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30th Annual Blood Drive Campus 

30th Annual Blood Drive

During Universal Break on the 27th of September, Vanier marked a landmark anniversary of collaboration with Héma-Québec. Over the last 30 years, as part of its sole annual blood drive, members of the college community have made nearly 10,000 blood donations that have helped save lives throughout the province.

A ceremony was held in Jake’s Mall to mark the occasion. H-Q presented the college with a certificate; speeches were made by VCSA President Whi and by directors of the two organizations. A festive cake was ceremoniously cut and served to donors.

John McMahon, Director General of the school, opened the speeches with, “I’m very proud to stand here today and mark thirty years of partnership. Every donation helps save lives and supporting blood donation is a safe and simple way to help the community.”

Laurent-Paul Menard, speaking for Héma-Québec, thanked the school for its ongoing commitment and that, “this is a milestone in the partnership between two organizations that make a difference in the lives of humans in their first years as professionals and citizens. Education and donating blood make real differences in our society.”

VCSA President Whi Kweon Kang spoke, “On behalf of the student body and emphasized how happy we are to have H-Q here with us again today.” He followed with the story of how he first heard of blood donation when he was in elementary school and he displayed genuine pleasure in having gone from wondering if it was dangerous to realizing the passion of being able to help someone else. Whi made his first donation a year ago, here at Vanier. Questioned about his two donor experiences, he spoke with enthusiasm that they were rather ordinary events except that he felt a little tired afterward – this year, he found a place to nap and refresh himself post-draw.

Signing up to give blood takes about fifteen minutes of entering medical and travel information on H-Q’s computer system, followed by a face-to-face conversation and signature. It’s a thorough vetting to make sure that the blood supply, the donors, and the recipients stay healthy. The physical act of drawing the blood only takes five to ten minutes after all the paperwork has been cleared.

Asked if he would donate again, Whi said, “For sure!”

If you’d like to watch the ceremony, it’s here on the VCSA’s Facebook page:


Written By: The Roaming Reporter

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