainty to the halls of anglophone CEGEPS across the province. For the past months, Vanier College has been working hard as an advocate for justice in Bill 96’s application. For this month’s VCSA Insider issue we had the pleasure of interviewing the Director General of our school, John McMahon, in hopes of spreading awareness and conveying the facts to our fellow students…

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Advice Column – March 2023 Advice Column 

Advice Column – March 2023

Q: I have a crush on this person and they fit all the criterias for my type. However I’m too scared to talk to them. It’s soon the end of the semester, is it worth it or not? A: Yes, it is worth talking to the person! You should definitely talk to them, let them get to know you more and maybe both of you can make plans to hang out over the summer. It can seem difficult at first to approach and talk to the person you like, but…

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