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Why Holocaust Awareness Is Just As Relevant in 2023 Social Justice 

Why Holocaust Awareness Is Just As Relevant in 2023

Antisemitism is defined as hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people. The Holocaust was shown to be the most extreme example of antisemitism ever to occur, resulting in the persecution and murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany. However, violent antisemitism and hatred did not end with Nazi Germany’s defeat. Antisemitism has been on the rise, and it remains a critical issue today. The Holocaust was the most profound expression of antisemitism. Antisemitism has endangered and continues to threaten the safety of Jewish people and communities worldwide. Like all…

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Antisemitism Social Justice 


In recent years, Jews around the world have experienced an eruption of antisemitism throughout their communities. Alarmingly, there is rarely a day that goes by without hearing of an incident involving either a physical assault, an antisemitic slur or even sometimes deadly attacks targeting Jews somewhere in the world. In the backdrop of this climate of hatred directed at the Jewish people, how can we as a community and as a society, help shape this world to being a more accepting, safer place for people of all religions, backgrounds and…

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