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Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College Campus 

Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College

Are you new to Vanier? Or even new to Canada? Would like someone to talk to about your experiences? Hw about with others who have just come to Canada as well?


At Vanier, there is a new “newcomer” support group where students from abroad, experiencing their first time living and attending school in Canada, can share their backgrounds, concerns, questions, feelings, stories, or even reactions to studying at Vanier.


If you’re a little unsure about going to a whole group of people you don’t even know to talk about your experiences, consider this:


The main point of a support group is for individuals to meet and share with others the same issues and concerns they have about a certain topic. It can help create a sense of community and be able to be help other people open up about themselves. It is, overall, for people to be feel heard, and share relevant information and experiences with another.


The Newcomer Support Group is brand new to Vanier: Student Services would like to help welcome first-time students to the college, while making them comfortable with living for the first time here in Canada.


If you are interested in joining this support group, it is held every Universal Break, from 12pm to 1:30 pm, every Wednesday.


To sign up, you must contact Kiraz Johannsen,, or stop by Student Services in room C-203.


Written By: Aline Yip

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