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Black Cat Arts 

Black Cat

Photo By: Andrianna Kapralios


Black Cat

There can’t be meaning


It floats here inside, the burning I’m feeling.

Paths into the shadows, my mind always takes,

Will emotion never truly appear?

A burning sensation is floating here.


Perched upon the razor’s edge,

I waltz towards this cold cliff’s ledge.

Before my Self, a warm canyon beckons,

I fall, and to reason I deafen.


In search of color, I find but darkness which conceals,

It always spells doom, for the one who feels!

This time is different, I tell my Self and you,

Sifting through darkness, I hope to find your hue.


If not, I may tell my Self there can’t be meaning,

To stop the horrors of what I am seeing,

To quash the rot, which erupts from my heart,

I select my purpose, and try to start.


Towards peace, future knowledge will push me,

Swimming through murky waters, into a beautiful sea.

Termites of truth, gnaw at my bones,

After I fall, I won’t be alone.



Written By: Isaac Dinotno

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