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What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions Entertainment 

What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions

Not long after picking up the controller and starting to play Super Mario Odyssey, does one realize how insanely fun it is. It’s abundantly clear that Nintendo has crafted another masterful example of the platforming genre of games, which Mario himself helped create back in the 1980s.   Even after playing for 10 hours, there’s no end to the collecting of Power Moons in sight.   Odyssey represents a continuation of the more openended 3D Mario games such as 64 and Sunshine, and there are many more layers on top…

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Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement Entertainment 

Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement

Daredevil is a series available to watch, alongside a wide variety of movies, through Netflix, which is saving people time and money. With Netflix, one may stream films and shows directly to a TV, computer, or tablet, all at the press of a button. Visit the website for a free monthly trial.   As it turns out, many of the characters in Daredevil just so happen to have the same, or perhaps similar-looking, Samsung phones. Did you know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 is water resistant? That’s very handy making…

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Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles Entertainment 

Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles

This is an action-packed game! My character has a backstory that is too broad to mention, being an ally with all the protagonists known in the Sonic universe which I’ve written about. I’m a notable member of a prestigious art community on a website that I will not mention for the sake of anonymity. For years, many of my literary works in the form of fiction have been published online and positively received by thousands of scholarly partisans worldwide.   Most comments consist of remarks such as “Wow! Awesome! Amazing!…

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What’s The Deal With: Pit – A “Kid Icarus Uprising” Retrospective Entertainment 

What’s The Deal With: Pit – A “Kid Icarus Uprising” Retrospective

I begin playing Kid Icarus: Uprising and the very first line of dialogue has Pit saying: “Sorry to keep you waiting.”, as he dives into the first level. Pit’s statement is acknowledging the fact that the previous Kid Icarus game in the series was released over twenty years ago, as of 2012, on the Game Boy in 1991. I’m pleased by the reality that this game would have been worth the long wait for someone growing up in the early nineties.   Uprising is the direct sequel to Kid Icarus,…

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My experience with Tamagotchi Entertainment 

My experience with Tamagotchi

Most of us remember Tamagotchi being a popular craze from our elementary school days. All your classmates had them, and they were a fun way to connect with friends. For those who don’t know about them, they are a virtual pet originating in Japan, that you must feed and care for. They are small and portable, so you can care for your Tamagotchi on the go. Unfortunately, the toys are no longer sold in stores outside of Japan due to decline in popularity. However, Tamagotchi turned 20 years old this…

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What’s the Deal With: Abed Nadir – Community Entertainment 

What’s the Deal With: Abed Nadir – Community

Before Dan Harmon teamed up with Justin Roiland to unleash Rick and Morty onto the world, he had another hit show: Community, a sitcom based around the eccentric antics of a Spanish class study group in a community college. While each character in this show had unique personality quirks, one stands as more quirky than the rest. He is obsessed with pop culture, aspires to be a filmmaker, and will reference a comparable moment from film or television no matter what his situation. He is Abed Nadir, a beloved character…

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What’s the deal with: Lucifer Morningstar – “The Sandman Presents: Lucifer” Entertainment 

What’s the deal with: Lucifer Morningstar – “The Sandman Presents: Lucifer”

  In the comic: “The Sandman Presents: Lucifer” (three issue mini-series from 1999), Mike Carey presents an intricate, and at times, empathetic portrayal of the devil. The basic plot is that the once-lord-of-hell Lucifer has resigned from his post, in order to retire as a jazz bar owner in L.A. until one day, the Angel Amenadiel offers Lucifer a deal to work as a third-party on behalf of Heaven. His ensuing adventure on earth tasks him with destroying ‘the voiceless gods’: born from the minds of proto-humans without language or…

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Frankenweenie (1984) Review Entertainment 

Frankenweenie (1984) Review

In contrast to the colorful playfulness of your typical Disney picture, lies the work of Tim Burton, who fuses that whimsy with his blend of dark themes, wistful characters, and surrealism. This is certainly seen in his debut film, Frankenweenie.   As the title suggests, this film is a parody of the original Frankenstein, only this time, Victor Frankenstein is a young boy who, grief-stricken, brings his dog, Sparky, back from the dead only for chaos to ensue in the neighborhood.   This film is bursting with references to films…

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Review of “Mother!” Entertainment 

Review of “Mother!”

“Mother!” is a grotesque film. It is violent and gruesome to watch. Perhaps it is also the reason why it received an F cinemascope from the audience. It is a sensitive and controversial matter that is causing debate in the entertainment industry. Is the film actually a work of genius or simply a pretentious mess?   The characters in this film are only referred to as ‘Mother’ and as ‘Him’.   The film is deeply symbolic and is starting debate and conversation about what the bleeding floors, the yellow elixir…

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What’s The Deal with: Rick Sanchez (C-137) – Squanchiest character yet? Or needs to get more schwifty? Entertainment 

What’s The Deal with: Rick Sanchez (C-137) – Squanchiest character yet? Or needs to get more schwifty?

For those among you who aren’t familiar with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Adult Swim animated sci-fi comedy, stop reading this article now, watch all three seasons of Rick and Morty, then come back and read this article. It’ll only take you 682 minutes, or a little over 11 hours. You’ll be able to thank the author of this article for this recommendation later. Spoilers lay ahead. Now, with season three recently concluded, fans of the show have a painfully long wait ahead of them. To combat the impending Rick…

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