Dueles, Colombia Voices 

Dueles, Colombia

I ask my dad what he thinks about the growing unrest back in our country, Colombia. “It is a chronicle of a death foretold,” he answers. He’s right.    Following massacres of social leaders, on September 9th, Colombian police slaughtered Javier Ordoñez, a 43-year-old lawyer, and the evidence of the killing went viral on social media, sparking student-led protests against the systemic violence the police and the state consistently impose on Colombian citizens.   These protests were held in the country’s capital, Bogota.    I would say that the country…

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The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald Features 

The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald

On September 29th, 2020, the John A. MacDonald statue at Place du Canada was toppled and beheaded by protestors during a protest calling for the police to be defunded.    Banners flew next to the decapitated monument, touting all his not-so-savoury exploits. This move was divisive as some have long heralded for the removal of the statue, whereas others, such as François Legault, disagreed with the move.    This discussion is not a new one either, as many opinions about the controversial figure have been shared within the past few…

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The Real Reason Tina Namiesniowsk, Former President of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Resigned News 

The Real Reason Tina Namiesniowsk, Former President of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Resigned

Tina Namiesniowski, the former president of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), resigned on September 18th. This is 18 months after having been appointed to the job, and just as COVID-19 cases started to spike nation-wide.    In a statement, she said “You really need someone who will have the energy and the stamina to take the Agency and our response to the next level.” She also added that the work the PHAC has done during the past months has had a personal toll on several people, including herself,…

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2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics News 

2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics

(Left to right: Quebec Leader of the Opposition Dominique Anglade, former Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis, U.S. Senator from California and 2020 Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris)   Apart from the global COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 will be best remembered for the year where racial tensions have reached a boiling point that hasn’t been seen in decades. Fear, distrust and anger are some of the words that would best describe what BIPOC feel following the deaths of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Daniel Prude, and many others due to police…

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Orange Shirt Day Campus 

Orange Shirt Day

Why wear an orange shirt on September 30th?   To put it simply, it is to commemorate and honour residential school survivors. It is to remember the physical, mental, and sexual abuse they had to ensure, as well as the inter-generational trauma that ensued within Indigenous communities.  “The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald,” an article by Angel found in the “Activism” section, addresses these atrocities in more depth.    But why on September 30th?  And why an orange shirt?     September 30th was the date chosen, as it was…

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“No matter what you do, you will offend someone” Voices 

“No matter what you do, you will offend someone”

That’s pseudo-activism in a nutshell*.   If you don’t post a black square for #blackouttuesday, you will be told that you are a fake ally and you aren’t showing your support because you don’t support BLM.  If you do, you will be asked to delete it because it clogs people’s feed and it’s not a good way to show your support.   “Activism” on Instagram really boils down to what you POST, and not what you DO, which literally is the opposite of what activism should be.   Activism should…

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Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19 Vanier Alumni Voices 

Masks and Free Bus Rides Amidst COVID-19

It was not too long ago when COVID-19 (the short form for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”) hit Germany. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many restrictions worldwide. Let us have a look at Germany. In end-March, restaurants were banned from hosting dine-in clients and were only allowed to serve take-away. Citizens had to wear a mask on public transport. Supermarkets and other grocery stores were still open for business, but shoppers had to wear a mask and keep at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other when inside….

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Don’t Scroll Past Voices 

Don’t Scroll Past

You there. Yes, you. The one reading this. Don’t scroll past. Don’t tell me you’re busy. You clearly aren’t. How do I know? Well, you’re scrolling through stories on Instagram. You can’t possibly be that busy. Anyway, just hear me out.   This man, George Floyd. Yes, the one who was murdered by police. Yes, the one accused of forgery.   What’s that? You’ve been active in the fight against racism? Have you now? I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you’ve found the time in your perpetually busy schedule…

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That One Gesture News 

That One Gesture

  On the 13th of March, Vanier Students left the college’s campus to go on their Spring Break. What they did not realize is that they also left their normal student lives behind.    COVID-19 has negatively impacted the lives of millions of Canadians: Students can no longer go back to their classrooms, people have lost their jobs and the government imposed social distancing rules. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has also hurt many communities. One of those affected communities is Montreal. Once a beautiful city filled with people, now became…

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