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A Sea Of Feelings Arts 

A Sea Of Feelings

He brightens up my day

Molds my heart like clay

He has power over me,

i love those blue eyes staring back at me.


We are platonic

Though isn’t it ironic

That I think he may feel something for me.


My heart goes pitter patter

It may just shatter

It is beating so hard.

He beat down my wall of cards.


The gates are open

It’s a flow of emotions

Every time he looks at me.


So different is he

As the other guys I see

Walking around

They’re no where to be found


In my sea of feelings

There’s no other being

Then he and I

I cannot help but sigh.


Look at him

Who is he

I’ll never know

But should I know.


I look up and there he is

Taking my heart it is his

I no longer have one

He isn’t just anyone


My heart in his hands

I don’t know while he stands

Before me

If I can possibly be


Without him in my misery.


Written By: Anora

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