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Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students Campus 

Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students

Many changes are in store for members of the Vanier College Student’s Association, as students have cast their votes this October to decide on not only a new VCSA Executive Council (whose results have been announced via Omnivox) but also on whether or not a student insurance plan should be implemented. After the four-day-long referendum (from October 9th to October 13th) the motion has passed with 90% of voters in favour of the implementation of The Student Insurance Plan. Expressing his thoughts on this outcome, Kareem Brochu, the VCSA executive…

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Dear VCSA Campus 


  DISCLAIMER: This article was written as part of the final issue of the Fall 2019 semester, prior to the meeting of November 27 and to the releasing of the VCSA’s official statement to that regard. A formal update is to come in the following Winter 2020 issue How much do you do? I should rephrase the sentence: how much do you actually do. I am questioning this as one of the students that you supposedly work for. I can count on one hand the things that you organize: barbeques and parties….

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New VCSA Executives Elected After Controversy Plagued Campaign News 

New VCSA Executives Elected After Controversy Plagued Campaign

Like every year near the end of the winter semester, all positions on the VCSA Executive Council are up for election, with all full-time day students being eligible to run for any of the positions. The campaign period began on the April 11th, with elections scheduled for April 18 and 19. Only 4 positions were being contested, with the others being acclaimed. However, one day before the scheduled vote, one of the candidates for President, Nicholas Ziss, was disqualified from the race by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). The CEO…

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A Writer’s Blocks Vanier Alumni 

A Writer’s Blocks

Blocks will disable Blocks are a big scam Blocks, I do not love Blocks are just liars   So unattractive I simply can’t find Ideas, that stay They loom like wires   I am held captive Inside of this mind Torn apart, away From my desires   Useless, unable Just for now, I am Incapable of Igniting fires   Blocks will disable Blocks are a big scam Blocks, I do not love Blocks are just liars       Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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Registration Issues Voices 

Registration Issues

Every new semester, there are always students who experience issues with course registration. This one was no different. There were students having problems with the online web app who lost their chosen courses due to sudden server crashes. The same students were then unable to reach helplines because they had to dial multiple times instead of being put on hold. This led them to have to pay late registration fees. Some other fellows were unable to find courses that fit their schedules, so they had to take night classes. Another…

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Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show Campus 

Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show

On Wednesday, February 21st during universal break, Vanier College celebrated Black History Month with a fashion show organized by Vanier’s own Catherine Dorcas Boateng, who is the creator of The Council of Black Fashion. The event showcased black men’s and women’s fashion throughout the decades, from the 1940’s to present day. There was also traditional African dress showcased. Who were the models? They were none other than Vanier’s own students from the black community. There was not only great fashion to find on the runway in Jake’s Mall; there was…

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Vanier’s Got Talent 2017 Arts Campus 

Vanier’s Got Talent 2017

The date was November 23rd, 2017. Inside Vanier’s Auditorium, seven hours past noon, a hush falls on the crowd as 13 students prepare to showcase their creativity. The resulting show was entertaining and had quite the variety of artistic mediums on display.   There were three award winners in this show. First, was for best performance, given to the performer who was the best in the show. Second, was for the most creative act, given to the performer with the most original and unique performance. Finally, there was the Coup…

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2nd Annual Sustainability Conference Features 

2nd Annual Sustainability Conference

Sustainability is a field of study that involves looking into how natural systems function, and finding a balance between societal, environmental and economic factors in order to preserve the environment for future generations.   On November 11th, students from Cegeps in the Montreal area came together to talk about sustainability, its importance, and the challenges involved in achieving and maintaining it. Held in Concordia University’s John Molson building, attendees took part in a full day of activities, guest speakers, and conversations with peers. The day started at 10:00 am, when…

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Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon Campus 

Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon

On the weekend of November 4th and 5th, three second-year Vanier students, Teresa Altamirano Mayoral, Diego Lopez, and KC Tsiolis, along with Mara Boureanu from John Abbott College, finished in 4th place in McGill’s Physics Hackathon, held at the “Société des arts technologiques (SAT)”. The teams participating in the hackathon (most of which were composed of university students) had 24 hours to create the program that simulates a physics phenomenon.   The 4th place finishers impressed the judges with The Physics Playground, a program similar to Microsoft Paint that simulates…

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How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill Features 

How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill

I was in the Peer Tutoring Center talking about cultures when it happened. A piercing screech nearly busted my eardrums. It was a fire! I managed to freeze out of my seat and grab my papers to get out of school. I walked across the room, crossed the library reception, passed the bunch of people and waited for the student hoard to go down the staircase. I walked down the stair case to the first floor and made my way across the cafeteria and exited the building. I continued across…

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