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The Smile Behind Your Sorrows Arts 

The Smile Behind Your Sorrows

Every time I am in your presence

I silently observe the inner depths of your fears

As love makes you act beyond yourself

And hope is what keeps you sane


When I hear the silence in your creaking voice

There’s an agonizing screech of desperation

Seeking for constant admiration

To fill the forever hollowness you call love


And every time I am in your presence

I travel the depths of your soul,

My body trembles at the thought of your tears

That love has caused you all these years.


For all you want is the cure to constant loneliness,

Desperation begins and insecurity hits,

And now you have lost the only bit of hope you had

In the never-ending search for the one to fill your emptiness.


And every time I am in your presence,

I feel the desire to be with you.

I have never felt the desire to love someone.

As much as I’ve always wanted to love you.


For I am as broken as you are,

With the constant need to be loved,

Yet all I want to be

Is the smile behind your sorrows


Poem By: Alexandra Becheru

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