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Clubs Day

As happens at the beginning of every semester, the VCSA organized a Clubs Day, bringing together representatives from most of the approved and existing student clubs. Tables were laid out around the far edges of the D-cafeteria, creating an inviting space for people to enter and scope out.

During the blistering noon-hour UB of Sept 20th, there were people playing electric guitars, video games, serving complimentary food and drinks, and dancing. It was loud! It was hot! It was a good place to meet people. The first thing one would have noticed, the impromptu shows being put on by the Dance Club, showcased their members taking turns to show off some pretty impressive moves!

Clubs need fifty student supporters at the beginning of every semester, so, if your favorite club didn’t get its charter approved this year, be ready to help out by adding your name to their sign-up sheets in January. Any full-time day student can start a club, you just need to meet up with the VCSA’s Clubs Coordinator and apply. It takes a bit of work to write a constitution and find executive members, but it’s worth it if you have a strong desire to share your favorite hobby with friends. Visit the clubs, or start one up next semester.

The nineteen clubs that open this semester are:  the VCSA Insider (student newspaper) , Anime, Apostolic, Astronomy, Badminton & Volleyball, Christian, Coffee, Dance, Dungeons & Dragons, Gamer’s, Hillel, Model UN, Muslim Student Association, Music, Photo, Computer Programming, Slavic, Umbrella, and VCSA-Staff. If you would like some more information on these clubs, please visit the VCSA’s student office (room C-214).

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