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Imbalance Arts Voices 


Humanity has done a lot of stuff. A lot of advancement, a lot of new technologies, but these developments have side effects. We took from our surroundings to make tools that enhance our senses. However, along the way, we became disconnected with nature. We refined methods of production so that everybody has the world at their fingertips, but we didn’t realize that the path we were following had consequences. We are an extension of nature, and to think that we are something that can conquer it has some pretty drastic effects on the natural equilibrium—extinction of species, rising sea levels, infertility of land, etc. In other words, we find ourselves at an imbalance. This is not something we can deny and this is not something we can reverse without changing the way that every one of us lives our lives. So what can you do? You can start by raising awareness—not only of the things that are particularly hard on the environment but also of the true context and history of all the resources that you find yourself consuming.


Written By: Rupert Mackie

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