Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier Campus 

Angels Self Defense Club at Vanier

If you’re a Vanier Student and you are interested in learning self-defense, then Angels Self-Defense Club at Vanier is just the club for you. They teach from beginners, so no experience is needed. Every Wednesday from 12:20pm-1:30pm they will be hosting their workshop at their new location outside between D and N building pathway. Follow them on their Instagram @vc_angels.selfdefence for more recent updates. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to them through their Instagram via DM or send them an email at By: Diba

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The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage Campus 

The Future of Vanier; What to expect concerning Bill 96’s Rampage

Ever since Bill 96 was adopted, back in May 2022, the topic has been a source of concern for many Quebeckers. The matter has brought a lot of uncertainty to the halls of anglophone CEGEPS across the province. For the past months, Vanier College has been working hard as an advocate for justice in Bill 96’s application. For this month’s VCSA Insider issue we had the pleasure of interviewing the Director General of our school, John McMahon, in hopes of spreading awareness and conveying the facts to our fellow students…

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Advice Column – March 2023 Advice Column 

Advice Column – March 2023

Q: I have a crush on this person and they fit all the criterias for my type. However I’m too scared to talk to them. It’s soon the end of the semester, is it worth it or not? A: Yes, it is worth talking to the person! You should definitely talk to them, let them get to know you more and maybe both of you can make plans to hang out over the summer. It can seem difficult at first to approach and talk to the person you like, but…

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Waltz of Spring Spring Writing Contest 

Waltz of Spring

Green pastures tell my friends To come out of their small house, Smell the fresh dew perfume sends, Hear me conduct the waltz of Strauss The clouds have cleared the view For my friends to enjoy the bright spotlight  Where I lead the wind orchestra of green and blue They play and sway to my direction with delight The flower buds enticed by the symphony Their whorls gradually open to hear more of it  Everyone rise to the climax of spring’s harmony A rush of excitement, images of happiness hit…

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Movies to Watch During Women’s History Month Entertainment 

Movies to Watch During Women’s History Month

Here are some movies to watch during Women’s History Month or whenever you want. All of these films were directed by women, except for Girl. March is a month to celebrate women’s achievements and serves as a reminder of how women struggled (and are still struggling) against discrimination throughout history. For Women’s History Month, I thought of sharing a list of movies with a diverse range of female main characters to celebrate women! And to all the men who did not wish a happy international women’s day to the women…

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A Woman’s Woes in a Patriarchy Arts Women's Month 

A Woman’s Woes in a Patriarchy

Like a river, I flow with grace, Through the currents of a man’s world, I pace, Where the tides of misogyny, I often face. Like a delicate flower, I blossom and grow, But my beauty is often overlooked and low, In a world where a man’s voice is the only one that can glow. I am the earth that nurtures and gives, But my worth is judged by my curves and the way I live, In a society where a woman’s voice is only heard when she screams and shivs….

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Woman And Domestic Violence Vanier Alumni 

Woman And Domestic Violence

“You came first in my class when you were my student,” types Keller to Coco on her Huawei smartphone via WhatsApp. “You have many strengths. Have confidence in yourself and be determined to improve your situation,” continues Keller. To end the conversation, Keller adds, “But you are smart – you sought the help of social workers. They can help you.” It has been years since Coco last met Mrs. Keller. She used to be the class prefect in Class 7D. To be a prefect, one surely needs to be strong…

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Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier Campus Student Success 

Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier

Computer science students at Vanier have competed in events such as The Morgan Stanley Hackathon and the 2023 Warhacks Concordia Hackathon and have won 1st place in both events! Morgan Stanley Hackathon 2022 In November 2022, second-year Vanier computer science students won first place at the 2022 Morgan Stanley Hackathon event held at the Palais des Congrès. The second-year computer science students are: Kaolin Stacey, Jeffrey Juan Grospe, Md Saqliyan Islam, Phuc Nguyen, Amanda De Rosa and Tommy Rivard. The team representing Vanier, had won first place for the non-profit:…

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