Vanier Model UN Annual Conference Campus 

Vanier Model UN Annual Conference

Greetings, fellow delegates, Do you have an intense passion for global affairs, past and present? Do you go absolutely bonkers during political discussions with your friends and family? Then the Vanier Model United Nations Club is for you! We will be holding our annual conference on April 23rd and 24th online. Because you’re all special, it is exclusively free for all Vanier students to attend. There is no need to break the bank to have the absolute time of your life debating solutions to geopolitical crises in the South China…

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There’s an Election Coming, Right? Campus 

There’s an Election Coming, Right?

We are all completely burnt out at this point. It turns out that running on five hours of sleep every night is like putting diesel in a Formula 1 car. It just won’t perform as well as it should. Because of our responsibilities as students, we must carry on with the tedium that is Cegep. There’s no way around it. Or is there? It’s proven that the students most satisfied with their Cegep experience are the ones most involved in the school community. You are a student. You are presented…

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Take Me Out Arts 

Take Me Out

We fell in love that semester Two college kids who met on campus Too busy with getting good grades We didn’t have time for each other   She was from an upper-class family Tried so hard to fill her daddy’s shoes I can feel her desire of wanting to be free I knew what I had to do   I went to her dorm that Sunday evening Exhausted from all that studying I tossed her books aside and took her for a drive It was then she came alive  …

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Lasso Festival is finally coming to Montreal this summer! Entertainment 

Lasso Festival is finally coming to Montreal this summer!

Attention all country music fans! After two years of cancellations and postponements, the Lasso Festival is finally coming to Montreal this summer! Lasso Montréal is an urban country music festival that was supposed to be inaugurated in the summer of 2020. Due to the pandemic, the inaugural festival was postponed until last year until it was cancelled yet again. The festival will be held on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13, at Île Sainte-Hélène, near Parc Jean-Drapeau. This year’s Lasso Festival will headline two of country’s biggest stars, Dierks…

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Top 5 Best Quick Healthy Breakfasts Entertainment 

Top 5 Best Quick Healthy Breakfasts

In light of the midterm session, it is important to remember to eat and sleep well. Eating healthy is not only good for you physically but also mentally. Personally, it is my favorite meal, which is ironic since I rarely ever have time to eat breakfast. The one good thing about online school was that I could have late breakfasts at home, and I wouldn’t have to worry about packing it to school. But since being back in person, those breakfasts have been reserved for weekends. But as I am…

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Francophonie canadienne : Une minorité commune oubliée Voices 

Francophonie canadienne : Une minorité commune oubliée

Plusieurs d’entre nous ici à Vanier tiennent une cause à cœur. Que ce soit l’environnement, l’éducation, la justice sociale ou le multiculturalisme, c’est toujours cette passion qui nous aidera à transformer la société pour le mieux. Ce qui me sensibilise le plus dans notre monde, c’est un sujet que, malheureusement, de nombreux Canadiens ignorent. Cette cause est la protection et la survie de la francophonie canadienne. Tout d’abord, je dois admettre que l’apprentissage du français n’a pas été un jeu d’enfant pour moi. Ironiquement, étant le fils de Franco-Saskatchewanais qui…

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Anti-LGBT Legislation Spreading Across America Voices 

Anti-LGBT Legislation Spreading Across America

These past few months, across America, mostly in conservative states, there has been a flood of anti-LGBT ideologies making their way into legislation. This began with the continuous debate over what should be taught in school, with parents wanting to ban critical race theory and books that talk about racism. Florida will go one further and was actually able to pass what they call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The legislation is actually called the Parental Rights in Education bill. Still, the Internet has deemed it the Don’t Say Gay”…

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