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El Día De Los Muertos Arts Features 

El Día De Los Muertos

The day of the dead is more than just wearing skull makeup, dressing like La Catrina (Elegant skull) and wearing sombreros. It is a sacred Mexican tradition which represents much more than dressing like a fancy skeleton. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 3000 years.

November 2nd of every year in Mexico, we honor the death of our loved ones. We decorate their tombs with colorful flowers and their favorite things like a book, or pastries, making sure their tombs are beautifully decorated.

The meaning of this celebration is to view death in a different way; the colorful decoration shows that death isn’t always supposed to be sad. The offerings put on the tombs are a way to share things that their passed family members liked when they were still alive. In other words, this celebration is to remember death but to also remember who they were as living people.


Written By: Paola Lopez Velasco

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