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Five Finals Tips Campus 

Five Finals Tips

Failing a test doesn’t make you a failure. Don’t let a failing mark define who you are. Some goals are just harder to achieve than others, but that doesn’t make you any less capable of accomplishing them. Brush yourself off and try again. You may have lost this round, but at least you’ve gained experience. SLEEP, PLEASE. Getting a proper amount of sleep improves memory retention. Those all-nighters may not be as rewarding as you may think. They can do more harm than good, especially to your overall sleeping patterns….

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Women’s Studies Campus 

Women’s Studies

Are you wondering what courses you want to take in the upcoming semester? Women’s and Gender Studies is a major offered at Vanier that is open to all students from all disciplines and programs. Courses that are part of the Major involve examining the position and roles of women in society, and the role that gender plays in our society. They also involve learning about the psychological views of women, and gender issues. Women’s and Gender Studies holds several events throughout the year Including Women’s History Month (October), The National…

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Clubs Day Campus Features 

Clubs Day

As happens at the beginning of every semester, the VCSA organized a Clubs Day, bringing together representatives from most of the approved and existing student clubs. Tables were laid out around the far edges of the D-cafeteria, creating an inviting space for people to enter and scope out. During the blistering noon-hour UB of Sept 20th, there were people playing electric guitars, video games, serving complimentary food and drinks, and dancing. It was loud! It was hot! It was a good place to meet people. The first thing one would…

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30th Annual Blood Drive Campus 

30th Annual Blood Drive

During Universal Break on the 27th of September, Vanier marked a landmark anniversary of collaboration with Héma-Québec. Over the last 30 years, as part of its sole annual blood drive, members of the college community have made nearly 10,000 blood donations that have helped save lives throughout the province. A ceremony was held in Jake’s Mall to mark the occasion. H-Q presented the college with a certificate; speeches were made by VCSA President Whi and by directors of the two organizations. A festive cake was ceremoniously cut and served to…

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Student Services Welcomes All with Corn-Boil Campus 

Student Services Welcomes All with Corn-Boil

Does it get any better than free food and sunny skies?! YES!… when there are genuine smiles and happiness all around!   If you haven’t met Rowena Selby (in red) or Marya Grant (in black) yet, you’ve got a couple of pleasant surprises awaiting you, dear reader! Now moved into their new offices on B-2, these are a couple of the best informed and most welcoming people on staff here at Vanier!   Shown here with Helena Bastos, Assistant Athletic Coordinator and Advisor to our sports students, and a couple…

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Fashion Revolution Campus 

Fashion Revolution

Once upon a time—wait, no. There was no happy ending. It was a tragedy. It all started after the Rana Plaza disaster on the 24th of April in 2013, when an industrial complex in Bangladesh, housing five large garment factories supplying global brands, collapsed, killing over 1,000 people – and causing uproar from around the world, as citizens massively questioned the ethics of the clothing industry, and urged major companies to take action in assuring a safe, equitable, and humane fashion revolution. The week of April 24th is now international…

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Speak Up – Intercollegiate Poetry Slam News 

Speak Up – Intercollegiate Poetry Slam

Thursday, April 27th, five English cégeps competed at Speak Up, Montreal’s very first intercollegiate poetry slam, hosted by Vanier College. 14 poets – plus sacrificial poet and event founder, Nayem Alam – and an extremely wide variety of topics. First place was unanimously awarded to Emaline Gonzalez Thomas, a Dawson College student, for her piece about the contrast between traditional, Catholic, Latin-American beliefs about sexuality, and those held by young, modern North Americans. Her performance had the audience roaring with laughter, yet also moved to a beautiful, heavy silence at…

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Speak Up Slam Poetry Competition Results Campus 

Speak Up Slam Poetry Competition Results

Thursday, March 30th the night of the Vanier Speak Up competition. The night was filled with many memorable, heart warming, gut wrenching and innovative poems. Performed, rapped and delivered passionately by our contestants. A poetry slam or spoken word competition involves participants performing their original poems and then being judged on them to find three winners. They can be in teams of up to five people or alone. Music instruments are also accepted to enhance the performance. The performance is judged by the enthusiasm and delivery of its participants taking…

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