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If I tell you you’re beautiful,

I most certainly mean it,

Perhaps nothing to do with the physical,

But something to do with your spirit,


I can’t promise you’ll understand,

In this world not many people do,

If you just give me a chance and take my hand,

I’ll try to express the true beauty in you,


It lies not in the color of your eyes,

But in the kindness that shines through them,

Nor is it in your shape or size,

But how confident you walk through all the mayhem,


It’s in the way you talk,

And in the way you listen,

You are gentle and patient,

Hidden in a storm a trustworthy safe haven,


Your laugh radiates happiness

It’s very contagious I’ll admit,

It fills me with lightheartedness,

I laugh along with you unable to resist,


Your smile is perfect in every way,

Sometimes shy yet always real

You share it even on your worst days,

Hoping to spread the little warmth you feel,


But the foundation of your beauty,

lies in the strength of your heart,

It’s compassionate and unwaveringly,

Determined to turn life into art,



Now when I tell you you’re beautiful,

You’ll know that I most certainly meant it,

It has nothing to do with the physical,

And everything to do with your spirit.





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