The complexity of war Arts 

The complexity of war

The Canadian Soldier: Hero or murderer? Honourable or corrupt? Patriot or traitor?   Their missions in the Middle East: Home to invaluable oil supplies… Do soldiers really aim to protect civilians? Or rather, do they exploit their oil supplies, Protecting the resources instead?   Is their presence a catalyst for ongoing wars, Or a resolver of conflict? Does it promote peace, Or encourage combat?   There is propaganda going both ways, But the truth is far more complex. War is a disease that spreads quicker than the flu in a…

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Fireside Memories Arts 

Fireside Memories

There was a time When the photographs decorated the mantel, For visitors to study fondly, As they remembered the elated smiles And glistening lips, coated with liquor, That sipped from crystal wine glasses.   There was a time Before the images aged, Along with the surrounding furniture, Collecting dust, Fraying at the edges, And fading…   Just like the memories We stowed away in the attic, Entered scarcely on drunken nights, Where we dusted off the photo albums, And toasted, “To the good old days!”   Poem by: Fin

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Moths Arts 


As the sun, Travels to foreign land, Ours is struck by blackness. But no. Our skies are lit with the fluorescence of our own doing. Our creations scrape the stars, Stealing their shimmer, To use as a spotlight, That lights our nightly escapades. For after all, We have become moths; Craving the warmth of the flame, And afraid of the dark.   Poem by: Valentina Tsilimidos

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Vanier College Conspiracies: What’s the Deal with Pigeons? Campus 

Vanier College Conspiracies: What’s the Deal with Pigeons?

Ah, birds. Nature’s aerial animals. From the seagull to the hummingbird, our flying companions have roamed the Earth for a long time. In fact, some say that the chicken is a descendant of the T-Rex. Some birds, like the falcon, are incredibly rare in urban cities. But there is one bird that we see all the time. And that, my friends, is the pigeon. What the heck is up with pigeons? They are probably the most common type of bird in urban countries. Now I know what you’re thinking, no…

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The F Word (Feminist) Features 

The F Word (Feminist)

I am a feminist. Now, what does this mean? Does this mean I hate all men and that I’m a misandrist? Does this mean I believe all men are unworthy of forming an opinion? Does this mean I believe women should be superior to men in every way and that we should live in complete matriarchy? No, it does not. The definition of feminism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the following: “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” This means, as a feminist, that…

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Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized Voices 

Organize, Organize, Organize—Till Climate Action’s Disorganized

“We are forgetting how to give presents,” lamented Theodore Adorno. “Instead we have charity, administered beneficence, the planned plastering over of society’s sores.” And more, our capacity to give presents outside of harshly regimented periods: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—has dissipated. This is a more general loosening of a feeling of autonomy. The sense that we might act on our own, outside of regimented periods, that we might give, provide, care, on our own, has been systematically substituted by top-down control through our traditions and through our institutions. At the moment there…

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Bias and Truth: One in the Same and a Tool for Political Activism Voices 

Bias and Truth: One in the Same and a Tool for Political Activism

Silence is bound to follow any accusation. That of bias is the prime example, as the single word shuts down any argument presented to an audience. And so, the presenter is left staring agape, wordlessly witnessing what he built come crumbling down with the invalidation of his premises at the foundation. After all, if it’s biased, it can’t be true right? This thought process even seems to poison our education, leaving us uneasy about saying the word “I” in essays and adamant on sticking to proven facts as examples. Can’t…

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