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Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship News 

Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship

Call for Applications:

Please encourage students who like to write fiction, poetry, personal essays or other creative work, and who have good grades in English, to apply for the Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship.

Meg Sircom was an English teacher at our college from 2001-2011. She was a fiction writer, and valued both academic and creative writing.

Scholarship amount: $500
Deadline for applications: November 6, 2017


  • The applicant must be a student at Vanier College during
    the A17 semester.
  • The student has received final grades of 80%+ in at least
    two English classes (101, 102, 103, HS)
  • The student will submit a portfolio of 5-15 pages of
    creative literary work (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, graphic storytelling, or other)
    For information on applying, students should contact…
  • their English teachers, or
  • Dana Bath (A513, 514-744-7500 ext: 7814, or through MIO)

Dana Bath, English Department

(Editor’s note: This is only one of a large list of scholarships available at Vanier. Visit to see what’s available.)

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