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Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement Entertainment 

Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement

Daredevil is a series available to watch, alongside a wide variety of movies, through Netflix, which is saving people time and money. With Netflix, one may stream films and shows directly to a TV, computer, or tablet, all at the press of a button. Visit the website for a free monthly trial.


As it turns out, many of the characters in Daredevil just so happen to have the same, or perhaps similar-looking, Samsung phones. Did you know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 is water resistant? That’s very handy making phone calls by the pool, when water gets splashed on it.


Subtle product placement makes sense though. Netflix must finance their shows somehow.


There are other examples too, like a recorder from SONY, or a Dell computer here and there, and the additional fact that the product is usually in or around center frame, almost as if they want you to see it, is noteworthy.


Just imagine consuming some form of media, any kind, from TV, to written articles, to even films. It can be very frightening to think that advertising is everywhere, being subconsciously embedded within each of us.


You could be going through your daily routine, and advertisements could be looming, lurking right beneath your nose, concealed by, or even within the content you wish to absorb for one reason or another.


Ponder this, we live in consumer culture where the web of corporate bureaucracy is both unavoidable, and covertly manipulative. What if our whole sense of individual value is dependant on these hidden (or not so hidden if you know where and how to look) messages?


It certainly is a frightening prospect of our commercial reality.


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