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Of Eggos and Dragons: How ‘Stranger Things’ Explores Childhood Trauma Vanier Alumni 

Of Eggos and Dragons: How ‘Stranger Things’ Explores Childhood Trauma

Stranger Things is a show based on the nostalgic exploration of eighties gothic media culture, especially as it relates to youth of the time. The show’s setting and plot are themselves entrenched in political gothic reality, which creates a sort of meta-reality through which the show can explore one of its main concerns: gothic texts as they are experienced by children, and more specifically, what effect these texts may have on children with past trauma. Stranger Things explores the healing process of three children with traumatic past experiences who may…

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PANIC Vanier Alumni 


the wind in my spine is shouting so i hold my breath to quiet it and it curls under my skin bunches up in a million ants underneath and trapped under it spoils itself greens and blackens on its own so i block my throat to hide it in and it whispers my death to me It makes me tremble and my bones clatter against it as it turns to marble in my lungs I collapse under the weight of it it crushes down upon my stomach and when it…

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There is a Monster Under My Bed Vanier Alumni 

There is a Monster Under My Bed

There is a monster under my bed And I shout and scream at it And I beat it with a stick There it goes under and out of reach Mum says I am being too noisy Doesn’t she hear the monster growl? Doesn’t she see its ruby claws? Mum’s eyes were all scratched out The monster shakes the bed from under So I plant a knife through it So I pull a bloody knife from it The monster goes all quiet Mum says I am scaring her But she can’t…

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A Review of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Vanier Alumni 

A Review of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s new action-comedy Baby Driver might not be a perfect film, but it certainly comes close to being one. The film follows the story of Baby (Ansel Elgort), a reluctant and extremely talented getaway driver who listens to music at all times due in part to ear damage imparted during a car accident when he was a child. He embarks on quest to leave the crime business and along the way, develops a romance with a young, sweet waitress named Deborah (Lily James), whom he tries to protect from…

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Preface: Why Augusto Giovanni d’Elea Missed School Arts 

Preface: Why Augusto Giovanni d’Elea Missed School

The following short is the preface to The Unexpected And Highly Misguided Theory of Everything, allowing for readers of The Insider to get an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming Novella. For more information and to be notified upon its availability for purchase, visit and like the page.   ______________________________________________     FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, in the small town of Coanesbury, Ontario, in classroom 33B, on the second and highest floor of the elementary school on the 55th of Maine Street, a young boy raised his hand. His name was…

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Carnival-Woman Arts 


I believe I am a Carnival, A cheap attraction; STEP RIGHT UP! I am a visual masterpiece I’ll blow your mind in sweaty plastic colours   I am a kitsch Wonderland, Ring a ride on the merry-go-round, I’ll spin you round, and whistle in tiny tunes At twenty-five cents a pop   I am a capital C Clown, Horse balloons and penny tricks So pick a card, any card- And I’ll show you how to make a nightmare   I am a Pirate Ship, Broken rhythm, in the warm, putrid…

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