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Orange Shirt Day: In Honor and in Memory Campus News 

Orange Shirt Day: In Honor and in Memory

Government-run residential schools for indigenous children came to an end twenty years ago, in ‘96. Their legacy, however, lives on. While residential schools were terminated officially in ’96, the practice continues surreptitiously because of the realities of our economy:  for example, northern towns and villages in Ontario haven’t got the resources to run high schools, and the young teenage population has to move to Thunder Bay to continue its education. Young people are still suffering the alienation of being away from their homes and families just like they did during…

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Clubs Day Campus Features 

Clubs Day

As happens at the beginning of every semester, the VCSA organized a Clubs Day, bringing together representatives from most of the approved and existing student clubs. Tables were laid out around the far edges of the D-cafeteria, creating an inviting space for people to enter and scope out. During the blistering noon-hour UB of Sept 20th, there were people playing electric guitars, video games, serving complimentary food and drinks, and dancing. It was loud! It was hot! It was a good place to meet people. The first thing one would…

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A Tale of 2 VCSA Meetings Campus 

A Tale of 2 VCSA Meetings

On the last Tuesday of August, I attended two meetings held by our Students’ Association. The first one was casual and fun – its goal was to inform the dozens of students who’d signed up as volunteers to help the VCSA. In preparation for the next day’s Orientation Week BBQ, President Whi took the time to explain the Association’s role in the school (as representatives of the student body) and to help the volunteer staff understand how they’d be involved. It was light, fun, and there was pizza. A little…

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Indigenous Awareness Week Campus 

Indigenous Awareness Week

Photos: Courtesy of Student Services If you’ve ever attended a symposium or other similar event in the auditorium at Vanier College, then you’ve probably heard the following: “We acknowledge that this event takes place on Tio’tia:ke (where the currants meet / Montreal), which is situated on the traditional unceded territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka people, more commonly known as Mohawk. Tio’tia:ke was also a gathering place for many First Nations.” The college certainly makes a point of respecting and embracing First Nation culture and rights – and not just by repeating…

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First intercollegiate slam poetry competition Campus News 

First intercollegiate slam poetry competition

Slam, or spoken-word poetry, is a growing practice among young adults in North America, and is replacing the classic image of a poet with a more modern version. Spoken-word competitions consist of a series of writers, or modern poets, who read their work aloud, turn by turn: changing the face of poetry, as it is no longer directed towards readers, but to an audience. This allows the author of a poem to employ different techniques to give them a greater control over rhythm, speed, tone of voice, etc., and entices…

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Give Hope by Dancing News 

Give Hope by Dancing

Since 1991, with an amazing total of 135 million dollars raised, the Children’s Miracle Network has been working hard to help the countless children affected by illness in Canada. One of their more popular charity initiatives has been the Dance Marathon hosted by high schools, colleges and universities alike across the country. For generations, hundreds of dedicated students have worked to help these children and raise money for the hospitals that try so hard to bring their health back. Of course, the students of Montreal have joined the healing movement….

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Koriass Concert News 

Koriass Concert

As part of the Semaine de la francophonie, and International Women’s Week, Vanier College had the pleasure of inviting Emmanuel Dubois, better known by his stage name Koriass, to give a conference about feminism and its closely related subjects. Koriass is a Quebec rapper, interpreter, and composer, but most of all a “natural born feminist”. Every seat in the auditorium was occupied as exciting chatter filled the air. Koriass started his conference lightly by introducing the concept of the “boys club”. This is club is for all humans who are…

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Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College Campus 

Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College

Are you new to Vanier? Or even new to Canada? Would like someone to talk to about your experiences? Hw about with others who have just come to Canada as well?   At Vanier, there is a new “newcomer” support group where students from abroad, experiencing their first time living and attending school in Canada, can share their backgrounds, concerns, questions, feelings, stories, or even reactions to studying at Vanier.   If you’re a little unsure about going to a whole group of people you don’t even know to talk…

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CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier Campus 

CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier

The CRC is an annual event that where students from their respective schools ranging from high school to college can compete to show off their ingenuity, creativity and technical skills. Every team must have a robot made specifically for the challenge designed for that year, an informative website and a promotional video featuring their team and their school. This year’s event was held at Vanier College, where teams faced each other off in a 2 vs 2 setting in the G-complex’s mirror room where an arena was set up along…

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Welcome (Back) Vanier! Voices 

Welcome (Back) Vanier!

Welcome (back) Vanier College students! As you are engulfed by the sea of returning students, and by the swarm of newcomers searching for classrooms, please, do not feel that you have lost your way. You may be exactly where you need to be. Perhaps you’re beginning a program that will lead you straight to your dream job. That’s great! Perhaps, however, you’ll realize over the course of the semester that science, or communications, or social science, or commerce, or nursing, or [insert your program name here] doesn’t quite live up…

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