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My First Weeks At Vanier College Voices 

My First Weeks At Vanier College

There is a huge dilemma many students are facing at this time of year, and no it’s not only the huge line at the Jake’s Coop bookstore. It lies more in the social aspect; do you remain comfortable with your old high school friends, or do you look to expand who you’re acquainting with. Frankly, I was tremendously nervous on the first day. I didn’t quite know what to expect, I felt like a tourist in my own city. The newspaper crew welcomed me with open arms to eat my…

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I Survived The First Year of Health Science! Voices 

I Survived The First Year of Health Science!

Hello there, newcomer. Today, I will be your guide and will give you advice on how to survive – and hopefully do well – in your first year of Health Science. The first semester of cegep can be very scary. You are in the midst of 6000+ other students, who seem to know what they are doing. Don’t worry; most of them are just as lost as you are! Here are a few tips that you can use to survive the first year of Health Science.     Take advantage…

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The Invisible Child Arts Voices 

The Invisible Child

It was a windy day and Brian’s family had decided to go to the shore next to the sea. They had settled down on a pier and were looking around when Paulina Mama said: “I’m so bored, nothing has happened in the past few weeks”. Papa Alex looked thoughtfully for a moment then brightened up as an idea hit him. He turned to Brian, who was sitting to his right and said:   “I’m going to push Paulina Mama into the sea”.   “What?!”, exclaimed Brain. He glanced over to…

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Vanier’s Got Talent 2017 Arts Campus 

Vanier’s Got Talent 2017

The date was November 23rd, 2017. Inside Vanier’s Auditorium, seven hours past noon, a hush falls on the crowd as 13 students prepare to showcase their creativity. The resulting show was entertaining and had quite the variety of artistic mediums on display.   There were three award winners in this show. First, was for best performance, given to the performer who was the best in the show. Second, was for the most creative act, given to the performer with the most original and unique performance. Finally, there was the Coup…

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Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory Entertainment 

Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory

Gaga’s concert at the Bell Center was up in the air. Last week the Bell Center opened its doors to Lady Gaga and her entire crew for her come back on November 3rd.After Cancelling her last date on September 4, 2017, due to major health problems, she came back with a dazzling show. After spending the whole week in Montreal to get back on track and polish her show the viewers could really tell that their hard work paid off. The stage design was out of anyone’s reach…Literally, since she…

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That Spooky Time of Year Arts 

That Spooky Time of Year

Can you feel the goosebumps crippling on your neck? Do you catch the smell of fear making its way through the lock of the door? Leaning just for a second to put the final touch to your outfit and there is this hooded baby-masked guy standing right behind you. You do not hear the blood dripping. A nightmare. Then, why does it feel so real and why do you keep waking up from this same awful dream? Referencing one of the hottest rights from the Hollywood oven pieces “Happy Death…

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El Día De Los Muertos Arts Features 

El Día De Los Muertos

The day of the dead is more than just wearing skull makeup, dressing like La Catrina (Elegant skull) and wearing sombreros. It is a sacred Mexican tradition which represents much more than dressing like a fancy skeleton. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 3000 years. November 2nd of every year in Mexico, we honor the death of our loved ones. We decorate their tombs with colorful flowers and their favorite things like a book, or pastries, making sure their tombs are beautifully decorated. The meaning of this celebration…

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