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Of Queens And Pain Arts 

Of Queens And Pain

The sorrow and pitch of the howling bale Tears my soul apart As I whisper to myself under the hood, the midnight’s veil: ‏ O, Queen of love Queen of pleasure My kingdom offered and your King in measure ‏ And with grace such Beneath the white moon that bends my sorrows and filled misery A heart, bleeding, in ruins I beg, fancy these words echoed from my welling heart Within the white that wends Weaved from my soul and strewn and with bared countenancy with love and grace, eternally…

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The Smile Behind Your Sorrows Arts 

The Smile Behind Your Sorrows

Every time I am in your presence I silently observe the inner depths of your fears As love makes you act beyond yourself And hope is what keeps you sane   When I hear the silence in your creaking voice There’s an agonizing screech of desperation Seeking for constant admiration To fill the forever hollowness you call love   And every time I am in your presence I travel the depths of your soul, My body trembles at the thought of your tears That love has caused you all these…

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Love Transcends Logic Voices 

Love Transcends Logic

Let me tell you what I wanted to write down: love transcends logic. There, I wrote it. Ever since I started reading “The Brothers Karamazov” I’ve had that idea stuck in my head. Just like flashes of unnecessary conscious awareness (when you suddenly become aware of the manner of your gait for no reason whatsoever, for example), it would swing into my thought process unexpectedly, at random intervals of time, really inconsistently if I might add. Sometimes I would go weeks without thinking about it, and other times, for days…

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Imbalance Arts Voices 


Humanity has done a lot of stuff. A lot of advancement, a lot of new technologies, but these developments have side effects. We took from our surroundings to make tools that enhance our senses. However, along the way, we became disconnected with nature. We refined methods of production so that everybody has the world at their fingertips, but we didn’t realize that the path we were following had consequences. We are an extension of nature, and to think that we are something that can conquer it has some pretty drastic…

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El Día De Los Muertos Arts Features 

El Día De Los Muertos

The day of the dead is more than just wearing skull makeup, dressing like La Catrina (Elegant skull) and wearing sombreros. It is a sacred Mexican tradition which represents much more than dressing like a fancy skeleton. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 3000 years. November 2nd of every year in Mexico, we honor the death of our loved ones. We decorate their tombs with colorful flowers and their favorite things like a book, or pastries, making sure their tombs are beautifully decorated. The meaning of this celebration…

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Beheld Arts 


If I tell you you’re beautiful, I most certainly mean it, Perhaps nothing to do with the physical, But something to do with your spirit,   I can’t promise you’ll understand, In this world not many people do, If you just give me a chance and take my hand, I’ll try to express the true beauty in you,   It lies not in the color of your eyes, But in the kindness that shines through them, Nor is it in your shape or size, But how confident you walk through…

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A Sea Of Feelings Arts 

A Sea Of Feelings

He brightens up my day Molds my heart like clay He has power over me, i love those blue eyes staring back at me.   We are platonic Though isn’t it ironic That I think he may feel something for me.   My heart goes pitter patter It may just shatter It is beating so hard. He beat down my wall of cards.   The gates are open It’s a flow of emotions Every time he looks at me.   So different is he As the other guys I see…

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A Heart Broken Arts 

A Heart Broken

Confusing emotions It’s like I was given a potion To feel this way.   One day I turn and there he is In my heart of hearts he stays No where to escape but he is at bay.   He’s hidden beneath everything No love is not a thing. It screams everyday.   There is no where to run. There is no where to hide. Love it creeps up on you it does.   What is there to do but deny Cause there’s no way I’m feeling this way Yes…

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The Fourteenth Arts 

The Fourteenth

I started at 8, and finished at 6 Done with my classes, and feeling like shits. The job has been tough The few breaks I get are never enough. Drip, Drip. Get a hobby, they say Make use of your day. I did just that, And now feel like crap.   Thump. Thump. I failed Calculus two, And it really bites the poo. It’s Valentines, right? Then where’s the daylight? But then – The sun sprang straight into action – She showed up right here to see my reaction. A…

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That’s How You Make Me Feel Arts 

That’s How You Make Me Feel

A Poem By Anora   Blue eyes. Nothing but clear skies. That’ s how you make me feel.   When you look up, My heart can’t help but stop. That’s how you make me feel.   Sometimes we compete And it makes me complete. That’s how you make me feel.   You rap, pitter patter. You may give me a heart attack. That’s how you make me feel.   The first time. I feel like I’m in my prime. That’s how you make me feel.   I’m happy with you….

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