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Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles Entertainment 

Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles

This is an action-packed game! My character has a backstory that is too broad to mention, being an ally with all the protagonists known in the Sonic universe which I’ve written about. I’m a notable member of a prestigious art community on a website that I will not mention for the sake of anonymity. For years, many of my literary works in the form of fiction have been published online and positively received by thousands of scholarly partisans worldwide.   Most comments consist of remarks such as “Wow! Awesome! Amazing!…

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What’s the Deal With: Abed Nadir – Community Entertainment 

What’s the Deal With: Abed Nadir – Community

Before Dan Harmon teamed up with Justin Roiland to unleash Rick and Morty onto the world, he had another hit show: Community, a sitcom based around the eccentric antics of a Spanish class study group in a community college. While each character in this show had unique personality quirks, one stands as more quirky than the rest. He is obsessed with pop culture, aspires to be a filmmaker, and will reference a comparable moment from film or television no matter what his situation. He is Abed Nadir, a beloved character…

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Clubs Day Campus Features 

Clubs Day

As happens at the beginning of every semester, the VCSA organized a Clubs Day, bringing together representatives from most of the approved and existing student clubs. Tables were laid out around the far edges of the D-cafeteria, creating an inviting space for people to enter and scope out. During the blistering noon-hour UB of Sept 20th, there were people playing electric guitars, video games, serving complimentary food and drinks, and dancing. It was loud! It was hot! It was a good place to meet people. The first thing one would…

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Three Little Peas News 

Three Little Peas

Marine Rivoal’s Three Little Peas is a book about friendship, family and trust. It takes place in an unknown garden in which plant life is characterized as grey and aseptic. Two little peas, a luscious, vibrant green, pop out of their pods of oppression to explore the hostile land. The two little peas, almost identical in form except for a few minute details requiring a lot of time to distinguish, brave the monsters lying beyond the safety of their pod. They scale up precipitous trees, ere under poisonous mushrooms and…

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Event Horizon Arts 

Event Horizon

I write this to you knowing not whether it will go through, as my last message and regret. I’m sorry for hurting you – although this is what I choose, even though you tried to keep me in check. My feelings changed as the seasons went by, from my birth in spring; like fall in my depression. I may have been strong in the summer, but now I feel all the more dumber. Winter is coming. My faith once under your guidance, absolute; but the questions that came in time…

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