A Response Voices 

A Response

Dear Mathieu Bock-Côté, I will do you the dissatisfaction of writing this rebuttal in English instead of the “dying” French language. Oh, the horror! For someone who claims that conservatives like you are the minority voice, you sure are very loud. Unlike the raging leftist, not liberal, that I am, you have a much bigger platform and reach with your column in the Journal de Montréal. So, yes indeed, I suppose you are a minority, a minority of Francophone cisgender White men who are conservative.  I, like many others, saw…

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Tiny Winter Flower Arts 

Tiny Winter Flower

Amidst the chill of the winter ache A little flower is able to break Through the thickest sheets of frost To show the world the life it had lost. A snowdrop, appearing there so frail Yet courageous enough to brave the hail.   A few white petals, alone in the cold, Such a small flower, yet very bold; Enough to inspire the others to grow, Shining hope for a life after snow. Soon will triumph the sun over the night Awakening again after the harsh winter bite.   Oh! How…

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Is the fight for sustainability elitist? Earth Day 

Is the fight for sustainability elitist?

A new dilemma has emerged in the fight for sustainability. As some people cannot afford to be sustainable, does reprimanding people for continuing to use unsustainable brands make you elitist?  I think there are many layers to uncover to fully understand this issue, the first one being what sustainability is. Through the scope of social media, the word “sustainability” has been twisted and turned until it has lost most of its meaning. It is more than often used indiscriminately in most discussions. Here’s a definition from McGill University that I…

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#savetheturtles: A Seaspiracy Earth Day 

#savetheturtles: A Seaspiracy

Netflix recently released their new environmental documentary called Seaspiracy. It follows a filmmaker, Ali Tabrizi, trying to learn about the harm that humans cause to the ocean and its ecosystems. As he gets deeper and deeper into the topic, he finds out that there is more to the story than he originally thought.  He begins his journey by looking into whales and dolphins, then discovers that there is an enormous global overfishing problem. Expectedly, he finds that large corporations are controlling how we consume. This topic has really been something…

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L’évolution de la Cour suprême Law 

L’évolution de la Cour suprême

Afin de comprendre l’essence-même du Canada, il est absolument essentiel de comprendre le système judiciaire ainsi que son évolution depuis la confédération. Il serait suffisant d’aborder les cours de dernière instance du Canada. Plusieurs lecteurs seront surpris par le fait que la Cour suprême du Canada n’était qu’une « cour d’appel intermédiaire » jusqu’en 1949.  Pour commencer, dès la Conquête britannique du Canada de 1763, le tribunal de dernière instance était intitulé le « comité d’appel du conseil privé de Londres ». Ce comité était formé de personnes qui souvent n’avaient aucune formation en…

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Dangerous Rise in Femicides News 

Dangerous Rise in Femicides

According to the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability, femicide is defined as the killing of women and girls, however there are also various types. The eight murders that we have seen throughout the past eight weeks in the province can be categorized as intimate femicide, which is women being killed by former or current partners. This has also raised questions in the province about domestic abuse and violence in general against women.  Elisapee Angma, age 44 Marly Edouard, age 32 Nancy Roy, age 44 Slyvie Bisson, age 60 …

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Hijab Bans Are Not for Liberation or Secularism News 

Hijab Bans Are Not for Liberation or Secularism

Recently, the government of France voted to ban the wearing of a hijab for anyone under eighteen years old as well as forbids mothers who wear hijabs from wearing theirs if they are accompanying a student on a school trip. Furthermore, public pools are allowed to refuse women who wear burkinis. The French government claims that this was done in an attempt to liberate Muslim women, however what they fail to understand is that not only does this do the exact opposite, but it is blatant islamophobia.  Already there is…

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The Newfoundland & Labrador Election Fiasco News 

The Newfoundland & Labrador Election Fiasco

“This may be just the beginning as opposed to the end” – Sandy Collins, former PC cabinet minister. February 13, 2021, was supposed to be when voters in Newfoundland and Labrador would cast their ballots and decide who would represent and govern them for the next four years or so. However, in a somewhat expected twist, the fourth provincial election in Canada to be held under the COVID-19 pandemic became… complicated, to say the least. Background On May 16, 2019, the last provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador, the governing…

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Erin O’Toole – The dreadnought that sunk before the battle Voices 

Erin O’Toole – The dreadnought that sunk before the battle

A couple of days ago, a viral video circulated where the Conservative Party leader, Erin O’Toole, promised to move Justin Trudeau’s office to a portable toilet, all the while giggling. Many politicians and commentators denounced O’Toole’s behaviour in the video, which dated back from June 2020, as unprofessional and unsuited for someone trying to become Prime Minister of Canada. This video is part of the latest issues plaguing the new leader of a party that won the popular vote in the last federal election and forms the Official Opposition against…

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One Small Step for Humanity, One Big Step for Ferret Kind Environment 

One Small Step for Humanity, One Big Step for Ferret Kind

On December 10th 2020, Elizabeth Ann, a black footed ferret, was born in a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service black-footed ferret breeding facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She is the genetic copy of another black footed ferret named Willa that passed away in 1988. Upon her passing, Willa’s cells were frozen using early DNA technology. Through in-vitro fertilization, Elizabeth Ann was able to be carried by a surrogate mother, a domestic ferret of a different species.  According to Noreen Walsh, director of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s mountain-prairie region, this…

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